Best Meditation Music Ever – Chosen By A Meditation Teacher

Best Meditation Music Ever – Chosen By A Meditation Teacher

The best meditation music does so much more than just relax you.

Zen meditation music actually becomes an active part of your meditation. That why I am always listening to Zen music in my meditation room.

Let me ask you:

Do you listen to music when you meditate?

If you do, you need to know this: you can’t just listen to music while meditating. It’s impossible.

Meditation means focusing on one thing. You cannot meditate on your breath and meditate on music at the same time. Uh-uh. Not happening. That is just not meditation.

You can meditate on musicBut you cannot meditate and listen to music. Bodhipaksa made some seriously enlightening comment about this on WildMind.

You cannot listen to music while meditating . You can meditate on music. And you can meditate while playing music  (try playing a Tibetan Singing Bowl, for instance).

But to truly meditate on music, you are going to need the absolute best meditation music around.  You need some seriously Zen music.

Below I will share the best meditation music out. Checkout my list of the best meditation DVDs and CDs too!

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The Best Meditation Music Is Music You Give Your Whole Mind To

You know when you make love you give yourself to someone.  Same deal when you actually meditate to music.

Anyone who has taken a sound bath meditation will attest to how utterly heavenly it is to meditate on music.

To meditate on music you have to actually focus 100% on the music. And to do that, you need the best meditation music. Cheap substitutes simply wont cut the cheese.

It’s been scientifically proven that meditation music promotes inner peace, calmness, love, and positive emotions.

We all know nothing beats going to  your meditation room, closing your eyes, and drowning in beautiful music.

Zen meditation music is specifically designed to produce positive psychological responses in the listener.

A Tibetan Singing Bowl, for instance, produces auditory overtones. These overtones alter our brain waves from a Beta brainwave state to an Alpha state.” In other words, Tibetan Singing Bowls actually put your brain into a healthier, more positive state.

Meditation gongs are similar. The sounds these gongs produce have been proven to help heal the mind.

The best Zen music is divine.

But what is the best meditation music?

Here is our playlist of the best meditation music for 2018.

The Best Meditation Music By Genre

Chinese Meditation Music

Chinese meditation music is truly beautiful. It’s the type of music you can put on, close your eyes and simply drift away to a state of complete inner peace.

This is Zen meditation music at its best.

Take a listen to these masterful musicians, all of whom create serene auditory expreriences.

The Orchid

In The Orchid, Shao Rong (a Chinese musician living in Japan) uses the pipa (a four stringed lute) to create beautifully resonant music which will promote inner calm and tranquillity. Incense sticks are included in the CD version to be used while listening to produce an even deeper relaxation.

This is some of the best Zen music ever.


Shao Rong – Early Spring (From The Album Orchid II)

Erhu: Jia Peng Fang Best

The erhu is a Chinese violin. It’s a beautiful instrument that is so relaxing you just melt listening to it. Much of the best Zen music is played on erhu.

Here it is played by the masterful musician Jia Peng Fang.

Fang produces sentimental music which will stir your spirit. Anyone interested in Chinese music simply must listen to this master of the erhu at work.

Isn’t this some of the best Zen meditation music you’ve ever heard?


Jia Peng Fang – Silent Moon

Acupuncture for Mind, by WANG Xu-dong

Acupuncture is one of the most important components of Chinese medicine. In this album, doctor and music healer Xu Dong Wang offers music that that stimulates the energy centres used in acupuncture. This is a truly unique and beautiful Zen music album.


Acupuncture for mind – Wang Xu Dong

Elixir – Music for Moving and Still Meditation

Elixir is an album all about healing. The compositions use the pentatonic scale to create beautiful melodies that are perfect accompaniment for meditation. The music is specifically designed to lead meditation practitioners to a state of inner peace. It was literally composed to be Zen music for meditation.


Best Deep Meditation Music

In our article on Going Deeper In Meditation we revealed many techniques for a deeper experience.

Zen meditation music can help you to go deeper.

There’s nothing like the feeling of lying down, closing your eyes and focusing on some deep meditation music.

It is so relaxing and peaceful it simply carries you away.

In the video below, Relax River shares some heavenly  Tibetan meditation music for meditation.

The music uses the harp.

[bctt tweet=” Did you know: Scientific research proves that listening to harp music can stabilize blood pressure and create a deep sense of relaxation and wellness. ” username=”t_d_meditation”]

Harp Music Tibetan – Celestial Relaxing 432 hz Strings Solo Playlist for Study, Concentrate and Yoga

Seven Metals Singing Bowls Of Tibet

This is simply one of the absolute best Tibetan singing bowls albums you will find.

 Seven Metals Singing Bowls Of Tibet is all about the Buddhist bowl sounds, which are known to heal the body mind and spirit.

Get it on Amazon 

The Best Zen Music: Reverbnation

Reverbnation is the absolute best Zen meditation music online.

I listened to them a lot during my meditation training.

Their website offers free Zen meditation music online. Plus, there’s a forum to discuss Zen music with other meditators. The music is truly beautiful so be sure to visit today.

Visit their site HERE.


The Best Chakra Meditation Music : Airwithairrising

AirWithAirRising’s Youtub channel has music for all chakras, along with additional music and general relaxation music too.

Supreme Meditation Music Swadhisthana

GET IT ON iTunes.


Tibetan Deep Meditation Music; Nawang Khechog

I know many people currently doing their online meditation training who listen to  Nawang Khechog’s “Tibetan Meditation Music.”

It is widely regarded as being one of (if not the) best Tibetan music in the world.

Khechog is a Grammie nominee and one of Tibets greatest composers.

He is the absolute leader in Tibetan Meditation Music. His CD is available from Amazon for $13.81. Pick up your copy below.

1 Hour Relax with Bach. Piano relaxing music for meditation and yoga with sounds of nature (TCO)


Japanese Meditation Music (Albums)

Eastwind: Japanese Shakuhachi Music

Masayuki Koga is a master of the Shakuhachi (a Jpanese flute).

He’s also a composer, producer, engineer and trained in law. . . so it’s fair to say he’s a wise man.

He has produced some of the best Zen music for meditation,

Eastwind: Japanese Shakuhachi Music is sensational.

Masayuki Koga – Toguchi [Traditional Shakuhachi Music from Japan]


Zen Garden

Zen Garden blends East with West in beautiful instrumental music that dives from one emotion to the next with grace.

The arrangements are effortless and wonderful. This album will produce a deep state of relaxation. It’s some lovely music for meditation sessions.



Indian Meditation Music

Indian meditation music is profoundly relaxing.

The albums that we have included in this list include some of the best Indian Zen meditation music ever produced. They get you into that Zen state. You know, that state where you feel like your melting into the world, like you’re as light as the air and being carried on the wind. Chilled. That’s…. that’s basically the point I’m making.

You’re going to love all this Indian meditation music. It’s made by truly talented musicians (so be sure to show them your support). And all these pieces are perfect for just chilling out and also perfect for actually meditating to.

So, lend me your ears and have a listen to these.

Chants of India by Ravi Shankar:

Ravi Shankar is the star of Indian classical music.

He combines sacred chants with western-style classical music.

This is a beautiful CD full of mantras and prayers. It was produced by the famous and sublimely talented George Harrison.

Get it on Amazon

Chanting the Chakras:

This is the music of Layne Raymond (a highly regarded composer), this album combines drumming and chanting to create a sound that will lift your spirits. It is perfect for deep meditation.

Layne Redmond – Lotus of Light (Chanting the Chakras: Roots of Awakening)

Get this album on Amazon

Love is Space by Deva Premal:

This music is perfect for Yoga and relaxation, combining chanting with classical music. It can even be used for slow dancing.

ॐ ~ ღ LoVe is Space ღ ~ ॐ

Get this album on Amazon

Devotion by Rasa:

This album was inspired by the ancient Indian culture of Vedic. It is sung by Kim Waters and with music by Hans Christian. The album presents Sanskrit chants and devotional songs backed by sitar.

Gopinatha *✿*Love Music by Rasa

Get this album on Amazon

Even More of The Best Meditation Music:


The MeditationRelaxClub has a ton of different music, all related to self improvement / spirituality and more.

You’ll find study music, relaxing music, Zen music and a ton more besides.

Best of all, some of the tracks are nice and long, allowing for deep meditation.

Relaxation Meditation Music Relaxing Nature Sounds Tibetan Chakra Meditation Music for Massage Yoga

 Fearless 2435 :

Fearless 2435 has one of the most listened to pieces of music on Youtube. This channel holds Tai Chi music, Yoga music, a piece on the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra and more.

Meditation (Zen Music)

Best Meditation Music Radio Stations

Looking for great music radio stations? These are the top three that I have found online.

 Radio Magico:

Radio Magico streams 24/7 and has a daily program that includes dance music, zen music, music for relaxation, mantras, easy listening music and more.


 Radio Ananda:

Radio Ananda is definitely one of the best meditation radio stations online.

Radio Ananda offers spiritual and uplifting music along with talk shows. It aims to be your resource for calmness.


Of course, there are lots of good apps on iOS and Android with music and recordings etc too. Take a look at that link for our pick of the best of them.

Did you know: Meditatio will actually make you a better musician

You love music. Do you play an instrument?

If so you will be very interested by this news. Scientific research has proven that meditation actually makes you a better musician.

My guide to meditation for musicians tells you everything you need to know. Take a look.

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