Best Yoga Photos Of Celebrities

photo of Salma Hayek doing Bow Pose from Hatha yoga
Salma Hayek perfectly performs Bow Pose, one of the asanas from Hatha Yoga.
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Victoria Beckham

The internet has exploded over Victoria Beckham’s yoga pose, which she posts on her Insta this morning.

In the yoga pose, Victoria Beckham is basically just bending her leg slightly forwards as she does some yoga at home. It’s a ridiculously easy yoga pose to actually bother posting on Insta. And yet for some reason her 24 million followers, and the media at large, has basically exploded over it.

Here’s what some of the press had to say:

Daily Mail: “Victoria Beckham shows off her flexibility by striking a VERY bendy yoga pose in new snap…“

“Just looking at this picture makes my back hurt,” one Instagram user wrote.”— Instagram Follower

“I have a cramp looking at this,” – Another Intagram follower

“Who says I can’t do yoga?” — Victoria Beckham herself

Here is Victoria Beckham’s yoga photo for your viewing pleasure. And you might just ask yourself: What the hell is so hard about this? And why is the internet going nuts over it?

I’m presuming the average human now has rigor mortis, if this impresses them.

victoria beckham yoga pose

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