Barber’s Compassion Towards Homeless Man Left Us In Tears

one small act of kindness buddha quote

“If with a pure mind a person speaks or acts, happiness follows them like a never-departing shadow” – Buddha quote

Compassion is the trait of the noble. Nothing is more important than acts of compassion towards other people or animals. That’s why one barber’s compassion has inspired us so much.

One month ago, 53 year old homeless man Matthew bumped into someone he didn’t know, a compassionate and kind-hearted stranger: Brennon Jones.

Matthew’s path to homelessness is a sad one. Five years ago he received a phone call telling him that his wife (47( and daughter (8) had died in a house fire.  Ever since that day, Matthew has been alone, homeless, and without help. And neither the authorities, the government, or anyone else had stepped in to try and help Matthew.

The stranger Matthew bumped into that day would soon become a very close friend: Brennon Jones.

Brennon Jones has become a hit sensation on social media thanks to his kindness. He took to Facebook and shared Matthew’s story with the world using the hashtag #ItsDeeperThanWeThink.

Brennon took it upon himself to step up and help Matthew. He started giving haircuts on street corners in Philadelphia using the name Haircuts4Homeless.

Matthew remembers how little it took to get him started helping others. “I was visiting downtown when a guy asked for help. I gave him a banana. I knew I could have done more.”

Turns out the person who asked Brennon for help was actually a sign, a calling that would move Brennon in a new direction in his life. Brennon decided to set-up his haircutting business to help those in need in the way he knew how: by giving them haircuts.

There’s a life lesson there for all of us. None of us can give everything. None of us have all the answers. But we can help in some way. How can we help the homeless and those in need? One step at a time .Giving whatever we have to offer.

The sooner we all learn to appreciate what we have to offer, and the more willing we are to give it, the better the world will be. That’s what Brennon’s message tells me. What do you learn from Brennon? Leave a comment.

Thanks to Brennon I’m now checking and answering my email twice as often (I often get questions from people asking for spiritual guidance in my email).

Brennon’s story is truly inspirational. His Facebook Live videos have gained more than 2.5 million views.

29 year old Brennon Jones is now on tour travelling America with his Cutz of Compassion Tour.

This video shows the beginning of the Haircuts4Homeless movmenet.

And this is where Cutz of Compassion has grown to today.

Compassion. It’s the most beautiful and most important thing in the world.

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