8 Beautiful Buddha Statues To Bring Zen Into Your Home

buddha statues for sale

There’s nothing quite like having a good Buddhist statue in your home or garden.

If you’ve read our guide to creating a sacred meditation space, and looked at our guide to Zen Garden Meditation you probably noticed how much I like Buddha statues.

Buddha statues remind you of all the important lessons of Buddha , they make a great marker point for when you’re doing Zen Walking Meditation, and they look divine.

But which are the best Buddha statues? Which Buddha statue is worthy of being in your home of garden?




How To Choose The Best Buddha Statue For You


  1. Decide why you are buying a Buddha statue.

There are a lot of different Buddha sculptures out there. And they all have their own unique traits.

I always think a good statue has personality. So you might like to ask, what personality do you want to have in your Buddha statue?

Probably the reason why you want a Buddha statue is to help you to find inner peace. So the first thing to ask is” Does the Buddha statue make you feel peaceful and relaxed?”

You will also want your Buddha statue to reflect you as an individual. So ask whether the statue communicates your own personality.

Or perhaps you just want your Buddha sculpture to look like a beautiful piece of art. In which case choose the design you like best.


  1. For quality assurance, look at the details and materials

Buddha statues come in all different qualities. And they range from around ten bucks to thousands. Some are underpriced. Some are overpriced. How are you to know the difference?

To make sure you get a good quality Buddha statue for your price point, look at the details. If your Buddha statue is $10 it’s only going to have very minimal features. But statues that costs thousands should show very close detail and be very realistic.

Materials is also very important. Something made of silver or gold is obviously going to cost a lot more than clay and will last a lot longer too.

If you buy a cheap Buddha statue it will be made of material with a short lifespan. So if you want something that lasts, you will have to pay a bit extra for it.


  1. Check the pose (mudra)

One of the single most important parts of buying a Buddha statue is that it have the right pose.

Poses, or “Mudras” to be technical, mean different things. For instance, the classic DharmaChakra Mudra signifies the “Wheel”. (you can learn more about this in our mudra guide). Mudras like this actually mean very specific things in Buddhism. So make sure that your Buddha statue is posing in the mudra that you want.

Remember, a Buddha statue is a powerful tool for meditation, and it’s important the statue reflect the type of meditation you will be doing.



  1. Where’s it going to go?

Okay. A total no-brainer. But a lot of people buy a Buddha statue on the spur of the moment and then realise that it is completely wrong for the room they wanted it for.

Where will you put your Buddha statue? What room will it go in? What are the colours in that room? What is the mood of the room? Make sure the Buddha statue matches the place you will put it.


So, what are the best Buddha statues?

I’ve chosen some great Buddha statues at all different price-points. Be sure to look through the full list before deciding which one to buy.






We’ve selected the best Buddha statues for sale.

We’ve found some statues that are perfect for meditation and for decorating your home or meditation space.

They are of various styles of design, some being artistic others more traditional. And each depicts the Buddha in a different pose.

We recommend picking one up to add to your meditation room, or perhaps even picking all four up as they make for wonderful decorations for the home.


The Best Buddha Statues For Sale. #1:Thai Buddha Meditation Statue

This Buddha statue is 8 inches by 6 inches and is a perfect addition to any meditation space.

The statue has a bronze finish with a silver robe. The colours go really well together and the Buddha’s face looks very relaxing, helping you to achieve a deep state of meditation.

Pick up your: 8″ Thai Buddha Meditating Peace Harmony Statue

The Best Buddha Statues For Sale. #2: Buddha Earth Touching Mudra Statue

This statue has the Buddha in the Earth Touching mudra.  The Buddha is brown and the robe silver. This is another perfect decoration for your home and meditation room.

The statue has an aged look almost like wood and the skin is shiny. Sequins add decoration and beauty to the Buddha.

Pick up your: 15″ Buddha Earth Touching Mudra Statue

The Best Buddha Statues For Sale. # 3: StoneTouch Budda Head Statue


This stone Buddha head brings the orient to your home. It is made from a concrete mix that is similar to stone.

The statue is heavy and is a quality build. Some people have reported that this Buddha statue is actually greener than the image depicts. Nevertheless, a high quality Buddha statue that has a review score of 5 out of 5 on Amazon.

Pick up your:Kelkay 4877 Stonetouch Buddha Head Statue

The Best Buddha Statues For Sale. #4: Buddha Statue with Mosaic Design

This is one of the best artistic style Buddha statues that we have found. The clothing is pink / green and is designed very artistically.

The Buddha is depicted in Bhumispara mudra, the mudra that the Buddha was performing when he achieved enlightenment under the bodhi tree.

The artistry and symbolism of this Buddha statue makes it perfect for meditaiton.






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