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Many people want to connect with their spiritual selves, to ascend to a higher state of consciousness, and to develop their spirituality. And meditation techniques can certainly help.

Meditation has always been tied to spirituality, from its historical roots in the Vedas of Hinduism, to the teachings of Buddha, to yoga and the New Thought Movements. And as such, there are a lot of spiritual meditations.

I’ve previously written about the various meditations used in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism, and Jainism. You can read about those via our main menu. Today I’m going to discuss some lesser-known methods.

Let me share with you the very best spiritual meditation scripts and techniques, many of which have been shown to yield highly positivr results [1

 Spiritual Meditations 

Dhyana & Samyama

Guided Dhyana Yoga Meditation

Samyama is an advanced technique from yoga. The aim of Samyama is to achieve absolute oneness (or “absorption” / samadhi) with the object on which we are meditating.

Samyama is an incredibly relaxing technique because it moves us past duality to a point of absolute oneness. When this happens, both the body and mind are utterly relaxed.

Sahaj Samadhi

Sahaj Samadhi is an easier meditation for beginners. It is a mantra based meditation in which we aim for effortless oneness with the meditation object. 

The word Sahaj means “effortless” and “samadhi” means “deep spiritual bliss”. As such, when we practice Sahaj Samadhi we enter an effortless space of spiritual bliss. And yes, it is as wonderfully relaxing as it sounds.


Activation of Merkaba - Guided Meditation

One of the deepest spiritual meditations is Merkaba. This is a higjly metaphysical method with a lot of mythology behind it.

Basically, when we do Merkaba we activate a spiritual energy field called Merkaba, and this in turn leads us to ascend to a higher state of consciousness.

In my experience this is one of the hardest meditation techniques in the world. It is best practiced with a professional teacher. And indeed, I have taught this method to many people in my lessons. 

Soham Hamsa

This is another excellent spiritual meditation for beginners. It is very relaxing that comes from Kriya Yoga and Tantra.

To perform this method, all we do is meditate while quietly reciting the mantra “Soham” or “Hamsa”. The mantra essentially means that you, the meditator, are made of divine energy. Read my guide for a deeper explanation.

Note that we teach this method in our corporate meditation classes.



Osho used a lot of different movement meditation techniques to help people to connect to the divine. And many people find Osho’s methods incredibly liberating.

Chakra meditation

One of the most popular spiritual meditations are the various chakra methods.

Chakras are “wheels” in the body that help prana (energy) to flow. Opening the chakras increases the flow of energy. In turn, this leads to improved health and wellbeing.

You can choose to meditate on the chakras individually or to do a full chakra meditation that opens all the chakras at once.

Tantric meditations

Tantra is an incredibly deep system with many different meditations. Tantric meditation often incorporates breathing methods, chakras, music, and movement for a whole-health practice.

Given that tantra involves hundreds of different techniques, it is beyond the reach of this article. But I intend to write a guide to tantric meditation soon. Subscribe to my newsletter for updates.


Mantras are a huge topic that spread throughout all different spiritual systems, from Hinduism to Christianity.

Essentially, a mantra is a word that we meditate on. Sometimes we meditate on the sound of the word, and sometimes we meditate on the meaning of the words.

Most popular in Hinduism, mantra meditation became famous in the West mostly through the work of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who created Transcendental Meditation.

Whichever spiritual system you follow, you will find corresponding mantras.

Final Thoughts

These are my favorite spiritual meditations. Naturally, there are more options. I’ve taught all manner of techniques in my lessons. And I often show people how to make meditation a  spiritual practice instead of simply using it for wellbeing.

When you make meditation spiritual you gain a deeper relationship with your practice, and this can help you to progress to the next level.

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By Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison BSc is a qualified meditation teacher who believes in genuine, authentic meditation. He has more than 15 years experience in teaching meditation and mindfulness both to individuals and to corporations.

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