What Everyone Needs To Know About Anjali Mudra

anjali mudra prayer gesture

Do you know why people hold their hands together when they pray?

The hand gesture didn’t actually originate with prayer. It’s original name is the Anjali mudra. And it is also the “Namaste” mudra.

In our shockingly big guide to mudras, we revealed the history and evolution of the mudras.

No mudra has gone through more of an evolution than the Anjali mudra has.

 This Mudra is one of the most common mudras in yoga. If you take yoga classes you’ve probably seen this mudra before, when your yoga teacher enters the room, just before they say “Namaste.” It’s often combined with different  asanas, such as the Sun Salutation and Tadasana.

It’s popular outside yoga too.

It’s used in Buddhism, Hinduism and many other religions.

And it is even used by non-spiritual people–who doesn’t hold their hands together when they’re asking for a miracle?

There is a reason why this mudra is so popular. It is massively beneficial as we’ll see in a minute.

Anjali mudra has many meanings

The anjali mudra is omnipresent through society.


Even chimps hold their hands together in this gesture.

And because it is so commonplace, it has a lot of different meanings. It’s meaning in Christianity, for instance, if massively different to its meaning in yoga.

In yoga, the Anjali mudra means “Namaste”. It is a greeting. It says,  “I see the divine in you”.

Anjali Mudra Position

Different meanings, yes.

But the Anjali is always the same hand gesture, regardless of who is using it.

And it is a really easy hand gesture too.

Simply bring the hands together at the palms with the fingers reaching upwards. No place your hands in front of your heart.


The Anjali Mudra has many benefits

The Anjali mudra isn’t used for just prayer or for saying “Namaste”. It actually helps your health in amazing ways.

The benefits include:

  • Bringing the palms together in the Anjali Mudra connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
  • The Anjali Mudra connects the practitioner with spirituality / god / divinity.
  • The mudra promotes respect for oneself and others.
  •  The mudra is a natural remedy for stress and anxiety.
  • It is a useful mudra for entering into a meditative state.

The anjali mudra or prayer gesture is without doubt the most important hand gestures in the world.

It has been used for centuries. And we all know how important it is in various religions.

But did you know about the benefits we looked at above?

Say “Namaste” to me. Leave a comment below.

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