Best Yoga Photos Of Celebrities

photo of Salma Hayek doing Bow Pose from Hatha yoga
Salma Hayek perfectly performs Bow Pose, one of the asanas from Hatha Yoga.

Prepare to feast your eyes on the best yoga photos of celebrities.

This list includes:

  • Salma Hayek
  • Kate Beckinsale
  • Kikki Passo
  • Savannah Guthrie
  • Eva Longoria
  • Danica Patrick
  • Isis Valverde
  • Grazi Massafera
  • Nina Dobrev
  • And a lot of yoga pants
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Best Yoga Photos Of Celebrities

Salma Hayek Yoga

photo of Salma Hayek doing Bow Pose from Hatha yoga
Salma Hayek perfectly performs Bow Pose, one of the asanas from Hatha Yoga.

se [Dhanurasana], a back-bend asana used in Hatha yoga.

Salma Hayek, the Mexican and American film actress and producer who starred in such movies as Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico, has been spending her self-isolation time doing yoga.

Now only is the beautiful Mexican talented in acting, it turns out she’s also pretty good at yoga (and taking interesting yoga photos) as she photographed herself doing bow-pose on top of a table that looks like it came straight from the movie Saw.

Salma Hayek, who many people consider one of the most beautiful and most stylish actresses of all time, has been spending quarantine at her home in Notting Hill. She recently uploaded the image above of herself doing Bow Pose from Hatha Yoga [one of the types of yoga] to Instagram.

Salma Hayek’s Instagram photo shows how beautifully she has aged [perhaps because yoga helps you look younger]. The photo was taken in her living room, although the dark background makes it look completely unlike a living room and far more like a dungeon. In the photo she is performing Bow Pose, with her stomach on the table and her hands reaching back to take hold of her ankles. This produces a complete stretch through the whole body.

The benefits of Bow Pose are that it stretches the entire body while strengthening back muscles. Despite being engaged in the pose she is still maintaining that perfect model facial expression and wearing a black cocktail dress and black stiletto heels.

Kate Beckinsale Yoga

kate beckinsale yoga photo
Who knew Kate Beckinsale was so good at yoga?!
kate beckinsale half moon pose
Kate Beckinsale does the yoga poses Half Moon Pose at her home in a selfie for Instagram
kate beckinsale yoga
Kate Beckinsale’s Half Moon yoga pose shows off her excellent balance.

Beckinsale wore a sport’s bra and tiny white shorts, showing off her perfect physique. Not to mention her balance. Her Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana) and Standing Splits (Thiruvikramasana) show off her perfect balance and coordination. These are perfect poses for stretching the lower back, calves and hamstrings.

She calls this her “Zen weekend session”, which she is practicing during social distancing.

The “Underworld” actress definitely looks like she’s in incredible shape for a 46 year-old. And her Zen session ended in some super-cuteness when her dog started barking his head off.

Kate Beckinsale’s Instagram yoga photo and video got 1,500 comments and more than 300,000 views within twenty-four hours of being uploaded.

She is one of many celebrities who have started doing yoga at home during self-isolation, and uploading photos to Instagram to inspire everyone to be healthy during the pandemic.

One commenter said, “Made the mistake of watching this with the sound on while my dog sat next to me. Cup of tea everywhere.”

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