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We believe in being a community leader. And part of being a community leader is representing everyone in the community.

That’s why we offer the following services for manufacturers and professionals in our community:

We offer:

We specialise in the following services and industries: 

  • Spirituality
  • Yoga (retreats / studios)
  • Meditation / Mindfulness
  • Natural Health
  • Mental Health
  • Products related to the above (e.g meditation retreats / yoga retreats, online courses, jewelry such as malas and prayers beads)
  • Tech (meditation and yoga apps / wearables etc)
  • Any other products related to yoga / mindfulness / natural health / lifestyle / spirituality .

YOGA ADS (perfect for advertising retreats, studios and teachers)

As an expert in online marketing for yoga studios, I know firsthand how valuable great online marketing for yoga retreats and studios is.

THE DAILY MEDITATION can help you out.

Our blog receives over 100,000 pages views per month and is specifically focused on yoga, mindfulness and related topics.

When you advertise your yoga retreat or yoga studio with THE DAILY MEDITATION, you’re giving your yoga retreat / studio the best chance to succeed online.

We have had great success with yoga ads from several yoga retreats and yoga teachers, and we are ready to help you succeed too.

MEDITATION ADS / MINDFULNESS ADS (perfect for advertising meditation retreats and mindfulness instructors)

THE DAILY MEDITATION is a leading authority on mindfulness and meditation. And we are the perfect place to advertise meditation retreats / mindfulness classes and similar topics.

We generate over a hundred thousands page views per month, the vast majority of which are for pages on meditation and mindfulness.

When you advertise meditation retreats / mindfulness classes online on our site, you are giving yourself the best chance to succeed online.

To advertise your meditation retreat / mindfulness product contact me today.

Health Ads, Psychic Ads And More

Are you looking for ads for health services, ads for psychics, or other holistic health / spiritual ads? Then I’ll be happy to help you.

With our ads, psychics, health practitioners, and manufacturers can reach a wider audience.

Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page and I will be happy to help you setup your ads.


As well as advertisements we offer reviews for yoga products, mindfulness products and similar.


We strive to review all products that come to our office. However, this is not always possible simply due to time constraints. Therefore, while we will try to review your product we cannot guarantee a review.

We recommend that you share our review after it is written. We ask that you link to the review from your own website (if you have one) and / or share the review on social media.

Our standard turnaround time for a review is 2 weeks after receiving the product. In some instances, this may take a little longer.

Note, we do not return products. Your wonderful product finds a permanent home at our office here at The Daily Meditation.


  • The Daily Meditation is an authority in the areas of spirituality, meditation, and positive living.
  • We enjoy a readership of approximately 110,000 unique page views per month, all of which are specifically targeted to readers interested in spirituality and healthy living.
  • We create quality content that generates genuine interest from our readers (take a look around the site as I’m sure you will agree).
  • As an online marketing specialist, I am personally here to help you succeed online because I love what you do as much as you love it yourself.
  • All content is specifically targeted to the spiritual / natural health niche.
  • Some of the topics The Daily Meditation ranks highly for include: Meditation, Buddhism, mantras, mudras, spiritual books, spiritual blogs, spiritual health, conscious living, meditation CDs and DVDs, guided meditations and more.
  • We serve a highly targeted niche, so all our readers will be interested in your products.

What Type Of Products Are Particularly Successful On The Daily Meditation?

Some of the most successful advertising campaigns on The Daily Meditation include:

  • Meditation and spiritual books and DVDs
  • Products used for meditation (malas, cushions, statues, crystals, etc.)
  • Meditation retreats / mindfulness courses
  • Consultations on meditation, spirituality, and healthy living.
  • Spiritual and meditation apps
  • Psychics / psychic readings
  • Spiritual authors / spiritual books
  • Therapy / rehab for addiction / stress
  • Yoga courses
  • Advertisements for Yoga retreats
  • Advertisements for Yoga studios

Explore Our Advertising Options

Display Advertising

Display advertising refers to the most popular type of online advertising. These are the advertisements that you see around the web, the image or text ads.

When you choose display advertising with THE DAILY MEDITATION, your ads are shown on all our pages, site-wide.

These are a great advertisement for psychics / meditation teachers / yoga teachers / psychologists who want to increase their brand awareness.

Your ad will be seen on approximately 100,000 page views per month, by a highly targeted audience of people who are interested in spiritual healing / holistic healing and who want to cure health problems such as anxiety / depression / stress.

  • This is the best option for brand awareness.

Sponsored Guest Posts [click to learn more]

Sponsored guest posts are articles published on THE DAILY MEDITATION that mention your product or service. Of course, these articles are honest and not overtly-salesy (because we believe in being honest with our readers).

Sponsored guest posts are a great form of advertising for meditation teachers / psychics / yoga teachers / psychologists who want to create highly effective ads on a page that specifically targets people interested in their product.

For instance, if you’re looking for advertising for rehab therapy you might like to produce a sponsored guest post about different rehab options. This page will receive traffic from people specifically looking for help with the problem that you are solving. In other words, this type of advertisement will be seen by readers who will be interested in your product / service.

Sponsored newsletters advertisements

Our newsletter go outs to a very highly targeted audience of people who are interested in meditation / yoga / spirituality / natural health.

Sponsored newsletter advertisements are a great option when you want to get results quickly and you want to target an audience that is already interested in what you’re offering.

Sponsored newsletter advertising is a great form of advertising for psychics / yogis / psychologists / meditation teachers who want to see quick results.

Please note, at THE DAILY MEDITATION we believe in being fair and honest to our readers. Because of our belief in fairness, we insist that all advertising be truthful, informative, educational and entertaining.

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