Archeologists Uncover A Secret Inside An Ancient Etruscan Slab

etruscan religions stone slab

The discovery of a large Etruscan slab could change your beliefs. The Etruscan slab holds writing archaeologists are attempting to read. Once deciphered it could change our understanding of the Romans and affect the way we think about history and our beliefs.


Today is an exciting day for spiritualists and scientists around the world. Archaeologists have discovered a large sandstone slab from the 6th Century BC. They believe it could hold keys to understanding the spiritual beliefs of Etruscans. If only they could read it.

The large sandstone slab was uncovered from an Etruscan temple in Tuscany. It had been buried for 2500 years. The archaeologists believe that the stone slab holds vital religious texts. It has around 70 letters, including punctuation marks, engraved around the stone.

Model of an Etruscan temple

etruscan temple

The Etruscan language is a mystery. Except for minor words for funerary objects, we have no knowledge of the language and so cannot read the text on the slab. Archaeologists are working to translate the language at the moment.

It is very rare indeed that we discover Etruscan writing that includes such long sentences as this stone slab does. “We hope to make inroads into the Etruscan language,” archaeologist Gregory Warden, co-director and principle investigator of the Mugello Valley Archaeological Project and professor at Franklin University Switzerland, said in a press release. “Long inscriptions are rare, especially one this long, so there will be new words that we have never seen before, since it is not a funerary text.”

Once the archaeologists are able to read the slab they believe they will uncover great secrets about Etruscan religions and also about the Romans, who were influenced by the Etruscan life.

“This is probably going to be a sacred text, and will be remarkable for telling us about the early belief system of a lost culture that is fundamental to western traditions,” added Dr. Warden.

The Romans were heavily influential to the development of many of the world’s most popular belief systems. If this stone slab reveals new insights into the Romans, it could change the way we understand our beliefs and religions.