Best Free Online Yoga, Meditation Classes 2020 [LIST]

free online yoga classes meditation classes
Ever since yoga studios started closing, we have seen more and more free online yoga classes and meditation classes

Below you can find all the latest free yoga and meditation classes streaming online. 

Check back here for updates. 

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Yoga & Meditation Class Streaming Schedule

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TricycleMeditationSept 8 @ 10am ESTLINK
Northern Michigan Psychiatric ServicesMindful Movement & YogaMondays @ 4pm ESTLINK


Mindfulness InstituteMindfulness & CreativityAug 30th 10:30am to 12pm ESTSITE
University of WisconsinMindful MondaysMondaysSITE
Om With EmYinYogaSaturdays, 2am ESTFacebook
bodyArtMindful MovementEvery day, 10am & 7pm ESTFacebook
Evolve By ErikaKundaliniEvery Morning @ 7am ESTIGTV
YogaKeepsMeFitChair YogaMon / Wed / Fri @ 10am ESTSITE
BeInTheYogaWorldVinyasaWednesdays, 11am ESTFACEBOOK
Cambridge Health AllianceVarious6 – 9pm WedesdaysLINK
Meditate TogetherGroup MeditationAll day every dayLINK
Open Heart ProjectVariousWeekdays, 9am, 3pn, 6pm, ESTLINK
ShambhalaListening circlesWednesdays @ 3pm EST LINK
Atlantic Comtemplation CentreGroup MindfulnessVariousLINK
UCLAMindfulnessMondays & Thursdays @3:30pm ESTLINK
Insight Meditation CenterMeditation (Various)VariousLink
StralaYoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, QiGongEvery day, 8am & 2pm ESTFacebook
Toronto MeditationMeditationFriday @10pm / Sundahy @ 7pm ESTLINK
Hammer Museum & UCLAMindfulnessThursdaysZoom
Rick HansonMeditationWednesdays @ 9 pm ESTWebsite
UCSDMindfulness & MeditationEvery day / various times
Tara BrachMeditationWednesdays @ 9pm EST
DrypVarious yogaDaily @ 12a.m.On INSTA from UAE
VariousBuddhist meditationApril 1 ongoingVarious (see this calendar)
Jon Kabat ZinnCultivating mindfulnessApril 1 @ 2pmEventbrite
Yoga with MauraVinyassaApil 1 ongoing @ 5pmIG @ YogaWithMaura
Rose JamesYogaNIghtly @ 8pmFacebook ( )
Himalayan InstituteMeditation (Buddhist)Mondays @ 7pmZoom ( )
Meeting I.D: 139 024 694
GrowgaKids YogaMarch 31st ongoing @ 10amGrowga ( )
Jessica MacIntoshMeditationMonday – Friday @ 6:45am & 11amFacebook Live ( ) Havelock
Diane YeoMindfulness for
anxiety & peace
April 1 / April 4thZoom
Kelly PaYogaSculptApril 2 @ 7:30 Instagram @vimfitness (Boston)
Chris HoweAging With EaseApril 3 @10amZoom (Boston)
Jordan HPower YogaApril 4 @10:30 https://
Meeting ID: 863 124 1789
Jon Kabat ZinnCultivating mindfulnessApril 3 @2pmEventbrite
Allison SmithKids yoga & dance partyApril 5th @ 10amFacebook
Linda MarkowitzMorning MeditationApril 6th @ 7:30SIUe ( )
Samantha Hoff / Cindy LoughranSlow FlowApril 7 @ 5:30pmEventBrite
Linda MarkowitzGuided MeditationApril 8th @1apmSIUe ( )
Linda MarkowitzMorning MeditationApril 10th @ 7:30SIUe ( )

In this list you’ll find all the best free online yoga and meditation classes going on in 2020.

The world has gone nuts for online yoga classes and online meditation classes, which are being streamed constantly on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and other places.

Bookmark or share this page and return frequently for updates classes and schedules.


Best Free Online Yoga And Meditation Classes 2020

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Indian Embassy / U.S. / free yoga classes / Monday to Fridays at 5pm

The Indian embassy in the US is offering free yoga classes to help everyone feel happier during the pandemic.  Classes are given Monday to Friday at 5pm and live streamed on the embassy’s Facecbook page.

“We are happy to announce the online Yoga classes during weekdays @ 5 PM EST, starting from Monday, March 30, 2020. The classes will be live streamed through the Embassy’s Facebook page,” the embassy tweeted.

ONGOING – 3 Times A Week – Hopkins – Mindfulness Classes

Hopkins is currently giving free classes in using mindfulness for anxiety to its community. Classes are led by Neda Gould, [Director, Mindfulness Program at Johns Hopkins]. Guided meditations are given three times a week to help participants handle anxiety.

Join here.

UPATED: March 26th 2020

California Yoga / Sylvania / Free Yoga Classes

California Yoga was closed last week dure to coronavirus.  They’re now offerin free yoga lessons on Facebook.  Owner Kimi Rae Chapman says, “Everybody is locked in and really needs that  physical release [and ] the yoga philosophy we[of honing in on] the mental and emotional aspect.” 

UPDATED: 3 / 25 / 2020

Deepak Chopra / Meditation / Instagram / Sunday at 12pm EST

via The Well

Deepak Chopra will be giving a free live mass meditation session in association with The Well.  .

“Join us as we set our collective energy toward healing the world at a time when we need it most,” the Well said on its Instagram account.

The Yoga Space / Portland (via Instagram) / Free Yoga Classes / Every day

> The Yoga Space

The Yoga Space, a Portland-based yoga studio, is offering free online yoga clases on Instagram, with donations welcomed. There are classes every day of the week at different times. Classes include Vinyassa, Hatha, Ashtanga, and more.

Updated: March 24th 2020

Institute For Mindful Leadership / Mindfulness classes  / free / March 24 – May 5, 2020 / 12:10 pm – 12:30 pm – Monday to Thursday

On ZOOM   Meeting ID: 451 643 133

The Institute for Mindful Leadership will be leading a brief guided meditation for 5-7 minutes. These mindfulnes classes will help you to become less reactive in this difficult time.

Tibet Open House / Prague / Meditations & Mindfulness Lessons / Free / Various Dates

Prague-based Tibetan Monk is giving free mindfulness and meditation sessions this week (March 24th onwards).

During its three years of existence in Prague, the Tibet Open House has served to connect east and west via language classes, Buddhist teachings, exhibitions, and other events.  Lessons are hosted by the Residential Lama of Open Tibet House, Geshe Yeshi Gawa.

SolePath Institute / Online / Meditation / Mondays @ 4pm – 5pm

On Eventrite

Dr. Debra Ford will be hosting a serious of mindfulness and meditation sessions online on Mondays as part of SolePath Institute, which is dedicate to helping you live a healthier & happier life.

SLO Yoga  / California / Meditation & Yoga Classes / Ongoing (some classes are paid)

SLO Yoga Center in California will be giving a series of both free and paid online mindfulness and oga classes. See the link above for schedule and pre-recorded classes.

UPDATED: 3 / 23/ 2020

North & Soul Yoga / Yorkshire UK / Medtations & Yoga / Facebook

Polly Standeven was fored to close her yoga studio North & Soul due to the pandemic and so has decided to give lessons online. She has a full schedule of online yoga clsses that are live on Facebook. They include everything from active sequences to meditation.  She is hoping this will help people to feel more positive.

Islington’s Life Centre / Islington / Yoga / Ongoing

On Thursday at 10am, Saturday at 10am and Sunday at 11am, Tanja Mickwitz is giving various yoga and meditation lessons on Facebook. Donations are welcomed.

Yoga & Movement Sanctuary / Philadelphia / Youtube / Yoga 


Philadelphia yoga and meditation studio offering free online classes. Contains many different meditations, including breathwork.

I Am Limitless / Lancaster / Facebook  / Yoga classes 

Facebook via Lancaster Online

One-day special. This Lancaster-based yoga teacher is giving a free lesson no Facebook on 3 / 22/ 2020 from 1pm to 2pm.

Yoga Eries / Facebook / Various Yoga Classes

A local yoga studio in Erie is giving free yoga lessons on Facebook to help people cope with anxiety while in self-isolation. Classes are run to help support the business and to help while self-isolating.

[Added 3 / 22 / 2020]

Beeja Meditation / Instagram / Meditation Sessions / Ongoing


Beeja Meditation, founded by Will Williams, is hosting 25 minute guided meditations on Instagram Live, starting today.

LuLuLemon / Yoga / online (Instagram) / Various Teachers / Through March 31st at least\

Since LuLuLemon closed their physical store locations, they have started offering various free yoga classes online vvia Instagram. Classes usually take place daily at 6pm PST.

Lion’sRoar /  online / various teachers inc. Sharon Salzberg / To March 31st

Introducing Free Online Practice Sessions

  • Koshin Paley Ellison
  • Tuesday, March 24 at 1:00 p.m. EDT
  • Scott Tusa
  • Thursday, March 26 at 7:00 p.m. EDT
  • Sharon Salzberg
  • Tuesday, March 31 at 1:00 p.m. EDT

CorePowerYoga / Free Yoga Classes / [to at least March 30th / Colorado]

Offering free yoga classes through at least March 30th, this Colorado-based yoga studio also has on-demand fitness videos to do at home.


Robyn Cohen / Free Yoga Classes / Marin County, California

Cohen offering her interval training, Pilates, zumba, yoga and TRX classes online for free to her students and local residents.

South Street Yoga & Nutrition / Free Meditation Classes, Morristown, New Jersey

“If there is anyone affected [by coronavirus] who is not comfortable with [paying a free] they can just reach out and I will offer them a free membership for our online classes until the world has gone a little less crazy”.

More To Come…

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