Top 5 Herbal Supplements for a Healthy Liver


Every day, your liver works tirelessly to keep your body healthy and happy. Maintaining a healthy liver is just as important as nurturing your immune system and managing stress. A monolith, the liver is a huge organ making up about 2% of your body weight. Every four minutes your liver processes all of the blood […]

Mindfulness VS Meditation: Are They The Same Thing?

mindfulness vs meditation

As a meditation teacher, many of my students ask me, “Are mindfulness and meditation the same thing?” The difference between mindfulness and meditation can be a little confusing. The reason is that there are actually two different definitions of mindfulness. One is the original Buddhist meaning of the word. “Mindfulness Meditation” is an actual form […]

Yoga Poses & Breathing For Panic Attacks

yoga for panic attacks

Let me tell you about when I started using yoga poses and yoga breathing for panic attacks. I used to suffer from panic attacks. I would be going about my day to day life. Everything would be fine. Then out of nowhere a terrible thought would enter my mind. I would think something horrible, usually […]

Disney Zenimation Let’s You Zen Out On Disney+

disney zenimation trailer

22nd May, California—Disney Zenimation has launched on Disney+, letting families “Zen out” to the most relaxing moments in Disney movies. Everyone is feeling the stress at the moment. And that includes kids and their families. Thankfully, we’ve also seen lots of great producers releasing content to help families to unwind amid the current pandemic. We’ve […]

What to Expect During Your First Yoga Class

your first yoga class

New to yoga?  Walk into your first class well-prepared by reading this post on what to expect during your first yoga class.  Yoga is a great way to improve both your physical and mental health through strengthening your body and centering your mind. Don’t feel intimidated by fancy terminology, all of the props, and challenging […]

How I’m Using Meditation To Become My Ideal Self, Not “Actual Self”

meditation for ideal self

Recently I’ve been using a meditation for my ideal self and to overcome my idea of my “actual self”. As you’ll know if you follow our newsletter, there are many different types of meditation. New types are discovered and created all the time. I wrote just the other day about one of my  new meditations, […]

BBC Releases Your Mindful Garden & More Content For Stressed Kids

bbc kids indfulness app

London, UK—BBC releasing mindfulness content for kids with Your Mindful Garden and more.  On May 7, the BBC released Your Mindful Garden, its first kids meditation app, which was produced after the production company realized the heavy need for mindfulness content both at home and in schools [READ: Mindfulness In Schools] Your Mindful Garden is […]

Why Meditation Apps Don’t Work Like You Think

woman meditating sitting down with hands in prayer position

Do meditation apps work? It’s a question a lot of our newsletter readers ask me. As a meditation teacher specialising in traditional forms of meditation, I have to say: Meditation apps do not work like you think they do. The supposed purpose of meditation apps is to replace traditional meditation and to make it easier […]

 Actually, THIS Is How Meditation Changes Your Life

meditation to change your life

Yes, it is possible to use meditation to change your life. If you take a look online, you will find tons of publications and videos on Youtube that promise to change your life with meditation. They promise to make you super-successful. But they don’t work. And the reason they don’t work is that they ignore […]

BBC Mindful Mix Gives You Free Nature Sounds, Music To Meditate On

elephant walking in forest

London, UK—Nature Documentarian David Attenborough and the BBC add Mindful Mix to the Sounds app to help everyone relax in this difficult time. It’s Mental Health Awareness Week [1], and many companies are releasing free content to help people to relax, especially given the anxiety surrounding the current situation. One such company is the BBC, […]

Dance Away Stress With Breethe App & Tasha Blank

girl dancing

NEW YORK, May 19, 2020—Meditation app Breethe has teamed up with international DJ Tasha Blank to release guided dance meditations. Breethe is a truly great meditation app on the market, not quite as big as Calm and Headspace but still gigantic in its own right with more than 2035 reviews averaging 4 stars on the […]

How I Meditate With My Cats Every Day And Why

black cat

I absolutely love to meditate with my cats. My three little babies, Willow, Sebastian, and Pumpkin, are such angels. Each one of them is beautiful and has their own unique personality.  Pumpkin is the “lad” of the house and a real boy-cat. Sebastian is the most beautiful cat in the world and looks and acts […]

My New Way Of Meditating Has Basically Changed Everything

new meditation technique

Recently I’ve been using a new way of meditating and he has made a huge difference in the way I perceive myself and the world around me. I actually don’t have a name for this new meditation techniques. Maybe I’ll call it “Zero Infinity”, you’ll see why in a moment. As you may know, there […]

Best Meditation Music Artists Who Make You Relax


In this list of the best meditation music I will be sharing tunes from all over the world, chosen by me, a meditation teacher and musician for more than 30 years (Hi.). We will look at all the best meditation music of different styles, including Zen meditation music, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and more. And we […]

Meditation Techniques For Sleep To Make Your Insomnia Stop

meditation for sleep

Let me tell you about how I cured my insomnia by using meditation techniques for sleep. And I’ll share the best sleep-meditation scripts with you. For three years at university, I didn’t sleep at all. I lay awake at night staring at the ceiling, my eyes red and dry, my mind empty yet somehow full […]

How To Meditate Lying Down In Bed – Expert Advice

how to lie down in bed mindfully

In this guide, we will be looking at how to meditate lying down in bed, either before bed or simply any time you want to relax and don’t feel like sitting up. A lot of readers have been asking me: Is it okay to do meditation lying down in bed or do you have to […]

Best Meditations For Motivation To Fire You Up Today

meditation for motivation

In this guide, I will share the best meditations for motivation, with their scripts, plus some of the best guided meditations for motivation. When you want to know how to get motivated, meditation should be your go-to. Not only does meditation remove many of the barriers between you and positive energy, it also focuses your […]

The Science of Deep Breathing – Why It Benefits Us So Much

The Science of Deep Breathing – Why It Benefits Us So Much

New research reveals the science of deep breathing and why it benefits us so very much. Meditators are well accustomed to the fact that the way we breathe influences the mind. Proper breathing techniques can relax the mind and offer myriad mental and physical health benefits. But just how does breathing influence your mind? Breathing […]

Forest Bathing Meditation Script, Benefits & More

forest bathing meditation

I love forest bathing meditation. In Japan it’s called “Shinrin Yoku” [1], which literally translates to “Forest Bathing”. The meditation script, benefits, and tips in this guide will help you to start this rising form of meditation.   Nothing feels better than sitting by a willow tree, closing your eyes, taking some deep breaths, and […]

Thoughts During Meditation? Handle Them The Enlightened Way

a girl sitting in a forest thinking

Have you ever wondered what to do with thoughts during meditation? You might have noticed that the typical advice to “Let go of your thoughts” when meditating is actually incredibly hard. Everyone says that you should simply let those intrusive thoughts go right by you, not being disturbed by them. But is that even possible? […]