For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear? On Meditation and New Year’s Resolutions


What’s your New Year’s Resolution? To lose weight? Quit smoking? Find love? Meditate and become enlightened? Whatever it is, get real. . . 

It is the height of global excitement. The turning of a new year and, many hope, the turning of a new chapter. The rising of a more promising, more fulfilling time.

Millions if not billions of people the world over have set their new year’s resolutions. Some are promising themselves to lose weight and get fit. Others are promising themselves to rake in the cash and make money. Some are hoping to quit smoking. Others are simply wishing on happiness.

Not to be too much of a Debbie Downer on the situation, and not to crush the new year’s spirit, but let’s be real for one sec. Whatever your new year’s resolution, you’re probably not going to succeed.


Ninety percent of new year’s resolutions end in failure. And the reason is simple: we set our sights too high.

For some bizarre reason we allow ourselves to succumb to the illusory magic and wonder that is the new year. We dare to dream that the next day, the next year, might bestow miracles on us, as though by some divine intervention.

We promise ourselves that we’ll lose a bajillion pounds of body fat in a month.

We promise ourselves we’ll get that promotion.

We promise ourselves to become enlightened or to suddenly find new levels of happiness.

And then we wake up to find that it’s just another day, another hang over. And we lose motivation. And we feel like crap.

No wonder depression rises in January.

Do yourself a favor this year. Don’t make your new year’s resolution too lofty. Make it something you can achieve. That way you’ll succeed, feel good about yourself and be motivated to keep moving towards your personal goal.


If weight loss is your goal, just promise yourself to do an hour’s exercise a day (or however much you feel comfortable with).

If your goal is to quit smoking, try it, but if you just end up cutting down a bit, be happy with that too (even if you’re smoking one cigarette less than usual you’re still moving in the right direction).

If your goal is to find love, promise yourself to be more social and talk to more people (the more people you talk to the more chance there is of one of them being right). (oh, and hint: my digital book 30 Secrets To Spiritual Sex is going to help you out a lot here. . . ).

And if you’re New Year’s resolution is to find happiness and complete serenity, just promise yourself to spend 15 minutes a day meditating.

In fact, if your new year’s resolution is for happiness and relaxation, you can give yourself a head-start by reading my digital edition book: Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for Beginners—a complete guide to using meditation for happiness, relaxation and health.

Whatever your new year’s resolution, make it achievable so you end up feeling good with what you accomplished.

Have a great new year’s everyone. Here’s to 2014.




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