How To Choose Buddha Statues For Your Home Or Garden
How To Choose Buddha Statues For Your Home Or Garden

In this guide we will be looking at different meditating Buddha statues for sale online and how to choose the best meditating Buddha statue for your home or garden. 

But first: Why A Buddha statue?  .

Buddha ornaments are one of the most important type of spiritual sculptures you can have in your home or meditation area in the garden. I personally always recommend incorporating a statue of when you are creating your meditation room. 

But there are several important things to bear in mind when you buy Buddha statues for your garden or home.

Did you know:

  • Different meditating Buddha statues mean different things and show different Buddhist mudras, which are hand positions with different meanings.  
  • Different ones show different Buddhas (there are 29 names ones and many unnamed)
  • All meditating Buddha statues have their own story and their own meaning. And if you want to choose the best Buddha statue for your home or garden, you might like to know what different ones represent. I’ll show you the meaning of them below. It’s really quite fascinating. 
  • Some meditating Buddha statues show Buddhist mantras.
  • You should match the style of your sculpture to the style of your meditation altar [READ: best meditation altars]

It’s important to bear these points in mind when your’e looking at the different Buddha statues for sale.  

Let’s take a look at some of my personal favorites and then I’ll explain the differences and how to choose. 

The Best Meditating Buddha Statues For Sale For Your Home Or Garden.

#1:Thai Buddha Meditation Statue for desktop ($)   buddha statue 1 Get It On Amazon

This meditating Buddha statue is 8 inches by 6 inches and is a perfect addition to any meditation space. It’s one of the best for the home. And it’s cheap too (check Amazon for the latest price). 

This one has a bronze finish with a silver robe. The colours go really well together and Siddhartha’s face looks very relaxing, helping you to achieve a deep state of meditation.

In this statuette Siddhartha is sitting in lotus position with the hands in Cosmic Mudra (Dhyani), which is the mudra used for contemplation and insight.

 #2: This Buddha Statue Showing The Earth Touching Mudra ($$) 

buddha statue 2

This is a beautiful brown and gold meditating Buddha statue for sale. He is sitting meditating with his eyes closed.

The meaning of this ornament is special. 

In this sculpture, he is meditating and holding his hands in Earth Witness mudra. This is the mudra he was using when he found enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.

The figurine has an aged look almost like wood and the skin is shiny. Sequins add decoration and beauty.

I like the fact that the aged look helps to represent the wisdom that Siddhartha found while under the Bodhi tree. It’s a beautiful sculpture for the home.

3. Meditating Buddha Head  ($$$)  

meditating buddha head statue

This meditating Buddha statue for sale on Amazon shows his head in contemplation. It is a great Buddhist sculpture if you want to introduce a calming presence into your home or garden.

For the quality of the statue it is very reasonably priced. The stone faux finish is beautiful and it looks great in the garden.

One of the best things about this ornament is the detail. It is a very precise statue with intricate details.

The finish is waterproof, too, so it will be fine even in damp or rainy environments, which is why it is one of the best Buddha statues for the garden.

This sculpture is surprisingly light because it is hollow inside. It also looks a little grayer than the picture. This is a beautiful Buddha statue for home or garden.

#4:  Mosaic Design ($$) 

meditating buddha statue GET IT ON AMAZON

This is one of the best artistic style Buddha ornaments for sale today. The clothing is pink / green and is designed very artistically.

He is depicted in Bhumispara mudra, the mudra that he was performing when he achieved enlightenment under the bodhi tree.

The artistry and symbolism of this meditating Buddha ornament makes it perfect for meditation.

5. Sitting Buddha Faux Sandstone Statue for garden ($$$$)

buddha sitting statue

In this sandstone statue, Buddha is meditating while sitting in Earth Witness mudra with the hand touching the earth.

This is a large sculpture of Siddhartha for the garden. It measures 29 1/2″ high x 21″ wide x 15″ deep and weighs 20 lbs.  

It is Resin with a grey stone finish that looks like an antique. The resin is thick and heavy and will easily endure a storm.

If you’re looking for a focal-point that is reasonably inexpensive, this is a fantastic choice. Definitely one of the best Buddha statues for gardens.

6. Design Toscano Big Meditative Buddha Ornament ($$$$$) –  


This is a high quality Buddha sculpture for garden or home. It’s a big ornament statue at 35″Wx32″Dx48″H and weighing 72 lbs. It is hand-cast out of real stone and a very high quality resin, which is important for garden Buddha statues because the material is durable.

Interestingly, the meaning of this ornament according to the product description page is all about inner peace, but that is not what the sculpture depicts. The hands are in Abhaya mudra, which is the mudra used for fearlessness.

This garden ornament  will hold up well in both heat and rain. And it is in my opinion the very best Buddha statue for gardens.


The Best Small Buddha Figurines For Sale

These make great little decorative features for your home, especially if you have a meditation room [READ: Designing A Meditation Room At Home].

1: This laughing one

buddha figurine 1Check Price On Amazon

As the title says, this is a figurine of Buddha laughing on a luck coin and carrying an ingot.  This is a traditional Chinese depiction of called “Laughing Buddha” because… well… he’s laughing.  The figurine has an ancient look about it and is said to attract wealth and abundance.

This one is about 5 inches tall so it is small enough to put in your office on the desk. He’s riding a Feng Shui dragon in the figurine and is atop a lucky coin.

2: This Happy Praying One 

buddha figurine 2Check Price On Amazon

If you want to bring happiness to your home (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then this Smiling Buddha Figurine is absolutely perfect. What I love about this one is how cute it is. Just look at those chubby feet. Absolutely adorable!

The Happy Buddha Figurine is a big fat Buddha praying with his hands in prayer position (Anjali Mudra). This one is a little bit bigger than the last. It’s about seven inches tall and just as wide. It’s made of ceramic, with gold details, and the artistry is really nice.

This figurine is for happiness and contentment. So if that’s what you’re looking for, grab it

3: MyGift’s Meditating Sidhartha Figurine

buddha figurine 4Check Price On Amazon

This is a very traditional looking Buddha figurine with him meditating in lotus position. It has a very relaxed feel to it, making it perfect for injecting a little Zen into your home or office space, or even into the garden if you like.

This is quite a big Buddha figurine. It measures an impressive 11 inches. It looks very traditional with a dark gray finish that makes it look like stone (it’s actually make of a polyresin).

My favorite thing about this one is that it looks very traditional. So if you have a traditional meditation space it will work perfectly with it.

4: This One With Candle Holder

buddha figurine 3Check Price On Amazon

If you’ve noticed that these Buddha figurines have been getting gradually larger… well… you’re right. Help yourself to a cookie. This one is 12 inches tall.

What I love about this figurine is how tranquil he looks. The statue is darker than the rest and there is a real sense that Sidhartha is deep in contemplation in this piece. He’s holding a candle that is actually an LED light, and I can imagine him sitting in a cave somewhere meditating when I look at it. Is had lovely Asian flair art style and delicate gold features.

This is the best Buddhist figurine if you are looking for something tranquil and relaxing.

5: Grasslands Roads Cute One

buddha figurine 5Check Price On Amazon

When I look at this figurine of Buddha I can’t help but smile. He looks so joyful and content. I find this one perfect to put in the living room or somewhere you want a little bit of joy.

You might also like to consider these Hindu sculptures or alternative a relaxing Buddha water feature.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Buy Buddha Statues

If you want to buy the best Buddha statue for your home or garden, ask yourself these 4 questions.

1. Why?

Some people buy Buddhist ornaments just for the decoration. Others want a reminder of enlightenment, of mindfulness, of compassion, or something else. Either way, if you want to Zen your home, a good place to start is with a Buddha statue!

Why do you want to buy a Buddha statue?

Answering that question will steer you in the right direction. For instance, if it is just for decoration you can go by looks alone. If, on the other hand, you want a Buddhist ornament that represents inner peace, you might like a sculpture of Siddhartha sitting under the Bodhi tree or something of that nature.

Write down the main reason why you are getting a Buddha statue. Make sure the ornaments  meaning reflects your goal.

2. What’s your ideal sale price? 

When you’re buying Buddha sculptures you’ve definitely got your choices. Meditating Buddha statues come in all different prices. And of course, the price effects the quality (though you’ll be surprised how good a statue you can get for cheap and how bad a statue you can get for hundreds of dollars!) 

Sculptures for sale range from around ten bucks to thousands. Some are under priced. Some are overpriced. How are you to know the difference?

To make sure you get a good quality Buddhist ornament sale for your price point, look at the details.

If its just $10 it’s only going to have very minimal features. But statues that costs thousands should show very close detail and be very realistic.

Materials are also very important. Something made of silver or gold will last forever, where a clay one will not.

If you buy a cheap Buddha statue it will be made of material with a short lifespan. So if you want something that lasts, you will have to pay a bit extra.

3. Meaning

It’s important that the meditating Buddha statue’s meaning reflect your goal. And one of the main ways that a sculptures express meaning is through the mudra.

Poses (mudras) mean different things. For instance, the DharmaChakra Mudra signifies the teachings of Siddhartha. If you want your Buddhist sculpture to represent the right meaning, check which mudra it is in.

4. For garden or home?

One of the bet things to put in a Zen garden is a Buddha statue.

But a sculpture for the garden is not the same as a statue for the home. Ones for the home  can generally by left alone with absolutely no worries (at least until the cat runs into them).

Garden ornaments, however, have special considerations. For instance, you will need to consider the material it is made of and whether it would survive a rain storm.

Locale also influences design.For instance, you will want a different design if you intend to put this statue in a meditation altar.

Where will you put it?  What room will it go in? What are the colours in that room? What is the mood of the room? Make sure the Buddha statue matches the other meditation furniture you have.

Remember you will be meditating on this ornament (using a meditation such as Bhakti technique). So it is very important that you be happy with it.


Which sculpture to buy? I want them all!

Buddha ornaments are truly beautiful, aren’t they? And there is a statue for everyone at every price range. There are cheap ones and there are more expensive luxury ones with fine details.

I always recommend getting one that is valuable but affordable. You want a statue that you will value without breaking the bank.  

Which did you buy?  is your favorite?

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