10 Best Self Help Books For Women To Read In 2018

self help books for women

There are hundreds of self help books for women, written by some of the most inspiring gurus in the world. Some are excellent. some are okay. Some are a complete waste of time. And some actually led to such crazy (and harmful) ideas as forcing yourself to think positively all the time. Women’s self help books […]

How Meditation Works—Breakthrough Studies Reveal Everything


Have you ever wondered how meditation works? If so you’re not alone. World renowned scientists have been studying the process of meditation to see how mindfulness effects the brain. Crazy thing is: Scientists are baffled. They cannot workout how meditation works. When the Dalai Lama invited the Mind and Life Institute to visit India to […]

Alpha Meditation: Secrets & Advice You Need To Know

alpha meditation

Alpha meditation techniques are methods that specifically let you access your alpha mind power. Science shows that meditative practices do increase alpha brainwaves—my personal favourite is the technique that I’ve shared below. As a mind-athlete, I train my mind every day. From personal experience, I’ve found that understanding and using different brain states can make a huge difference […]

Meditating With Crystals: Expert On What You Need To Know

A collection of crystals used for meditating

In this guide, we will look at the meditating with rystals for beginners and how to use meditation crystals to enhance your practice. Crystals offer an additional method of meditating. Plus, they offer some benefits that other methods do not provide. Different gemstones have different benefits, according to the International Gem Society, such as purifying […]

Merkaba Meditation : Instructions For Activating Merkaba

Beautiful spiritual artwork of Merkaba meditation technique.

In this guide, I will show you how to do Merkaba meditation so you can activate Merkaba to ascend to the higher realm. Of all the different techniques, this is arguably the most powerful. When you practice Merkaba meditation technique, you will transcend three-dimensional existence and transform into a body of light. Merkaba meditation technique […]

How To Do Vipassana Meditation At Home [Updated 2020]

vipassana meditation

In this guide, we will look at how to do Vipassana meditation technique at home, the Vipassana meditation script, and its benefits. This will give you access to your insight. As a meditation teacher, I personally use this method for twenty minutes every single day. From my personal experience and my experiencing teaching this method, […]

Maum Meditation For Beginners: A Brutally Honest Guide For You

maum meditation technique

Maum meditation is a relatively new meditation technique. It was founded in 1996 by Korean Woo Myung in South Korea. Of all the different meditation techniques we’ve covered on THE DAILY MEDITATION, Maum is one of the most controversial. The procedure is based around the idea that most people live in a false world and […]

7 Best Meditations To Attract Love & Find Your Soulmate

meditation to attract love

As a meditation teacher, many people ask me what the best meditations to attract love are. Good news: There are some excellent meditations to attract the one you love. These exercises help in many different ways, ranging from making you more attractive, to psychically attracting dates, to cultivating kindness and compassion, and even conjuring marriage. […]

Use This Powerful Grounding Meditation Technique To Feel More Balanced Today

grounding meditation for monkey mind

Grounding meditation techniques are a way to bring the mind back into the present moment. Buddhists and yogis, meanwhile, use grounding meditations for monkey mind and emotional balance. Most of the major meditation techniques help with this.  But there is one grounding meditation technique that is particularly powerful. It will stop monkey mind. What Is […]

Best Meditation For Lucid Dreams To Make You Conscious Tonight

meditation for lucid dreams

Did you know: There is a specific Tibetan Dream Yoga exercises that is the very best meditation for lucid dreams.  It is one of the rarer yogic meditation techniques. But you might like to try it tonight. (I’ve also include a guided meditation for lucid dreams for those of you who prefer an easier option). […]

Mindfulness Meditation For Grief And Loss (With Scripts)

meditation for grief & loss

In this article, we will be looking at how to use mindfulness and meditation for grief and loss for when relationships end, when someone passes away, and, you know, at those other awful times in our lives that we all face and somehow endure. When you’re suffering after the loss of a loved one or […]

Ashwini Mudra Benefits You Need To Know [How To]


Ashwini Mudra is a hand position that is used in yoga. There are many benefits of Ashwini mudra, which I will share in this guide. You’ll also see the steps and instructions for performing “Horse Gesture” correctly. “Ashwini mudra” is a Sanskrit term that translates to “Horse Gesture.” The reason why it is called Horse […]

The Best Mantra For Fame According To Ancient Scriptures

mantra for fame

Put your hands p who wants to become famous. There is a powerful mantra that grants fame. Mantras are sacred words or phrases that are recited in order to gain psychological, spiritual or other benefits. In this way, they are similar to affirmations or magic spells, with spiritual power. As I mentioned there is a […]

10 Relaxation Meditation Techniques You Need To Know

relaxing meditation techniques

As a meditation teacher, one of my most common requests I receive is for some simple relaxation meditation techniques and scripts that help people to unwind. Most people come to meditation for relaxation. Sure, you know you can get significant health benefits from meditating, and that it can help with problems like stress. But deep […]

When You See These Benefits Of Giving Up TV You’ll Never Watch Again

give up on tv for a year

There are so many benefits of giving up TV for a year. Turning off the box is a life-changer. Even just stopping watching the news will massively benefit you. In 2020, screen addiction is at an all-time high. Between our constant use of cellphones, our “Always On” society, and yes, TV, we spend an astronomical […]

5 Best Meditations For Decision Makers To Clarify Your Mind

meditation for decision making

In this article, we will be looking at the 5 best meditations for decision-makers. If you’re a leader, manager or you just happen to wear the trousers, these meditations will help you make better decisions and to decide on whatever tough choices you’re facing. There are very many powerful cognitive benefits of meditation. One of […]

How To Do Huna Healing Techniques & Meditation [TUTORIAL]


In this guide we will be looking at the Huna meditation technique and Huna healing practices, some lesser-known but highly beneficial spiritual exercises. Huna (which was originally called Ho’Omana”) is a theory of physics set down by New Age author Ma Freedom Long in the 1900s. Contained in the Huna are healing techniques used to […]

How To Regain Sexual Confidence With Meditation And Enjoy Sex Again

regain sexual confidence

If you want to know how to regain sexual confidence, start by accepting the truth: you’re not alone. Listen: There are millions of people, both men and women, who need to regain sexual confidence. Meditation helps. But what helps more tan anything is remembering that you are not alone in this. Ever since sex therapy began […]

A Sadhana Mantra For Beauty. Use Daily For Best Results

mantra for beauty to moon god lord chandra

FACTS BOX Sadhana: Sadhana means “daily spiritual practice”. Sadhana Mantra: A mantra used daily The Sadhana Mantra for beauty: Om Chandraya Nama The mantra is said in devotion to Lord Chandra As someone who is a) a guy and b) not the type of guy to care about Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance or what Kelly […]

Mantras For Kids: Expert On What Yo Need To Know

buddhist kid sitting meditating on a mantra

As a compassionate parent, you want your kids to be healthy, happy, relaxed, and well behaved. One way to get there is to teach kids mantras. Teaching kids mantras is a great way to help them focus, to teach them spirituality, and to boost their wellbeing. There are so many beautiful reasons to teach kids […]