During this time of global hardship, THE DAILY MEDITATION is here to help guide you with the truth. That’s why we are calling out a yoga studio for touting the supposed benefits of Bikram yoga for coronavirus. [READ: Meditation / Yoga for Coronavirus]

A Birkam yoga studio in B.C sent out an email claiming that Bikram yoga stops the coronavirus.

The email from Delta Bikram Yoga said “Fact – This supposed virus can not live in the heat.” The same email also said that Bikram yoga is the single best way to improve your immune system.

This is just one of the many yoga studios that has been trying to profit via the COVID-19 crisis.

Although there is scientific evidence to suggest that different types of yoga can help the immune system [this article on PsychologyToday shares more], there is little evidence specifically about Bikram’s effect on the immune system, and zero evidence of Bikram’s effect on SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

The Link Between Yoga And COVID-19

Over the past week, there have been lots of developments in the relationship between yoga and the novel coronavirus. It started with Harvard advising us to use yoga for COVID anxiety.

Then, as part of the general closure of, well, practically everything, yoga studios started shutting down, which is of course a nightmare for the studio but imperative for yoga practitioners because of the possible dangers of yoga studios at this time.

Being forced to shut down, many yoga studios moved online and started offering online yoga classes.

However, because of the sheer amount of competition online, many of those studios are struggling and are being forced to close completely, either temporarily or permanently.

This has led some yoga studios to look for ways to survive the economic crisis. And unfortunately, one of the ways they are doing so is by specifically using the pandemic as a marketing tool. This appears to be precisely what Delta Bikram Yoga has done.

You probably shouldn’t do hot yoga during the pandemic

The truth is, you probably should not do hot yoga during the COVID-19 crisis, especially in a group setting. The reason why is because the sweat and close-quarters makes hot yoga studios one of the absolute worst places to be, according to provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry.

“[Bikram yoga studios are] a perfect environment to spread this virus, if somebody is shedding this virus,” Henry said.

So why do many people wrongly believe hot yoga helps with coronavirus? It is likely to do with the fact that the flu slows down in summer. However, we do not yet know if that is true for COVID-19.

It’s sad that there is so much misinformation about the illness. At this time, we need accurate information to help us quell the spread so we can protect public health.

Health Minister Adrian Dix has been using the email as an example of the type of erroneous information that is circulating the internet regarding the virus.

Dix advises blocking anyone who is spreading misinformation about the virus and reporting them because these wrongful messages could potentially cause someone to make a misinformed decision that compromises their health.

It is strongly advised to only accept information from official sources, such as the World Health Organisation.

Update: Delta Birkam Yoga License Revoked

It has just been announced the Delta Bikram Yoga studio, which sent the email, has had its  license revoked.

The studio’s property manager, Hugh Davies, states that he was receiving numerous complaints from the city because of the erroneous claims in the email.

When a bylaw inspector visited the studio they found a class in progress.  “The owner indicated he was planning to hold another class later in the day and was not prepared to voluntarily comply with a request to cancel classes in light of the state of emergency related to the spread of a potentially deadly virus,” Davies said in an email.

The city has now suspended the yoga studio’s license.

The owner of the yoga studio, Mak Parhar, states that although he now believes that yoga cannot stop the coronavirus, he still strongly believes that Bikram yoga stops viral illnesses.

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Written by Paul Harrison

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