Ashwini Mudra: Your Guide To Horse Gesture [TUTORIAL]

The “Ashwini mudra” or “Horse Gesture” is being touted as a fantastic way to promote calmness and to boost sexual health and performance. In this article I’ll reveal the steps and benefits of the Ashwini mudra, and share a video to help you learn this technique.

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The Ashwini mudra creates an upward direction of prana through the practitioner’s spine via rhythmic contraction of the anal sphincter.

This technique is quite simple. It doesn’t involve any complex headstanding and you don’t need to do the splits. It is actually a very easy procedure to perform. And best of all, when you practice it you will very quickly see real benefits both in your mind and in your sexual organs (for the latter, make sure you also use the Vajroli mudra)

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 Ashwini Mudra Steps 

  1. To begin the Ashwini Mudra you must assume an asana. It is best to start with the lotus position though there are other suitable poses too (I recommend vajirasana [1].)
  2.  After assuming your pose, give yourself a couple of minutes in which to breathe deep and relax.
  3. Now, take a deep inhalation, hold your breath, and every 1 to 2 seconds contract your anal sphincter muscles. Women should do five contractions and men four. Completely relax the muscles between each contraction. These contractions will move prana from your pelvis to your head.  
  4.  While you are holding your breath and after your have completed the contractions specified above, push your chin into the bottom of your neck. Now move your tongue so it touches the palate and breathe out gradually. Release the mudra and relax.


Ashwini is one of the very best mudras for health.

Here’s why:

  •  The Ashwini Mudra helps us to create inner peace.
  • It promotes energy creation.
  • It removes constipation
  • It helps in treating hemorrhoids
  • Improves sexual health and sexual confidence [READ: Best Couples Meditations]
  • Slows the aging process by the movement of prana towards the upper body.


4 Purifications: Step 4: Asvini Mudra

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