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Book a meditation lesson online with THE DAILY MEDITATION.

Our online meditation lessons are the perfect way to learn how to meditate.

As a meditation teacher I am always delighted to accept new students. Nothing makes me happier than teaching people how to meditate. And today I would like to invite you to join me in an online meditation lesson.

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Who Our Online Meditation Lessons Are Perfect For

Our online meditation lessons are perfect for people who are new to meditation or who have a little bit of experience with meditation and are hoping to advance their skills.

Are you a beginner?

If you are a beginner you are probably excited to get started but you might not know the best way to begin.

There are more than 31 meditation techniques that are in popular use today, and there are very many benefits of meditation.


Happiness: Many people start meditating for pure happiness. And when you book a meditaiton lesson online with us we ill teach you to become happy! We will show you how to calm your mind and relax so you can enjoy happiness and peace of mind.

Relaxation: Do you find that you are often stressed, or that you find it very difficult simply to be. We will teach you how to relax your mind so you can enjoy inner calm.

Focus and concentration: The majority of people these days struggle to focus. It’s the effect of living in the digital world. If you struggle to focus your mind, meditation will help. Our online meditation lessons will teach you to slow down and remove distractions so you are able to focus on what you are doing. This will boost your productivity and help you to achieve your goals. In our classes we show you how you can focus you mind through distractions.

A new way to live: Do you eel as though there is a better way to exist? Many people race through life and don’t stop to appreciate the moments. Our mindfulness classes online will show you a new way to be. You will learn how to appreciate the moments of your life instead of just racing through.


What To Expect

When you book an online meditation lesson with us, you get a personalised experience. Lessons are very organic and are custom designed to help you with your on unique experiences in life. That said, here is the way we like to start meditation lessons.

Introduction: We give you an introduction to the world of meditation and mindfulness. This is an exciting opportunity for you to learn what it’s all about and how these practices can benefit you in your own life.

The different practices: There are many different forms of meditation and mindfulness. They range from seated breathing methods to active movement techniques. And all of these forms can help you in different ways. That’s why I love to introduce you to the many different forms, so together we can pick the best meditation fyou at your current stage in life.  

Helping you create a program: We fully believe that a practice is an individual thing, and that you are a unique person with unique needs. That’s why we will work with you to create a program that is custom-built to provide solutions for the problems in your life. Together we will discuss the various types of meditation and we will build a program that will revolutionise your life.

We share a meditation together: Naturally, we will want to meditate together so we can enjoy inner peace and happiness. In our online mindfulness classes we will perform a meditation together that is custom built to help you evolve on your journey. This is wonderful, pleasurable experience that I am honored to share with my students.


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DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend our online meditation lessons if you have a diagnosed mental health condition. We are not professional healthcare providers. We recommend you consult your medical healthcare professional.

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