7 Best Meditation Books For 2019 Picked By Our Expert

What is the best meditation book in 2019?

As a mindfulness teacher, writer and avid reader, I have read all of the best meditation books out there. And some of them are truly sensational.

But which are the absolute best?

In this list I will share the absolute best meditation books for 2019. We’ll look at some classics and some new publications, and I will help you find the best meditation book for you based on your own personal needs.

So, let’s dip right in.


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The Best Meditation Books For 2019

As well as the books below, I’ve written lists of the best meditation books on specific topics.

Take a look at my lists for:

1. My own book

While I was reading through dozens of meditation books it occurred to me that there is not one single publication that covers everything.

There are books about mindfulness, chakras, Buddhist methods, Daoist methods… but no one title that covers every aspect of the practice.

So, I changed that.

I wrote  the best meditation book for 2019. In it, I teach you all the best techniques. In my book you will learn methods from Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga, and some modern methods too. And I will show you how to use those techniques to make your life better.

Yeah, you’re probably going to want to go ahead and read it now. It’s called  Your Best Meditation. Take a look.


 2. Meditation In Action (get it on Amazon)

This is one of the best meditation books because it delves deep into the subject.

Too many reads just scratch the surface of what meditaiton really is, and they don’t actually show you how to use it in your everday life for real-world change. This one goes far further.

Written by Chogyam Trungpa [Tibetan Buddhist teacher], This inspiring read shares insightful wisdoms about the practice that will truly open your mind.

Trungpa’s insights on generosity, discipline, patience, energy, clarity, and wisdom will inspire you to live the good life, and his teachings on various meditation disciplines will help to advance your practice.

3. How To Meditate: A Practical Guide To Making Friends With Your Mind (GET IT ON AMAZON)

Pema Chodron is one of the most popular authors on Buddhist practices. She’s written some of the best meditation books over the years, including the exceptional Heart Advice For Difficult Times.

Picking Chodron’s best meditation book is not easy. But if I have to tip my hat to one of them, it has got to be How To Meditate: A Practical Guide To Making Friends With Your Mind.

What I love about How To Meditate is that it makes it so easy for newcomers to start meditating. The tutelage is easy to follow and makes it fun. The simple guides will get you meditating in no time. Even if you have never done it before and you don’t have the slightest clue what meditating is, this read will tell you everything you need to know, and in simple-to-follow guides.


4. Best Meditation Book For Children: Peaceful Piggy (GET IT ON AMAZON)

Are you a parent trying to get your kids to meditate? If so you will absolutely love this little picture book.

Naturally this is a very basic book. It provides simple and fun instructions and advice to help get kids meditating. And it shows how kids can get a handle on difficult emotions like sadness and anxiety.

Peaceful Piggy is a great choice for both teachers and parents. What I love most about this book is how simple it is to read. Even younger children will find it easy to understand the messages in this book.

5.  Meditation Secrets For Women ( GET IT ON AMAZON )

In this excellent meditation book, Camille Maurine & Lorin Roche is full of some truly illuminating insights and wisdoms that you really need to read. In it, Maurine and Roche cover the full gamut of the human experience as they reveal how the practice can help with all areas of life.

This is the best meditation book for women. It takes all the wisdom of the practice and puts it into action in the real world. It shows women how to use the practice for help with their real-world problems.

Definitely one of the best meditation books. And it isn’t just for women, either. There are insights in this pubcliation that apply to everyone.

6. Zen And Now (get it on Amazon)

 In Zen And Now I (It’s my own book) show you how you can meditate absolutely anytime any place.

I show you how you can meditate at home, at work, at the gym, while eating… basically everywhere.

I wrote this book to make it very easy for readers to find ways to meditate in their busy lives. So if you think that you just do not have time to meditate, read this book and let me prove you wrong!


7. Meditation For Beginners (GET IT ON AMAZON)

I bet you were wondering when I would get around to famed author Jack Kornfield. After all, he’s written some of the very best meditation books ever.

In this simple but inspiring publication, Jack Kornfield provides a short and sweet (it’s less than 100 pages) guide to getting started with the practice. The book comes packaged with a CD of guided practices, which are a great way to relax.

This is the best meditation book for beginners because it is so clear and concise. Plus, it is very easy to understand and very easy to follow Kornfield’s instructions.

And Those Are The Best Meditation Books For 2019

There are so many good meditation books to read today. And reading is one of the best ways to learn meditation. Picking the very best is far from easy.

In the list above I’ve shared my personal favorite meditation books, which I think you will get an absolute ton out of.

How many of the meditation books on the list have you read? And which one was your favorite?

Leave a comment. And if you feel like being kind and doing me a great big favor, go ahead and take a look at my own one (the link is above). Trust me, you are going to love it.

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a yoga teacher, meditation teacher and writer. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

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