Best Kratom Strains for Mood and Energy

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Did you know that more and more people are using kratom for better mood and energy every day? It has become the latest beverage after coffee and tea to have become such a staple, everyday item. You don’t even have to consume high doses of kratom for a better mood or better energy as long as you are buying a quality product.

A quality kratom will give you a smooth experience which is mildly euphoric; just enough to ready you for a night out or for a hard day ahead. Kratom might just be the thing you were looking for to escape the horrors of everyday anxiety-ridden life even if just for a couple of hours.

How Does Kratom Improve Energy and Mood

Kratom’s true potential lies in over 120 alkaloids which are chemical compounds. Their properties range from being stimulating to energizing, to being mildly euphoric. At lower doses, the results are energy-boosting and uplifting mood-wise. You’ll feel a sense of sharpness and positivity. A sense of being more ready both mentally and physically is common. Stuff that you normally find hard to do in your everyday depressed state should feel much easier.

However, the way kratom interacts and its overall effect profile will depend on the vein color and the type of strain consumed.

Basically, as an herb, it’s a stimulant that interacts with opioid receptors which yield a bunch of effects like lower physical pain, better mood, more energy, etc. At higher doses, you can expect a rush of positivity that borders on mild euphoria with varying degrees of stillness/calmness.

Which Kratom Is Best For Energy Boosts?

If more energy is your goal, we suggest you stick with white or green kratom. Although, in all honesty, the difference between different varieties of white and green and their effects is difficult to discern. Therefore, it is better if you focus more on the quality of the product rather than a particular strain. In the end, it’s the alkaloid profile that makes or breaks the overall experience and efficacy.

But, once again, just picking a quality product is not enough. It has been noticed that White Borneo is the best for an energy boost. At about 5 grams it gives the best results.

Additionally, Green Thai and Green Malay are once again good for energy. They can calm you down, but not in a way that you feel lethargic.

Best Kratom Strains For Mood

As a general pattern, most kratom varieties should improve your mood if your goal is to feel mentally and physically ready. But, we know that mood is a little more complex than energy. For instance, anxiety is a type of bad mood – which white kratom could worsen instead of curing. By increasing the nervous energy, it could make things worse for you. You may feel even more anxious.

Therefore, if you struggle with anxiety or bad thoughts, then stick with the Green or Red variety of kratom. Certain kratom alkaloids are good for anxiety as has been studied time and again.

In the same way, depression is another mental or mood disorder that cannot be managed with red kratom. At higher doses, it might dull your senses and make you feel unable to get anything done. This is not a good case for someone dealing with depression which already takes a toll on a person’s ability to get things done.

Therefore, white and green are better if you are struggling with depression and want temporary relief from it.

Although any Green strain will be good for managing depression but for specificity’s sake, stick with Green Borneo or Green Malay. You can find both of these at The Golden Monk, an online kratom store.

With White kratom all types are good. The important thing is the dose rather than the strain itself. Bali, Borneo – try them all with trial and error to see which one works best.

Maeng Da is a little tricky because it’s not a strain in itself. It is basically different strains blended into one. Therefore, it’s hard to tell what to expect from it. Some Maeng Da resembles Red Bali while others are more like stronger versions of Green or White. Therefore, you should always be careful with Maeng Da.

Dosing Kratom For Energy And Mood

Dosing is particularly important when your end goal is energy or a better mood. In fact, dosing is far more important than picking the strain itself. As long as the product is pure and rich with the right alkaloid content, it’s good to go.

Dosing for mood and dosing for energy is a bit different though.

Almost all strains are virtually capable of boosting energy. So, you should stick with lower doses. Anything less than or equal to 5 grams is good. For doses above 5 grams, stick with White or Green kratom.

For mood, a 5-gram dose of Red kratom is good. It should chill you out. In some cases, it can even be as high as 8 grams. But, as a beginner, you should always start with 3 grams.

For those dealing with lethargy and depression or just the blues, white kratom is the best because it gets you going. But, make sure it doesn’t trigger anxiety.

Green is the middle ground which may be good for both anxious and depressive states.

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