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Nothing makes me feel more peaceful than sitting by my Buddha water fountain and meditating.

Water is the purest thing on Earth. Whether it be the beautiful oceans around the world or the stream at the bottom of my garden back home, I simply love water. That’s why I always recommend people get a beautiful Buddha water fountain when they create a  garden meditation area.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a Buddha head, you might like to also consider a Buddha fountain. That way you get the beautiful Buddha sculpture and the relaxing water sounds too!

You close your eyes, tune out the background noise and listen to the soothing sounds of the water fountain. And life feels good.

Scientific research has shown that listening to water sounds has a calming effect on the mind and body.

Researchers say that listening to the sound of water physically alters the connections in the brain and reduces the fight-or-flight response. This is true for other natural sounds too, and is one reason why the best meditation music uses water sounds.

Researchers state that nature sounds enhance relaxation—which, of course, is new to no one. But we now know why: It’s because nature sounds actually create physiological reasons in the brain.

By combining the relaxing effects of a water fountain with meditation you get a double boost of wellbeing. And all you have to do is install a water fountain. Simple!

So which Buddha water fountain should you get? Let’s take a look at some of the best.

The Best Buddha Water Fountains To Buy Today


1. John Timberland Outdoor  


This is a bronze-finished Buddha water fountain for the garden with amber LED lights to illuminate it at night.  It holds 4 gallons of water.

Buddha is shown meditating on a lotus flower. The water comes out from the lotus flowers, which is surrounded by pretty lights to make it glow in the dark. The reservoir of the water is in a large lotus flower that Siddhartha is holding.

I find this Buddha water fountain very soothing. After a hard day’s work it’s lovely to come home and sit next to this buddha fountain, meditating on the sound of the water. You can decorate the bowl too with some pebbled or other objects so it’s even prettier. Plus it seems really durable because the pump is protected inside the sculpture, accessible from a panel in the back. This is incredibly helpful. Other pumps without the protection tend to break easily, so this one lasts a lot longer. The lights on the lotus flower look really pretty too.

2. Alpine Corporation Meditating 


This calming Buddha fountain statue looks beautiful and is ideal for either the home o the garden. I love the way the water sounds coming from this fountain. And the natural stone colour looks great too. The details on the sculpture make it look nice and fancy as well. It’s measurements are 20″L x 20″W x 33″H, and it is highly durable.

Place it on a pedestal for some extra height so you can show off the intricate details on the piece.  Some people have commented that it’s good to add a clear paint finish to help maintain the look of the sculpture.

My favorite thing about this piece is the light that shines out of Siddhartha’s pot, which looks really striking and appealing.

3. PeterIva Tabletop Buddha Fountain


This Buddha tabletop fountain is sculpted out of polyresin and looks like old stone. It’s lightweight so it is perfect to put on your tabletop and listen to while you’re working. The fountain is illuminated by LED lights and the decorative sculpture looks peaceful and relaxing.

If you’re looking for a Buddha fountain for work this is a great choice because it is lightweight and isn’t too loud. The water sounds relaxing and calming so it is perfect to help you stay in your Zen state while you’re working.

It is a relatively inexpensive piece but also looks a lot nicer than other statues at the same price point, so it’s a great deal.

Buddha water fountains truly are wonderfully additions for your meditation space.

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