How To Do The Apan Mudra Properly To Detoxify And Energise

APAN mudra

The apan mudra is a powerful mudra for detoxifying and energising.

In my Ultimate guide to the mudras I reveal 60 of the most important mudras in the world.

The Apan mudra is one of the absolute best mudras.

For thousands of years, this mudras have been used to clear out toxins in the body and to ppromote inner peace and harmony.

Like the maha mudra, it produces positive energy while promoting inner peace and relaxation.

It also detoxifies the entire body.

This is massive for health and wellbeing.

A great majority of diseases these days are caused by toxins that enter our bodies because of our lifestyles (1).

Cancer is perhaps the worst of all, and is caused almost entirely by toxins (2).

  A study by Columbia University revealed that 95% of cancer is caused by toxins.  Given that the average person has between 400 and 800 chemicals in their body (3), clearing them out is vital.

There are many Ayurveda techniques that eliminate toxins.

One techniqueis the Apan mudra.

The spiritual meaning of the Apan mudra

Mudras can be used to influence the elements in the body.

As explained by yogic lifestyle expert and holistic health specialist Rima J Pundir,

(Following quoted from THIS ARTICLE)

Mudras are considered so very important because it is said that our hands are full of our karmic energy, while our fingers are like plugs that help exchange energy between our pranic force (life energy) and the universal cosmic energy. Mudras, thus, can influence the pranic energy – further branching out into emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energies.

The Apan Mudra Is The Energy Mudra

The Apan mudra is the Energy Mudra. It promotes the wood element and creates energy in the gallbladder and liver.

Because of this, the Apan mudra provides us with all the health benefits that are associated with the wood element.



 The apan mudra purifies the body, boosting health



Benefits Of The Apan Mudra

The Apan mudra is one of the best mudras for health. Here’s why.

  • One of the most important benefits of the Apan mudra technique is that it helps to remove toxins from the body.
  • Using the Apan hand position for fifteen minutes a day helps to remove these toxins and thereby strengthens each of our organs.
  • It can help to regulate urine
  • Aids perspiration
  • Relieves constipation.
  • Is of benefit to dental health
  • Can prevent vomiting because it regulates digestion and helps the digestive system to relax.
  • Helps the body to cleanse toxins
  •  Strengthen digestion
  • Improve eyesight
  • Improves hearing.
  • Helps treat menstrual problems.
  • Helps with eyes, mouth, ears and nose problems.
The apan mudra is a cleansing mudra



 How To Do Apan Mudra Position

Bring the tips of your ring finger, thumb, and middle finger together while holding your other two fingers straight up. Hold this position for forty minutes while meditating.


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