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Many people have wondered about the benefits and potential side-effects of combining meditation with marijuana. That is, except for marijuana users who use it for medicinal purposes [1]. However, we are witnessing the birth of a new culture and a new understanding of medical marijuana, and some people today are indeed beginning to combine meditation with marijuana, and yoga too. Although there are some warnings about combining yoga and cannabis. [2]

Post legalization, a growing number of Americans have been looking forward to trying cannabis therapy to manage a wide array of medical conditions. It has been proven that the leaf can bring relief from several chronic conditions, including cancer, AIDS, fibromyalgia,  multiple sclerosis, arthritis which come with pain and inflammation. And more people are also looking to make better choices for their wellbeing, such as by starting yoga at home, getting into mindfulness, hiking and other exercises.

If you are slouching away on a chair in front of a screen all day long, then you definitely need to read this. Several cannabis users have found the right relationship with their mind by balancing the use of meditation and marijuana. Read along to learn how you can do that for yourself as well.

Why Meditation? 

One of the challenges with meditation is that it can be difficult to concentrate, although there certainly are many mental health benefits from practicing.

Meditation is basically about consistency and practice. The mind is conditioned to achieve maximum positivity through meditation. This is particularly essential for the overall functioning of the brain. Especially for people who think negatively and have mental health problems. But how do you get to the place of complete stability? That is the main question. Nevertheless, it can be a real challenge to try and find that inner stillness and focus that is necessary in order to truly get into meditation.

For many people it can feel like you either have to practice for a long time to truly get into meditation, or you have to look for other ways to calm the mind before beginning. And this is why some people with mental health conditions have considered combining meditation with marijuana.

 Medicinal Cannabis is often used as a way to relax the mind. Some yoga enthusiasts who mediate with the help of cannabis are of the view that when the cannabinoids interact with the receptors in the brain, they create a euphoric effect. Perhaps this is why many believe that cannabis and meditation can work perfectly well.  And of course some people also combine meditation and yoga with CBD.

A Mindful Combination

I am obliged to mention the concept of ‘gazing meditation technique [4]’ in this case. In this technique we simply meditate on an object that we are gazing at. This is one of the easiest meditation techniques so it is perfect for beginners and for people who struggle to meditate. It’s a good choice when combining meditation with marijuana.  To do this technique, get a candle, light it, and meditate on the sight of the object. This will help you increase the concentration.

Great, but what does cannabis have to do with it?

On combining meditation with marijuana

First and foremost, you should know that there are two vital components of the cannabis plant. One is CBD and the other one is THC. I will mainly concentrate on THC here. Because the THC strains are usually responsible for causing euphoria. If we look at its structural and molecular composition. It is quite similar to the cannabinoids naturally produced by the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). Plus THC directly reacts with the CB1 receptors in the brain [5]. As a result of this, you feel relaxed and it is easier to concentrate.

This is one of the primary ways in which people are using cannabis and meditation together. But it is vital to pair both of them properly. Keep reading further to learn how can you pair cannabis with meditation to achieve maximum benefit.

Pairing meditation with cannabis

There are several techniques for doing meditation. But the breathing technique makes it to the top of the list. This will really help you overcome anxiety [READ: anxiety meditation techniques] and other mental health-related issues. So, here are the steps to get started the right way.

Step 1

To begin with, use a THC rich strain that helps you reach a heightened state of mind. You can smoke it or use a vaporizer, whatever floats your boat.

Soon after inhaling a high-quality strain, sit in a comfortable position. Make sure your chest is upright and the back is straight. Now, close your eyes and keep your shoulders relaxed. During this process make sure you have some soft, meditative music playing in the background. You can also dim the lights if needed.

Step 2

Try to stay relaxed and ward off all the thoughts that come into your mind. Listen to the breathing sound carefully for a tad bit and then take a long deep breath. Inhale a good amount of air. Let the diaphragm inflate fully and then hold your breath for a second or two.

Step 3

Soon after inhaling, exhale slowly and see to it that your mind is solely concentrating on the breathing procedure. But always keep in mind that you have to take a few pauses between the breathing sessions. So, before you start inhaling and exhaling again, just make sure that you relax for a few seconds and then start with the above-mentioned step yet again.

Step 4

Repeat all these steps for at least half an hour. But if you are a newbie to the world of meditation, a good 15 minutes should be enough. In fact, various yoga professionals say that devoting one hour to meditation can bring about a lot of positive changes in the body.

The final word

Meditation is all about relaxing and completely soaking the stillness of the mind. It is believed that medical cannabis prescribed by your doctor can help you extend that stillness and expand the possibilities of relaxation. Though there is not enough evidence to support the practice of canna-meditation, there are several ancient texts that do discuss combining marijuana with meditation. The rishis and munis in ancient Indian culture are a good example. They inhaled the herb and meditated at the same time. And believe it or not, it still happens out there these days.

This is to say that most of the yoga practitioners know what are the benefits of having a medical marijuana card. So, they will always recommend that you invest in legal products from a licensed dispensary. At the end of the day, it is an individualistic approach.

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