Kleem Mantra For Attraction Tutorial–Works For Our Readers

You have the power to create love and attraction that is irresistible.


By reciting mantras.

Mantras are sacred sounds or phrases that have psychological and spiritual powers.

In my Ultimate Guide To Mantras I have shared everything you need to know in order to use mantras successfully.

Mantras are a powerful way of creating, love, attraction, and dates.

Mantras like these secret love mantras  can bring love into your life. 

One of the most powerful mantras for attraction is the Kleem mantra.

This mantra is a powerful way for a man to attract women.


What is “Kleem”?

Kleem is one of the oldest spiritual techniques used to create attraction.

It is one of the my 30 Secrets To Spiritual Love.

Kleem is very closely linked to another mantra, “Sheem”.

  • Shreem is the mantra associated with Nature’s beauty, love, and abundance.
  • Kleem is the sound that attracts those qualities to you.
  • So, when you chant “Kleem” you will bring the beauty, love and abundance of nature into your own life.

 DID YOU KNOW: Mantras like Kleem and Sheem work by changing the vibrancy of your energy. Try reciting the mantra “Kleem” one hundred times now. While you do this, focus on the sound of the mantra.

Try making the sound “Kleem”

You will notice that Kleem has a unique feeling–it creates vibrations / reverberations in your body.

When you focus on this mantra and meditate on it you change the frequency of your spirit. When you change your vibrational rate you change your relationship with the universe (which itself has its own vibrancy rate). That is how a mantra works.



All mantras have very specific pronunciation. If the words of a mantra are mispronounced, the mantra will not work.

Kleem is pronounced with an elongated EEEEE.  “klEEEEEEEM.”

Try making the sound now, with the elongated E. It should sound like “klEEEEEEM” (it is phonetically similar to the word “Cream” but with an L)

It is very important to practice this pronunciation.

The kleem mantra will work only when it is pronounced correctly. So please try pronouncing it many times now. and keep going until you are confident that you have it right.

The next step of the kleem mantra is to follow a specific procedure.


How To Do The Kleem Mantra

Note: To learn mantras correctly I highly recommend that you read THESE BOOKS because they explain mantras in-depth.

So, how to do Kleem mantra.

To start with, make sure you read my ultimate guide to practicing mantras . It will fill you in on vital info you need to know.

  1. Kleem uses the chakras. For it to work, you need to start by opening your chakras.
  2.  Breathe in and recite “Kleem” six times while exhaling. The sound should resonate. While chanting, it’s necessary to focus on specific chakras within the body, as follows.
  3. First, focus on the spine chakra ( for six recitations of Kleem), then navel chakra (six recitations)
  4. Now focus on the solar plexus chakra (six recitations),
  5. Now focus on the heart chakra (six recitations)
  6. Throat chakra (six recitations)
  7. Third eye chakra (six recitations)
  8. Crown chakra (six recitations)
  9. Right eye (once)
  10. Left eye (once)
  11. Right brain (once)
  12. Left brain (once)
  13. Right ear (once)
  14. Left ear (once)
  15. Right nostril (once)
  16. Left nostril (once)
  17. Mouth
  18. Tongue.
  19. Finally, recite while allowing the mantra to resonate throughout the whole body.
  20.  In the evening, write KLEEM 108 times (or more). The more times you write it, the stronger the effect will be. As you write the mantra, chant it too.
  21. For best results, combine this with a meditation for sexual confidence.

This is one of the oldest mantras in the world, and one of the oldest rituals used to create love and attraction. Yet another example of why Hinduism is such a fascinating religion.

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kleem mantra

I highly recommend using this meditation for love too.


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  1. It’s pronounced, “KLEEEEEENM”, as you get to the last part: try to make the back of your tongue touch the back/top of your throat so that last part of this beej mantra sound comes from the nose.

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