Archeologists Amazed As Extreme Waves Reveal 2000 Year Old Hawaiian Petroglyphs

ancient petroglyphs in hawaii

Archaeologists are stunned at the sight of huge petroglyphs revealed from freak rogue waves. But what do the Hawiian petroglyphs mean?



The ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs are usually buried under 3 meters of sand, making it impossible to see them.

But massive waves have given the first sighting of petroglyphs in Hawai that could be centuries old. And scientists and geographers are utterly amazed by these mysterious sightings.

Hawaii is famous for being a beautiful place with stunning beaches, great surf, and a relaxing atmosphere. But it could soon be famous for the historical archeology it contains.

If you are in Hawaii during the right season and with the right waves you might be lucky enough to spot a glimpse of these centuries-old rock arts. Your odds on seeing them are very slim most of the time. But on certain days the Hawaiian petroglyphs become visible for many hours.

Hawaii News Now reports that the petroglyphs were discovered in February 2016 on Big Island’s Kona Coast and Pine Trees Beach. A local resident happened to be out at just the right time, spotted the petroglyphs, and took photos of them. Just in time. Because within 24 hours those pwetroglpyhs were completely buried in sand.

42 year old Salvio has spotted the petroglyphs on four separate occasions. “They’re a really special thing to see, but they disappear really fast,” says Salvio. “As you’re watching during the day the sand will cover them up and you try to sweep the sand off of them so they’ll stay up a little longer.”


Hawaiian Culture Video: The Petroglyphs of Hawaii

Archeologists have attempted to study the petroglyphs but have been unsuccessful because the artworks are buried so deep below the sand. Scientists suggest that around 70% of ancient petroglyphs are located along Pine Trees Beach. Local reporters, however, suggest that there are also petroglyphs at Rock Piles and Ke Iki.

Scientists speculate that there are thousands of these ancient carvings throughout the Island chain.

So what do these ancient artworks represent? Professor JHames Bayman says they represent dogs and dog meat (a cuisine served to high-status men in ancient Hawaii). Other petroglyphs show historical events in and around Hawaii. Others show famous births.

“You’re realizing that people were here so long ago and you know they were at your same beach and you’re just reliving history again and you’re doing the same thing that they’ve done, playing in the same area. It’s pretty cool,” said Salvio in an interview.