Are These The Best Yoga Blogs In The World?

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We are proud to present TheDailyMeditation award for the world’s top yoga blogs. Has your site found its place in our list of yoga blogs? If so be sure to let your readers know the good news! (article shortlink:  ) 

Without further ado; the top 100 yoga blogs in the world.

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The Top Yoga Blogs

  1. –  YogaMint is full of different yoga moves, recipes based on vegan and organic ingredients, and various meditations that will help you overcome stress. This is an excellent site for discovering how yoga to transform your life. Awesome yoga blog. Cute blog design too. One of the best spiritual blogs.
  2. The Householder Yogini: This blog is about using yoga in family life and is absolutely perfect for kids. It contains excellent articles and tips on how to get kids into yoga. A definite must-read for families interested in yoga blogs.
  3. My Yoga Blog: My Yoga Blog is full of reviews and tips on yoga, but my favourite part of this website is the personal flair that the writer puts into every article. Excellent.
  4. Spirit Voyage – SpiritVoyage is full of articles on how you can integrate yoga into your life. Articles cover subjects ranging from aromatherapy to herbalism. There’s also music, meditations and articles on yoga events. A great yoga blog for knowing what’s going on in the scene. If you’re looking for a spiritual blog to keep you connected, this is a great choice. One of the best spiritual blogs.
  5. –DailyCupofYoga is a collaborative venture, with various guests posting from around the world. This yoga blog is full of the best tips, books, wisdom and all kinds of resources that will aid your self development through yoga.  Highly recommended for everybody!
  6.  AnacostiaYogi: This is the blog of yoga instructor Sariane Leigh, who teaches yoga movements in the African-American styles. There are lots of different yoga programs to get involved with.
  7.  Starr Struck: This yoga blog goes into great depth and detail on specific yoga exercises. The photography is also excellent and there are fascinating interviews too.
  8. Here you’ll find some of the longest blog posts on yoga, all of which are full of valuable advice. There’s a newsletter too to help you to get fully involved with the yoga-way of life.
  9.  YogaTwistOnLife: This bog is full of interesting and detailed thoughts on yoga. There’s also a ton of links to valuable resources to help you with your yoga.
  10. This site is the best site for reviews and thoughts on the latest yoga products. Here you’ll find articles on yoga clothing, mats, games and more.
  11.  Ripple of One Stone: This yoga blog is all about how to avoid being injured while you practice your yoga routines. An amazing feature of Ripple of One Stone is the anatomical analyses of yoga moves, which shows why they need to be done correctly.
  12.  Semperviva: Another site with excellent advice on articles on all different subjects related to yoga and other health trends. Also contains excellent interviews. A great spiritual blog with lots of insight.
  13. YogaCurious: Curious about Yoga? You’ll find brilliant guides to yoga sequences and moves here. This is one of the best sites for learning yoga and also contains articles on how to improve your life through yoga.
  14.  Yoga Lisa DC: Lisa’s Yoga blog combines two seemingly disparate subjects: yoga and knitting. The yoga is used to stay fit and for general wellbeing and stress relief.
  15. Everything on this site is about yoga, in case that wasn’t completely obvious by the title. It’s full of excellent thoughts on yoga from a yoga practitioners. There are also inspiring and motivating notes on various yoga exercises.
  16. Cowgirl Yoga: Yeehaw and Namaste! This Montana mamma talks about everything related to motherhood, yoga and horses.
  17. Yoga Paws: Yoga Paws is about using yoga in order to promote general wellbeing and spirituality. It has some of the best yoga photography and offers in-depth articles.
  18.  Elsie’s Yoga Kula: This blog contains some of the best information and advice on alternative health, yoga and general wellbeing. There are excellent videos and a ton of different classed and podcasts.
  19. Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama Yoga at Home: This blog gets an award not only because its title is so hard to say (you have to yoga for your mouth just to pronounce it correctly) but also because of the in-depth articles that it offers on Ashtanga yoga. One of the best spiritual blogs.
  20.  Ashtanga Yoga Mother Earth: This blog is packed full of wisdom and is truly inspirational. It covers topics ranging from organic diet s to ashtanga yoga. A very broad and informative spiritual blog.
  21. Christina Sell Yoga: On this blog Christina Sell talks about the yoga lifestyle and both the pros and cons of teaching yoga. One of the best spiritual blogs.
  22. This blog is about the spiritual aspects of yoga and about the yogic life. It discusses oga in a deep and meaningful way.
  23. Five Points Yoga: Barrett is a yoga trainer with over 500 hours of experience. On his blog he discusses breathing, meditation, music and, of course, yoga .
  24.  Compass Yoga: This blog is all about the various health benefits of yoga, which it goes into great details to discuss.
  25.  Lululemonn Athetica: Detail really is the name of the game on Lululemon’s blog. The best part of this blog is the “Ask a Yoga” feature that allows you to ask any questions you like.
  26.  PowerYogaOttawa: This is full of easy to follow guides on specific yoga moves and is excellent for newcomers. There are also interesting articles for yoga teachers and lessons for those who want to learn yoga at home. One of the best spiritual blogs.
  27.  TrueYoga: This is one of the more philosophical yoga blogs and is all about the spiritual aspects of yoga. A great spiritual blog for yoga enthusiasts.
  28.  RiverFlow Yoga; RiverFlow Yoga is all about hot yoga. Don’t worry, thought, the blog does an excellent job of making Hot Yoga more comfortable (perhaps LukeWarm Yoga would be a better description).
  29. Chelsea Loves Yoga: This yoga blog focusses on building a communicating and connecting individuals through the practice of yoga. It also contains an excellent section on yoga for children and teens.
  30. Yoga Journal: This yoga blog contains an excellent guide to yoga for beginners, which has helped me to use yoga myself and which I strongly recommend for all newcomers. There’s also great articles on integrating yoga into your life style. An excellent read.
  31. The Yogini from Manila: Jane is the Yogini from Manila. On this blog Jane shares her wealth of knowledge about yoga instructor in Manila.
  32.  Ishta Yoga: This yoga blog also contains excerpts from yoga classes. There’s details guides to yoga poses and an interesting section on “Office Yoga” too.
  33. This is a fantastic blog for newcomers and makes learning yoga simple and fun. The blog’s step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, even for beginners.
  34.  YogijBrown: This is the blog of yoga instructor J Brown. In it he shares his own insights into teaching yoga, as well as discussing the spiritual aspects of yoga.
  35.  Nadine’s Yoga: Nadine likes to set all manner of yoga challenge and her blog is a guide to meeting Buddhist and yoga challenge in your life. There are also great articles on meditation.
  36. Yoga Gypsy: This is one of the most interesting yoga blogs I have come across and is very informtative. There are tons of tips on various Yoga moves and all is written and edited excellently. One of the best spiritual blogs.
  37.  Spoiled Yogi: Spoiled Yogi is a new mother who describes herself as being a spoiled brat. The best part of her blog is her interviews, which are very informative and give a good sense of the yoga community
  38. Write on Yoga: Write on Yoga surprisingly writes on yoga. In her writings she gives all manner of insight into yoga for mothers. She also helps yoga instructors on organising classes.
  39.  Ashtanga Yoga Gainesville: This is the blog of yoga practitioner and teacher Christine. It’s packed full of informative and entertaining articles on the yoga lifestyle. One of the best spiritual blogs.
  40.  Curvy Yoga: Curvy Yoga is about yoga for people with curves and is written by Anna, who discusses the ways yoga can be used to create a healthy and positive lifestyle.
  41. Bernadette Birney: Yoga teacher Bernadette Birney has devoted her life to educating people about yoga. Her blog is full of informative and entertaining articles on the yoga lifestyle.
  42. Yoga Yak: This blog offers videos on absolutely everything to do with yoga, from breathing to moves to meditation and beyond. One of the best spiritual blogs.
  43. Yoga Download: The excellent tips on this blog will truly help you to use yoga for self development. It’s full of excellent articles on how to use yoga for stress and for relationships
  44. Five Minute Yoga: ON this blog, certified yoga teacher Iyengar speaks about psychology, yoga moves and aging. Excellent spiritual blog.
  45.  CorPower Yoga: This blog is all about using yoga to create a flourishing lifestyle. It’s perfect for beginners and is full of inspirational quotes too.
  46. Gaiam Inc: This is a very praxctical yoga blog that shows how yoga can be used in various situations, like at the office or at school.
  47. Alignment Yoga: This is the blog of Scott Anderson who writes about his yoga lifestyle in a very entertaining and informative way. There’s also audio and video, making this one of the most multimedia-rich yoga blogs in the world.
  48. Whole Life Blog: This is full of excellent commentary and advice on ways to use yoga for specific health issues, like stress, depression and anxiety.
  49. Aura Wellness Center: Another blog that talks about how to use yoga for specific reasons. There’s articles on using blog for running and articles on using yoga for health concerns like stress and insomnia.
  50.  Yoga for Healthy Aging: This is an amazing yoga blog that talks about how to use yoga to eliminate stress and other health complications associated with aging. It’s written by medical professionals, meaning you know the advice is 100% accurate.
  51.  Yoga Tune Up: This is a complete mind and body fitness program that shows how yoga can be used in conjunction with other practices to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
  52.  Yoga Wiz: This is an extremely professional site that is written and edited with precision. It discusses many techniques in yoga and also how to use yoga for health.
  53. LexiYoga: An amazing blog full of advice on how to use yoga for all different manner of health and lifestyle concerns.
  54.  AnmolMehta:This is a blog all about Kundalini Yoga, meditation and Zen. My favourite part of this blog is the section about using yoga for kids. It’s an excellent blog for families and for those looking to boost their health and wellbeing. One of the best spiritual blogs.
  55. Eco Yogini: This ecoholic yogini and feminist writes inspiring article on yoga and life.
  56. The Joy of Yoga: Poetry and Yoga are the key subjects of this blog, which is only three years old yet already is packed to the roof with entertaining, insightful and educational articles on yoga.
  57.  Young Yoga Masters; This is one of the best yoga sites for children and is packed full of highly informative and helpful article on how to get kids into yoga.
  58.  Karma Spot: This is an excellent blog about how to use yoga to succeed in various challenges in life. This is one of the most inspiring and enlightening yoga blogs out there.
  59.  Yoga Minded: This blog offers literally tons of articles on using yoga for all manner of situations, from hiking to yoga for teenagers. It also covers books.
  60. SynergybyJasmine: Jasmine writes on health, yoga and a non-judgmental attitude. Her articles are truly inspiring and the manner in which she writes is new, fresh and exciting, A masterful blog. One of the best spiritual blogs.
  61. Radiant Child Yoga: This blog talks about the importance of spiritual awakening for children. Another must-read blog for young families.
  62.  Yoga Spy: This is one of the more serious yoga blogs though it does also contain a healthy amount of humor. In the blog you’ll find articles on yoga moves, guides designed to help teachers and a whole lot more.
  63.  Yoga in the Dragon’s Den: The key subjects of this blog are philosophy and Ashtanga yoga. The articles here are some of the most unique and informative that you’ll find on yoga.
  64. YogiCrystal: This blog began life back in 2008 and is all about one woman’s journey of spiritual development through yoga. Entertaining and inspirational.
  65. Is Yoga Legal?  This site probably has the most interesting title of any yoga site in the world. It discusses the relationship between yoga and the law and in doing so offers amazing insight into the gulf of difference between the yoga mentality and lifestyle and the legal system. One of the best spiritual blogs.
  66.  YoaImmunity: The best part of this site is the high quality photography that shows how to perform various yoga techniques.
  67.  Yoga Untwisted: This is the blog of yogi Carissa who has been practicing yoga for 11 years . In the blog she discusses how yoga is beneficial to lifestyle.
  68.  Yogapossible: Adam Hocke has been a yoga practitioner for ten years. In his blog he discusses how yoga has helped him in life and how yoga can be used to significantly improve health and wellbeing. One of the best spiritual blogs.
  69. Yogalina: This is the blog of yoga teacher Meg Everingham, who also teaches Pilates, Balleticise and barre work. You’ll also find information on holistic nutrition and a wealth of knowledge and information on empowerment through yoga.
  70.  YogaG33k: This is the blog of Courtney Pearce who helps people on their journey in yoga. One of the more lighthearted and entertaining yoga blogs, this is packed full of personality. This is a cool alternative spiritual blog. One of the best spiritual blogs.
  71.  YogaDork: You wont find stories about yoga any more unique or interesting as those on YogaDork.
  72.  Vogue Yogini: This is a wonderful site packed full ofpersonality from a self-proclaimed material girl. Social life, shoes and yoga are the subjects of the day here.
  73.  Daily Downward Yoga: This blog discusses the authors journey in meditation and yoga and is specifically written for people over 40.
  74.  Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom: This blog on ChicagoNow talks about both the ups and down of being a yoga mom. The author’s goal is to make parenting less isolated. She succeeds in this by sharing her own story.
  75.  The Vegansama: This blog is all about one woman’s story inyoga and veganism. Inspirational and enlightening, a must read.
  76. One With Life: This blog is written by Stephanie Spence and talks about her journey as a traveling yogini. This inspirational blog shares the author’s love and passion for yoga.
  77.  Movement: This is the blog of Georgie Abel. In it, Georgie discusses many different subjects, ranging from beauty to rock climbing to yoga. One of the best spiritual blogs.
  78.  Kat Saks Yoga: This is the blog of certified yoga instructor Kat, who aims to help her students and readers find and express their inner selves. You’ll find articles on every aspect of yoga, all of which are both entertaining and enlightening.
  79.  Flowtation Devices:This is the blog of Jennifer, whose goal is to share her knowledge of yoga and dance while inspiring people (and herself) to live in flow with the world.
  80.  Elephant Journal: This is one of the world’s most popular yoga blogs.
  81.  Connect to the Sky: The blog of yoga enthusiast Bram Levinson, who writes about the transformational nature of yoga.
  82. Connect to the Sky – Connect to the Sky is written by Bram Levinson, an enthusiastic yogi since 1999. His blog is his way of sharing with the world and communicating the shift that yoga provides.
  83.  Alive in the Fire: This blog is an inspiration for all of those looking to get in touch with their true selves and to find self love and inner peace.
  84. Yoga Healer: Cate Stillman’s blog is packed full of practical advice for health and spiritual awakening. Contains some of the most informative articles on yoga.
  85. YogiTimes:  Yogi Times inspires mindful, healthy and conscious living and has a rich community where people can share their own experience and knowledge.
  86. Yoga Trail: Created to help readers discover the type of yoga which is best for them, Yoga Trail is the most comprehensive director out there. It also contains reviews on retreats, teachers and more.
  87. Yoganonymous: Full of very detailed articles and guides on using yoga for a positive and balanced life. One of the best spiritual blogs.
  88. Ashley Josephine Yoga: This is one of the most modern yoga blogs in the world and is all about finding balance and harmony. Contains excellent yoga videos that teach about the mind, body and soul.
  89. Reflections Yoga Studio: This yoga studio is based in New York and offers xcellent help on how to live a conscious and positive life. Also offers teacher training for yoga.
  90.  Body Divine Yoga: This blog is written by a therapist and yoga instructor and offers philosophical insight into everday life.
  91.  Yoga Earth: The aim of this site is to share the very best yoga and nutrition advice. It’s full of excellent guest bloggers and insightful interviews.
  92.  Do Yoga With Me!: This wonderful site aims to improve the yoga community by bringing people together through yoga. There are classes, videos and guides and everything is 100% free.
  93.  Green Yoga:The Green Yoga Association is based in northern California and sets out to inspire eco-compassionate living.
  94.  Kathryn Budig:This yoga teacher trained in LA and now shares her knowledge of yoga and food on her blog as well. She’s also a Women’s Health Magazine yoga expert and co-founder of “Poses for Paws,” an animal charity.
  95.  Marianne Elliot; A storyteller, author and human right advocate, Marianne Elliot is one of the most profound teachers out there, having worked with the UN in Afghanistan. Her articles are utterly amazing and talk about yoga, mind and body.
  96.  MindBodyGreen: MindBodyGreen has become the number one destination for health articles online. Look closely and you’ll find some amazing Yoga resources tucked away in there too.
  97. Tiffany Yoga: This international yoga teacher and health and wellness expert wants to inspire people to make the most of their life. Her passion is inspirational.
  98.  Yoga Lunchbox: This is the best yoga magazine in New Zealand and is published by Kara-Leah Grant. She teaches about the transformational power of yoga.
  99. PowHow: A leading resource in webcan classes, PowHow teaches music, dance, arts and yoga.
  100.  Sadie Nardini: This yoga expert is the host of daily yoga and lifestyle hour on Veria TV. An author and yoga teacher, the professionalism and sheer breadth of knowledge that Sadie brings to her work is quite staggering.

These are our choices of the top yoga blogs in the world. But maybe we missed. one. What’s your choice of the top yoga blog. Let us know in a comment.

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