When You’re Depressed After Losing Weight, Do This

depression after weight loss surgery can be cured

It’s the absolute last thing you expect to happen. You work hard trying to lose weight. You lose 100lbs. You should be happy, right?

Then why are so many women experiencing depression after weight loss?

I mean it’s ironic, more than anything. Junk food is a cause of depression. But then you give up the junk food, lose weight, and end up depressed anyway. What’s going on?

A lot of people suffer from depression after weight loss surgery, but even if you lose weight naturally you may still face depression. And while there are lots of ways to overcome depression, the specific type of depression you get after weight loss is a little different.

The problem is that all the time we are losing weight we are telling ourselves I’m going to be beautiful. You tell yourself you’ll look like those women on TV and in magazines. You sweat your butt off (literally) until you’re the perfect weight. And then you look in the mirror.

You just don’t look like you thought you would.

You were supposed to be beautiful (and you are beautiful, but perhaps you just dont look how you wanted). When you got down to the right weight, you were supposed to have perfect skin, amazing hair, a killer body…  And even though you do look grea, you are somehow still not satisfied.

This is one reason why the best way to lose weight is with meditation. Because it prepares the mind and the body for weight loss.

When you meditate you’re prepared for what comes next.

And what comes next can sometimes be disappointment.

It doesn’t matter what other people tell you. They can tell you you look beautiful all day, but some part of you won’t listen. This is the reality of depression after weight loss. It’s the depression of working so damn hard to achieve your goals, only to discover that your goals aren’t as great as you thought they would be.

What went wrong?


What Causes Depression After Weight Loss

First things first. If you’re currently going through a weight loss plan, then there are steps you can take to avoid getting depression when you finish.

To avoid depression after weight loss, make sure you remain entirely realistic during the process. Of course, this can be difficult. When you’re losing weight you’re constantly motivating yourself by saying all those exaggerated things like “I’ll look stunning when I’m the right weight.” But of course you begin to believe this statement. You begin to believe that you will look absolutely stunning after losing weight. And when that doesn’t come to fruition you feel depressed.

To combat this, make sure you have the right goal in mind.

Don’t make your weight loss about being thin or beautiful. You already are beautiful anyway. You don’t need to be thin to be beautiful. The whole idea is garbage.

Instead, motivate yourself by focusing on health. Tell yourself that the entire reason you’re losing weight is to be healthy. Health is the most important thing anyway, so that’s where you should be focusing.

TIP: If you’re currently thinking “I’ll be beautiful when I lose weight.” Stop! Change it to “I’ll be healthy when I lose weight.”

Setting off on the right foot is always vital.

But what about if you already have lost weight and now you’re feeling depressed? Well, there are some excellent ways to deal with this too.



Overcoming Depression After Weight Loss

The reason why you feel depressed after losing weight is because you don’t feel or look as you thought you would. You told yourself you’d be beautiful and feel amazing, but you don’t. You look a little better, and you feel a little better, but it’s not the life changing transformation you wanted it to be. The result is disappointment.

But really, you shouldn’t be disappointed at all. You have lost weight, and that’s an amazing accomplishment. And you do feel a little better, which is fantastic too.  Be thankful to yourself for all the hard work you put in in order to lose weight. Actually say to yourself “Thank you for giving me back my health.” Appreciation is immensely important. Always remember: You have achieved something amazing, and you should appreciate it.



Confidence: It’s also important that you feel good about the fact that you set out to accomplish something hard and you got it done. You should be feeling confident right now. You’ve done extraordinarily well. Be sure to tell yourself how proud you are of yourself. Express your admiration of yourself.

Once you’re feeling good about your accomplishment, use your confidence to start on your next goal. You should always have a health goal in mind to work towards. This motivates you to keep working on your health. Tell yourself “I’ve accomplished one major goal. Now it’s time for the next!” And begin working towards that goal. Remember: it’s the journey, not the destination. One journey, your weight loss journey, is finished. Now it’s time to get started on the next journey.



Having lost weight, what would you like to accomplish next?

Having a goal in mind helps you to stay motivated and helps you to stay positive, warding off depression. You’ve already got down to the right weight, so what do you want to accomplish next? What would be absolutely amazing to you?

Personally, for me, I’d like to do a triathlon. That’s a challenge I’ve never done before. And it’s also a goal that will get me working towards my health and focusing on the positive. Simply having that goal in front of you is enough to make you feel great.

So, ask yourself: what do I want to do next?

Make it something that is important to you, and then set about getting it done.

There’s no reason you should be feeling depressed about weight loss. You’ve achieved something truly amazing. You should feel fantastic.


One last thing. If you really don’t feel fantastic, I’d like you to do one little thing for me, okay? I’d like you to treat yourself. You see, I reckon you deserve to have a good time, a little celebration, to mark your achievements. So, go out and go shopping, or take a vacation, or do whatever it is that you want to do. You deserve to be spoiled right now!

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