Best Yoga Photos Of Celebrities

photo of Salma Hayek doing Bow Pose from Hatha yoga
Salma Hayek perfectly performs Bow Pose, one of the asanas from Hatha Yoga.

Nina Dobrev Yoga

nina dobrev yoga pose king dancer

Dobrev [who plays  Gilbert and Katherine Pierce on The Vampire Diaries] uploaded a photo of herself doing yoga on a mountain in yoga pants. Specifically, the Insta shows her doing King Dancer Pose on the edge of a mountain among the clouds. King Dancer (Natarajasana) is an intermediate yoga pose that combines balancing with a backbend. It is a popular pose in many of the different types of yoga.

King Dancer requires moving weight onto one leg, stretching the other backwards and upwards, then creating a bind between the back leg and the arms while also doing a backbend. It is a common pose in Vinyassa and other forms of yoga. Benefits of Natarajasana include strength-building and coordination while also opening the shoulders, chest and other areas.

Nina Dobrev’s yoga pose was taken on Lion’s Head mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. The photo creates a real sense of serenity with the distant mountain and the clouds blocking out the land below. And looking at this picture I’m aware of how brilliant this practice and its locale must be for mental health (given that yoga and spending time in nature are two of the best hobbies for mental health).

Canadian-born Dobrev wore a two-piece exercise outfit: a dark sports bra with thick lashes and grey yoga pants.  She’ wearing dark Nike tennis shoes.

Dobrev has 19.1 million followers and the photo got more than 368,000 likes and 1,300 comments.

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