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Did you know you can use mudras for weight loss to help you get in shape, looking good, and feeling great about losing weight. These weight-loss mudras can also help with other aspects of losing weight, such as motivation and stress.

It’s been scientifically proven that the hand positions used in Hinduism, yoga and Buddhism can significantly boost your health and help you to lose weight and get in shape.

These weight loss hand gestures have been used in the East for thousands of years as part of traditional healing. And as we witness the rise in popularity of meditation and yoga here in the West, people are beginning to discover the power of these hand gestures in America and Europe, mostly through yoga [READ: The Best Yoga Mudras]

There are hundreds of different hand positions (108 in Tantric rituals + mudras in dance + over 250 in Mohiniattam and 200+ in Bharatanatam).

From these more than 500 hand positions, I have selected the best mudras for weight loss, fitness, health and physical wellbeing. As well as practising these, you might also like to read my guide to

Top mudras for weight loss

Prithvi Mudra For weight loss  

Prithvi is performed by touching the tip of the ring finger to the tip of the thumb, with the other fingers pointing straight out.

Prithvi is one of the best mudras for weight loss and a great alternative weight loss technique. It is also suitable for musco-skeletal problems. As well as helping with weight loss, it can cure numerous skin problems

Prithvi hand position is also called:

Let’s take a look at the meaning and benefits.

Prithvi Meaning

Prithvi is a symbolic gesture that is seen in Ayurveda and yoga. It means “The vast one” and is the name for Earth.

As you can tell from the name, this hand position increases the earth element, which helps with healing the body.

When this mudra is used for spiritual development, it enhanced the root chakra (Muladhara), and this improves mood and stability of mind, which can help you to stick to a diet.


  1. Find a quiet, peaceful place to sit.
  2. Sit down with good posture, either in the Easy Pose or in Lotus Pose, or while standing.
  3. Curl the ring finger so that its tip touches the tip of the thumb. The remaining fingers should be pointing straight.
  4. Hold this position while meditating for ten to twenty minutes. Try it now.
  5. Use this technique once a day for 30 – 40 minutes.

Benefits of Prithvi


Jnana And Gyan Mudra: Helps with weight loss by stopping insomnia, depression and anxiety

jnana mudra position
jnana mudra position

Three health problems that can affect weight loss are insomnia, depression and anxiety. Insomnia reduces energy and motivation so you’re less likely to exercise to lose fat, and depression and anxiety make you comfort eat.

The Jnana mudra helps with weight loss by stopping insomnia, anxiety and depression.

gyan mudra hand position
gyan mudra hand position

The Gyan Mudra is performed by touching the tip of the index finger to the tip of the tumb and having the remaining three fingers held straight out.

Meaning of Jnana

The fingers and parts of the hand represent different emotions and different parts of the mind. Therefore, the position of the hand and fingers influences the mind of the practitioner. You might like to use this with these other mudras for the mind.

In Jnana, the thumb and index finger are held together. This is very important. The thumb is the physical representation of Brahman, the supreme reality. The forefinger is the representation of the god and the individual soul, and also of Jiva, the inner reality.

When we bring the thumb and forefinger together in the Jnana mudra, we show the bond of Brahman with Jiva, the linking of the inner and outer worlds.

The remaining three fingers are the representation of the Gunas of nature.

This hand position can is the representation of transcending the Gunas to bridge the inner and outer worlds and ascend to supreme reality

Jnana Instructions

It is easy to make the Jnana Mudra / Gyan.


  1. It is one of the best mudras for insomnia
  2. Reduces anxiety, stress, and depression so you wont need to comfort eat.
  3. Creates a calm and stable mind.

(Water) Varuna Mudra For Dehydration

The Varuna mudra is performed by touching the tip of the little finger to the tip of the thumb with the remaining three fingers being held out straight.

Varuna / Water mudra balances water and helps to prevent dehydration. Ths is important because dehydration has been linked to overeating, and water is important for breaking down fat.

Air / Vayu  for digestion

The Air / Vayu Mudra is performed by placing the index finger underneath the thumb, so the tip of the index finger touches the base of the thumb. Hold the other fingers out straight.

 Vayu Instructions 

  1.  Curl the index fingers so that the tips press into the mound of the thumb
  2. Curl the thumbs lightly, so they apply a little pressure onto the index fingers
  3. Hold the remaining fingers straight
  4.  Meditate while holding this position for ten minutes. Try it now.

Vayu Mudra Benefits

Shunya Mudra (Emptiness)

The Shunya  Mudra / Emptyness Mudra is performed by placing the third finger underneath the thumb, the tip of the third finger touching the base of the thumb. The other fingers are held straight.

The Emptiness / Shunya Mudra helps to sharpen your mind. It is best practised for 40 – 60 minutes at a time.

The Sun / Surya Mudra is performed by placing the fourth finger underneath the thumb, so the tip of the fourth finger touches the base of the thumb. The other fingers are held out straight.

The Sun / Surya Mudra is best performed for 10 -15 minutes. It’s a great hand position for weight loss and also reduces anxiety.

Here’s more on using Surya for beautiful skin and hair.

Prana Mudra / Life Mudra

Prana Mudra is performed by pressing the tips of the ring finger and little finger to the tip of the thumb. The remaining digits are held out straight.

Prana Mudra improves strength and mobility, helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure and helps you to get active

Prana Mudra Instructions.

  1.   Sit in a comfortable meditative posture such as the Lotus Pose, or while standing. Make sure you have good posture and are relaxed.
  2. Close your eyes and focus your mind on your breath
  3. Hold your hands up at your sides. Hold your second and third finger straight. Bed the fourth and fifth fingers to touch the tip of your thumb.
  4.  Holding this hand position, take a moment to feel chi running through you.
  5. Continue this meditation for fifteen minutes. Try it now.

Prana benefits

  1. Creates energy in your body
  2. Centres your mind
  3. Great mudra for the immune system
  4. Is a natural way of relaxing the mind and helping to treat anxiety and depression.

Apana Mudra (Digestion)

The Apana Mudra is performed by pressing the tips of the ring finger and middle finger to the tip of the thumb. The other fingers are held out straight.

Apana is the best mudra for digestion. Practice it for 45 minutes a day, and it will help regulate blood sugar, relieve constipation, gastroenteritis and IBS. It’s a great mudra for weight loss.

Here’s more on using benefits of Apan mudra.

Linga Mudra (Heat)

Linga is one of the best mudras for weight loss because it improves the body’s metabolism. It produces heat to stop the grown of “Ama”, a toxic substance that causes fat

.Linga  Steps

  1. You may use the Linga Mudra while sitting or standing
  2. Intertwine the fingers of your hands and hold the hands in front of the body
  3. Point your left thumb upwards and wrap the index finger and thumb of your right hand around it.
  4. Hold for 10 minutes. Try it now.


Khechari Mudra for fat loss

Khechari Mudra also goes by the name “Tongue Swallowing Mudra” because it requires the practitioner to turn their tongue upwards, inside their mouse, moving it into the nasal cavity.

Why would you want to do that?

It is believed that by practising the khechari mudra, we access the sensitive organs in the roof of the mouth, organs which many religions believe to be very important to the flow of prana.

Daoism teaches that saliva is a vital substance. Increasing the flow of saliva can have a tremendous effect on the body.

So Khechari mudra stimulates the cavities in the mouth and, er, helps to get stuff flowing. But it also does much more (see “Benefits” below).


The Khechari mudra has various names. It is also called the Khecari mudra, Kecharimudra, which translates from Sanskrit to mean “Seal.”

It helps with the spiritual awakening process leading to enlightenment.

In the Pali canon, the Buddha describes the Khechari mudra as the pressing of the tongue against the palate. It is said that this helps to control hunger.

In the Kecarividya, one of the Hatha yoga texts,  it is stated that the khechari mudra provides access to the amrita which is stored inside the head. This helps to flow amarita into the body.

The Mālinīvijayottaratantra, a tantric Saiva, states that if the practitioner begins to experience a taste like iron, then they must spit it out. Eventually, the liquid will become sweet, at which point it should be swallowed.

Many yoga texts state that this position helps with the flow of prana around the body.


The Khechari mudra is one of the most important methods for increasing the flow of prana around the body and should be used regularly by yoga practitioners.

Benefits include:

How to do khechari mudra

  1.  Roll the tongue, pointing it backwards inside the mouth such that the tip of your tongue touches the uvula (at the very back of the mouth).
  2. It is essential that the tongue be placed in position without it becoming stiff and without the practitioner feeling any sort of tension (as with most mudras). Therefore, it is imperative that the practitioner only position the tongue as far back as it will go without any sort of stiffening or tightening of the tongue.
  3. The nasal cavity is above the soft palate. Roll your tongue so that it enters this area.
  4. Inhale while snorting at the back of the throat. Breathe out.
  5.  As you gently release the mudra swallow saliva.

You may find it difficult to reach the specific areas of the mouth described in the instructions above. However, through routine practice, you will gain more flexibility and be able to complete the Khechari Mudra.

Practice this early in the morning. Be sure to speak with a healthcare professional before beginning.

Surabhi Mudra

With the Surabhi mudra, energy will flow freely through your body and mind, and you will feel the prana within yourself. This hand gesture is very popular in yoga courses and is used to improve the movement of energy/prana.


The Surabhi Mudra is somewhat complicated, so be sure to follow these steps slowly and carefully.

  1. Bring the tips of the index finger of one hand to touch the tip of the middle finger of the other hand. Do this for both hands.
  2. Bring the ring finger of one hand to meet the tip of the little finger of the other hand. Do this for both hands.
  3. Touch your thumbs together gently. This is the Surabhi Mudra.
  4. It is recommended that you hold this Mura for 30 – 40 minutes. Try it now.

Surabhi Benefits

  1. Yogis consider it to be one of the most potent mudras of all.
  2.  It stimulates the energy of all elements
  3. Suitable for  inner calm and peace, which helps with weight loss by reducing stress-eating
  4. Good for concentration
  5. Good for digestion problems

Chin Mudra

The Chin Mudra / Gyan Mudra is a yogic hand gesture that represents wisdom, knowledge and the unification of consciousness. One of the most important positions when learning meditation, there are many great benefits of the chin mudra.

The Chin Mudra Position

  1. Join your forefingers and thumbs together to create a circle. Hold the nail of the finger lightly to the thumb’s soft pad.
  2.  The remaining three fingers should be extended with the palm facing upwards.
  3. When this pose is used with the palms facing downwards, it becomes the jnana mudra.
  4. Try meditating with the mudra with your hands on your knees. Try it now and notice how it feels. This meditation position stimulates Nadi.


Qi Gong Healing Mudras for weight loss

There is a powerful qigong healing mudra that is said to help with depression, anxiety, and mental health conditions, all of which can help with weight loss if you have suffered weight gai due to mental health.

In Qi Gong, the fingers are seen as representing organs of the body, emotions and elements. Inside the fingers are many acupuncture points (four on each side of each finger).

By pressing the side of the fingers, you can positively alter the balance of the elements, emotions and organs.

Here’s how each of the fingers ties-in with the elements, emotions and organs.

The Little Finger: This represents the water element, fear and the kidneys. If you try squeezing your little finger a few times now, you will feel a calming effect.

The ring finger represents wood, the liver, nervous system, bladder and anger. Try squeezing the ring finger, and you will diminish any anger.

The middle finger is fire, the small intestine, respiratory system and circulatory system. This finger corresponds with the emotions of haste and impatience. Squeeze the finger a few times now and notice how it makes you feel more relaxed and less rushed.

The index finger corresponds with the element of metal, the large intestine, lungs and with the emotions of grief and depression. Try squeezing the index finger a few times, and you will feel happier.

The thumb: The thumb is earth, the stomach and worry. Squeeze your thumb a few times, and you will stop worrying.

Here is a fantastic video which will help you to understand the use of mudras in Qi Gong.


You might like to complement these by reading my article on the best Buddhist hand gestures.  

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