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What are the best online meditation courses and  the best online mindfulness courses in 2021?

There are so many online meditation courses available (both free and paid). As a meditation teacher I find it a really exciting time for the movement. More people are learning meditation now than ever. And thankfully, there are some truly amazing meditation teachers online, like Melli O’Brien, Giovanni Dienstmann, and of course notables like Sharon Salzberg and Tara Brach.

Choosing the best online meditation course of  2021 wasn’t easy—there’s just so many of them! But here’s my pick of the best of the best. Of course, for best results, you should book a private online meditation class with me.

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The Best Online Meditation Courses For 2021

1: MindWorks Journey To Wellbeing 

Mindworks Journey To Wellbeing is a course with nine stages, each of which focuses on one area of mental health. The stages are:

Level 1: Discover

Level 2: Practice

Level 3: Stabilize

Level 4: Resilience

Level 5: Disrupt

Level 6: The Gap

Level 7: Kindness

Level 8: Confidence

Level 9: Well-Being

Each of these courses is led by qualified meditation teachers, and the content is truly excellent. The courses are primarily delivered through guided meditation, which I must say are brilliant. 

2: Melli O’Brien Mindfulness Meditations Course

Melli O’Brien, who is organising the Mindfulness summit, is a wonderful meditation teacher whose blog is full of excellent advice. Particularly brilliant is her course Mindfulness Meditations.

Mindfulness Meditations is an audio course with various tracks on mindfulness exercises all of which are led by Melli O’Brien herself.

The tracks are as follows:

Body & Breath Meditation

Body Scan Meditation

Thoughts & Inner Silence

Sounds & Thoughts Meditation

Interconnectedness Meditation

Yoga Nidra Meditation

Take the course here.

3: 8 Week MBSR Course by The Mindfulness Project

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is one of the most recognised meditation courses in the world and has been scientifically proven to help with stress.

This week consists of eight 2-hour sessions and a half-day retreat. The course incudes group conversations, guided meditations, and assignments to complete at home, and will teach you all the important aspects of mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

The course is taught by Christiane Kerr, who has 20 years experience in meditation and was taught at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and Bangor University.

Take the course Here


4: MindSpaceWellbeing Introduction To Mindfulness

One of the very best mindfulness courses for beginners is this 90-minute introduction that will help you to crease inner peace and overcome stress.

The course is the perfect way for beginners to learn all about the fundamental aspects of mindfulness and to take guided meditations to help with relaxation. The course covers all the basics, like how to meditate and how to manage stress, plus there’s an excellent section on using mindfulness in everyday activities.

Enroll on the course here.

5:  Online Mindfulness Meditation Meeting (Mindfulness Meditation Institute)

Even though it is not technically a meditation “course”, this once-a-month discussion is an excellent way to learn about the different aspects of meditation. It includes insights into things like overcoming stress and anxiety, improving relationships, healing, spiritual development, and happiness. It’s run by meditation teacher Charles A. Francis every first Thursday of the month.

Take it here.


6: Mindfulness Studies

The Center for Mindfulness Studies holds numerous meditation courses online and at their local studio. They also run the excellent Introduction session, which is a half-hour program designed for beginners. In this quick session you’ll learn all the basics of mindfulness and how it can help you in your life.

Of course, once you’ve taken the introductory session you will probably want to take one of their 8-week programs, which go into more advanced practices.

Take it here.


7: Live And Dare: Limitless Life

Giovanni Dienstmann produces some of the best blog content out of any meditation blog. His love and passion for this field are evident in everything he creates. That passion is even more evident in his course Limitless Life, which is all about discovering your best meditation techniques and developing the meditation habit. I’m a big fan of Giovani’s work, and can highly recommend his course.

Take it here.


8: The Blissful Mind –  21 Days of Calm

This three-week mindfulness program from Catherine at The Blissful Mind is designed to help you find your inner Zen.

If you constantly feeling like you’re rushing, out of control, stressed,  and unable to let go and enjoy life, this course will be perfect for you.

The course will teach you to slow down, be intentional,  and stay calm in stressful times.  The course is comprised of videos, daily challenges, and a digital workbook.

Take it here


9: Everyday Mindfulness: Turning Point Mindfulness

This mindfulness course is presented as a collaboration between Everyday Mindfulness and the Brighton Mindfulness Centre and is led by mindfulness instructor Jon Wilde.

The Turning Point Mindfulness course is an 8-week multimedia mindfulness course that incorporates mentoring on mindfulness with nutritional advice. There are weekly mindfulness lessons, personal tuition with Jon Wilde via Skype, a library of guided meditations, homework, and videos.

With a great meditation teacher and comprehensive course structure, this is highly recommended.

Take it here.


10: Mindful Schools (Free)

Mindful School offers ten free mindfulness classes for kids that are delivered via email. The classes off fun mindful movement exercises, mindfulness activities, and read-alouds.

The Mindful Schools program is designed for K-5 students but notes that students of all ages may participate. The exercises include mindful eating, mindful movement, a 30 minute mindful restful break and more.

Take it here.


And those are the best online meditation courses for 2021. Of course, if you prefer a more personal approach, and you want a teacher who is going to work hand in hand with you, you should definitely book an online meditation lesson with me.

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