Best Meditations For Your Astrology Sign [Guest Post]

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In this guest post, we will look at the best meditations for your astrology sign. And you can learn more about all the different meditation techniques here.

As you likely know, different astrological signs have different personalities and different strengths and weaknesses. For that reason, you can find your best meditation based on astrology signs. Let me show you how.

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Best Mediations For Astrology Signs


Aries: Karuna Meditation

If you’re an Aries the best type of meditation for your astrology sign is a compassion-based method. Aries are known to feel frustration and aggression and can sometimes struggle with self-acceptance and constantly demand yourself to be better. That’s why the best meditation for you is the Buddhist method Karuna, which will help you to be more accepting and compassion of both yourself and other people.


Taurus – Mindfulness

One of the problems for Taurus is that they are stubborn and can struggle to accept changes. However, changes are inevitable in life and it’s imperative to learn to accept change and go with it. Otherwise, you will always be stressed. The best form of meditation for accepting change is general mindfulness, in which we focus on accepting the present moment with a non-judgmental attitude.

Gemini – Anapanasati Meditation

Geminis are fast-paced people who love exciting environments where they thrive because they are very fast learners. However, Gemini also needs to be able to slow down and to enjoy life. One of the best ways to do this is with Anapansati meditation, which is a Buddhist meditation in which we focus on the movement of the breath around the body. This technique is perfect for slowing down and relaxing.


Cancerians are very much in touch with their feelings. However, they can also get dragged down into negative emotions. One of the best meditations for this astrology sign is Vipassana, which is a technique in which we focus on the breath and then label thoughts and feelings as they arise. This helps us to be more accepting and less reactive to our emotions.

Leo – Loving Kindness

Leos tend to be very giving people and are incredibly generous but there are many times in Leo’s life when they become arrogant and act irrationally. The best meditation for this astrology sign is Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta), which is a technique in which we visualize sending and receiving love and kindness to and from other people.

Virgo—Smiling Buddha Meditation

Virgos often suffer from being to serious and being unable to let go, relax, and have fun. Virgo can also be judgmental of other people and themselves. To help with this, I recommend using Smiling Buddha meditation, which is a technique in which we meditate on the energy our smile. This boosts feelings of joy and happiness and helps us unwind.

Libra—Tai Chi Meditation

Libra are very social and incredibly gracious. However, they can be quite insecure deep down. The more secure Libra feels the happier they will be. That’s why the best meditation for Libra is tai chi. This movement meditation is incredibly grounding and helps us to feel calm inside and to relax.

Scorpio—Gratitude Meditation

I love Scorpios for their courage and determination. One issue that Scorpios can suffer from, however, is envy towards others. This envy can lead to feelings of self-judgment, the judgment of others, and anger. That’s why the best meditation for this astrological sign is gratitude: meditate on all the good in your life.

 Sagittarius—Open Meditation

Sagittarians long for adventure and to have something new to discover each and every day. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work that way, and Sagittarius can feel fed-up when there’s no adventure. That’s why the best meditation for Sagittarius is Open Monitoring, in which we close our eyes and allow the entire universe to come to us. This method is incredibly relaxing and connects us with the mystery of the living moment.


Capricorn – Anapanasati Meditation

Capricorn is intelligent and serious and they can feel frustrated when the people around them are not on the same page as them. This can even cause Capricorn to be unforgiving towards others. What Capricorn needs it equanimity of mind, and the best way to achieve that is with Anapanasati meditaiton (mindful breathing).

Aquarius—Karma Meditation

Aquarius is a deep thinker and I love having conversations with them (I feel like Pisces and Aquarius enjoy their conversations together, right?).  One problem for Aquarius is that they can be hot-tempered. That’s why the best meditation for this astrological sign is a very relaxing meditation. Try meditating on Tibetan Singing Bowls (you can find videos on Youtube). This is immensely relaxing and will cool the Aquarians hot temper.

Pisces—Kinhin (Zen Walking Meditation)

I love my fellow Pisces. I truly believe we are the most loving and kindest star sign and incredibly valuable people. But we struggle. We struggle with emotions and we can get swept up in our thoughts. That’s why the best meditation for Pisces is one that gets them out of their heads and into the real world. Try Zen Walking. Go for a mindful walk through a forest, and while you’re doing that, take time to live through your five senses.


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