Meditation Buddha Statues – Our Guide

Buddha statues are trendy items today. And there are many benefits to having one.

I got my first one only a couple of years ago and use it in my background when I’m teaching meditation. It inspires me to follow the dharma (Buddha’s teachings) and to keep up with my meditation.

That’s one of the best things about buying a Buddha statue. It inspires you in your spiritual path.  Plus, they look beautiful as home decor or in your Zen garden.

Below, I’ll share some truly amazing facts about Buddha statues. But first, let’s look at the best ones.

Best Buddha Statues For Home

#1: Cheap one ($)   buddha statue 1 Get It Here

For a small statue, I like this one. It’s 8 inches by 6 inches and given the price I was very inpressed by the quality and the attention to detail, such as the nice pattern on the statue’s legs.

I also like the colours. It’s a bronze finish with a silver robe. I find that the colours go well together. Plus, Siddhartha has a very relaxed look on his face. When I look at him I feel peaceful.

In this one, Siddhartha is sitting in lotus position with his hands in Cosmic Mudra (Dhyani), which is the mudra used for contemplation and insight.

 #2: Brown / Gold one with Earth Touching Mudra  ($$) 

buddha statue 2

I like the aesthetic of this brown and gold meditating Buddha statue, in which Buddha is sitting meditating with his eyes closed.

I also like the overall meaning of this one. He is meditating and holding his hands in Earth Witness mudra. This is the mudra he was using when he found enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.

The figurine has an aged look almost like wood, and the skin is shiny. I appreciate the details too. Sequins add decoration and beauty, making it a beautiful piece for home decor. 

I like the fact that the aged look helps to represent the wisdom that Siddhartha found while under the Bodhi tree. It’s a beautiful sculpture for the home. 

#3:  Mosaic Design   ($$) 

meditating buddha statue GET IT HERE

This statue is pink/green and I just love the artistic design with the gorgeous little details that make it pop on the shelf.

The meaning of this one is all about enlightenment. He is depicted in Bhumispara mudra, the mudra that he was performing when he achieved enlightenment under the bodhi tree.

The artistry and symbolism of this one makes it perfect for meditation.

Best Buddha Statues For Garden

As well as having a Buddha statue in my home I like to have a garden one so that I feel connected to the sangha while I’m sitting in my garden.

There are some things to bear. For starters, it will need to endure the weather, which, if you live in snowy Canada like me, can be pretty brutal. That means you need one made of durable material, like stone. And you will also want one that looks good with the rest of your garden design. 

4. Resin sitting Buddha   ($$$$)

buddha sitting statue

This is one of my favorites because I like the ages quality of the sandstone. In the statue, Buddha is meditating while sitting in Earth Witness mudra with one hand touching the earth.

This is a large garden statue, measuring 29 1/2″ high x 21″ wide x 15″ deep and weighs 20 lbs.  

It is resin with a grey stone finish that  looks like an antique. I found the resin to be thick and heavy, calae of enduring the crazy weather we get here in Canada. Again, this is essential because you will want your sculpture to stand the test of time, which means getting one made of durable material. Anything less would be a waste of your money. No one likes to go outside after a storm to find their sculpture destroyed! 

When you buy statues online, you want to know that the one you are getting is well constructed and durable, especially if you live in an area with severe weather conditions as I do. This one will stand the test of time. 

I would definitely say that this is a beautiful statue and it is also much cheaper than similarly sized statues that I’ve seen. Definitely one of the best.

5. Design Toscano ($$$$$) –  


For my money, this is simply the best Buddha statue for the garden. It’s exquisite.  Its measurements are 35W x32D x48H. It weighs 72 lbs. It is hand-cast out of real stone and I will say that the resin is excellent quality, which is essential when choosing Buddha statues for the garden because the material is durable.

I read the meaning of this statue on the product page, which says it’s all about inner peace, but that is not what the sculpture depicts. I don’t mean to nitpick, but Buddha’s hands in the statue are in Abhaya mudra, which is the mudra used for fearlessness.

Best Buddha Heads

Tons of people these days like to buy Buddha heads.

The meaning of these statues is significant. And, in fact, it has been a talking point online of late. Many people erroneously believe that head statues are offensive (more on this below). Trust me, this is not at all true.

Buddha heads are an honourable way of showing your love for Buddhism, and they make an excellent addition to any zen meditation room.

They come in all different sizes. You can get large ones for the garden or small ones you can put on your office desk.  

Many people ask me about the meaning of head statues. So I will explain that the head symbolises Siddhartha’s wisdom and the pathway to enlightenment. All the methodology of the dharma is contained in the head of Siddhartha. By placing a Buddha head statue in the home or garden, we remind ourselves of the wisdom of the dharma.

Here are my picks of the best.

Stone Faux  ($$$)  

meditating buddha head statue

This meditating Buddha statue for sale on Amazon shows his head in contemplation. I like this one because when I look at it it makes me feel calm and relaxed. 

For the quality of the statue, I think the price is reasonable. The faux stone finish is beautiful, and it looks great in the garden.

One of my favorite things about this ornament is the detail. It is a very precise statue with intricate details, making a nice bit of decor for the garden.

The finish is waterproof, too, so it will be fine even in damp or rainy environments, which is why it is one of the best.

This sculpture is surprisingly light because it is hollow inside. It also looks a little greyer than the picture. 

Small Tabletop one

small budha head statue for desk

  • Inexpensive
  • Good attention to detail
  • Small
  • Suitable for desk/tabletop

If you are looking for a small and cheap head statue for home or tabletop, I recommend this one. I like the beautiful bronze finish. It stands 6.5 inches tall.  For the price, I find the attention to detail very impressive. And it’s small enough to put on your desk.

Cheap Buddha Figurine 

These make excellent home decor for meditation rooms. And they are all very reasonably priced. [READ: Designing A Meditation Room At Home].

1: This laughing one

buddha figurine 1Check Price Here

As the title says, this is a figurine of Buddha laughing on a lucky coin and carrying an ingot. I think it’s really sweet and it makes me smile.

This is a traditional Chinese depiction called “Laughing Buddha”. The figurine has an ancient look and is said to attract wealth and abundance.

This one is relatively small at about 5 inches, making it an excellent chocie for home or office. 

2: This Happy Praying One 

buddha figurine 2Check Price

If you want to add some happiness to your home decor, I recommend this small, cheap Smiling Buddha Figurine. It will go nicely in a living room lounge area.

What I love about this one is how cute it is. Just look at those chubby feet. Absolutely adorable!

This happy little figurine shows a chubby Sidhartha with his hands in prayer position (Anjali Mudra). This one is a little bit bigger than the last. It’s about seven inches tall and just as wide. It’s made of ceramic, with gold details, and I will say that the artistry is really lovely.

This figurine is for happiness and contentment. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, buy it!

3: MyGift’s Meditating Sidhartha Figurine

buddha figurine 4Check Price

This is a very traditional looking Buddha statue. It shows him meditating in lotus position. I really like how relaxing it is and I recommend placing it in your office space.

This is quite a large figurine. It measures an impressive 11 inches. It looks very traditional with a dark grey finish that makes it look like stone (it’s actually made of a polyresin).

My favourite thing about this one is that it looks very traditional. So if you have a home meditation space, it will work perfectly with it.

4: This One With Candle Holder

buddha figurine 3Check Price

This one helps to calm my mind before sleep. It’s a little bigger than the last one at 12 inches tall.

He looks really tranquil. The statue is darker than the rest, and there is a real sense that Sidhartha is deep in contemplation in this piece. He’s holding a candle that is actually an LED light, and I can imagine him sitting in a cave somewhere meditating when I look at it. It has a lovely Asian flair art style and delicate gold features.

5: Grasslands Roads Cute One

buddha figurine 5Check Price

When I look at this figurine, I can’t help but smile. He seems so joyful and content. I find this one perfect to put in the living room or somewhere you want a little bit of joy. 

How To Choose A Buddha Statue 

1. Why get one?

Some people buy Buddhist statues just for decoration. Others want a reminder of enlightenment, of mindfulness, of compassion, or something else.

Ask yourself; Why do you want to buy one?

Answering that question will steer you in the right direction. For instance, if it is just for home decor, you can go by looks alone. If, on the other hand, you want a Buddhist ornament that represents inner peace, you might like a sculpture of Siddhartha sitting under the Bodhi tree or something of that nature. And you should also consider the meaning of it.

Write down the main reason why you are getting one. Make sure the meaning of the statue reflects your goal.

2. What’s your ideal sale price? 

When you’re buying Buddha sculptures, you’ve definitely got your choices. Buddha statues are available at all different prices. And of course, the price affects the quality (though you’ll be surprised how good a statue you can get for cheap and how bad a statue you can get for hundreds of dollars!) 

Sculptures for sale range from around ten bucks to thousands. Some are underpriced. Some are overpriced. How are you to know the difference?

To make sure you get the best one for your price point, look at the details.

If it’s just $10, it’s only going to have very minimal features. But statues that cost thousands should show very close detail and be very realistic.

Materials are also vital. Something made of silver or gold will last forever, where a clay one will not. Resin is always a good choice.

If you buy a cheap statue, it will be made of a material with a short lifespan. So if you want something that lasts, you will have to pay a bit extra.

3. Buddha statue meanings

It’s essential that the meditating Buddha statue’s meaning reflect your goal. And one of the main ways that sculptures express meaning is through the mudra.

Poses (mudras) mean different things. For instance, the DharmaChakra Mudra signifies the teachings of Siddhartha. If you want your Buddhist sculpture to represent the right meaning, check which mudra it is in.

That said, if you want to know how to choose a Buddha statue, you have to go deeper than pure aesthetic. You have to know the meaning of different ones

Did you know… ?

  • Different statues mean different things and show various mudras [poses with spiritual significance].
  • Different ones show different Buddhas (there are 29 named Buddhas and many unnamed)
  • All Buddha statues have their own story and their personal meaning. To choose the best one, you need to know what they represent.  
  • Some show mantras.
  • You should buy one that matches the style of your meditation altar (if you have one). 

4. Is it for garden or home? 

A sculpture for the garden is not the same as a statue for the home. Ones for the home can generally be left alone with absolutely no worries (at least until the cat runs into them).

When choosing a statue for the garden, however, you have to consider environmental conditions. For instance, you will need to consider the material it is made of and whether it would survive a rainstorm.

The locale also influences design. For instance, you will want a different design if you intend to put your statue in a meditation altar.

Where will you put it?  What room will it go in? What are the colours in that room? What is the mood of the room? Make sure whatever statue you buy matches the other meditation furniture you have.

Remember, you will be meditating on this ornament. So it is imperative that you are happy with it.

5: The Meaning Of Buddha Heads

Buddha head statues represent the wisdom of the dharma (the laws and philosophy of Buddhism),

The best ones represent two sides of Siddhartha. On the one hand, they appear calm and youthful, representing the peaceful way of the dharma. But they also echo the Buddha’s wisdom and mysticism. The overall effect is that the statue is a friend who is there to help us with kindness, and at the same time to lead us with guidance.

6: Features

When you buy Buddha heads, you might be surprised to find that they have some small but essential little decorative elements on them. These features reveal the meaning of the Buddha statue. 

meaning of buddha statue
Different parts of the Buddha statue mean different things.

Here are the different meanings:

Ushnisha: At the top of the statue you will see the three-dimensional oval called the “Ushnisha”. This is Buddha’s hair gathered into a chignon. However, it’s also much more than a hairdo. The ushnisha symbolises knowledge and religious ideals.

Hair: Hair is referred to as the “weeds of ignorance”. Cutting off the hair is representative of freeing oneself of ignorance. This is reflected in the story of the Buddha. When he was at the palace, living a life of luxury, he had long curly hair. He then cut his hair off when he left the palace in search of enlightenment.

Third eye: The third eye is shown as a small dot between the eyebrows. This represents the Ajna chakra, or “Third eye chakra” and has great spiritual significance.  The third eye is the seat of spiritual awakening. The dot reminds the owner of the Buddha head to practice Buddhist meditation and follow the spiritual path towards enlightenment.

Eyes: When buying your statue, you will probably notice that Buddha’s eyes are almost always partially closed. This represents meditation and symbolises looking inward, beyond materialistic desire.

Ears: The ears are depicted as long and bulgy and are said to represent the compassion of Buddha. It is a reminder that the Buddhist should hear the world and people around them and look for ways to help other beings.

Nose: Buddha’s nose is long and aquiline.  This is not said to represent any specific power or quality of the Buddha, other than elegance.


How To Use A Buddha Statue For Meditation

  1. Sit in front of your statue
  2. Take a few moments just to relax. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  3. Focus on the statue the way you would do when practising Samatha meditation.
  4. As you meditate on the statue, observe the positive traits you associate with Siddhartha. There is compassion, love, kindness, wisdom. As you come across these qualities, take a moment to visualise yourself living by these same qualities. How could you be compassionate, loving, kind and wise? What could you do to live closer to the dharma?
  5. Challenge yourself to do one thing based on the qualities above. For instance, you could make a compassionate action by helping someone nearby with something they are suffering from. Challenge yourself to go out and do that one thing.


These statues are great home decor.  And there is a statue for everyone at every price range. There are cheap Buddha statues, and there are more expensive large Buddha statues with fine details.

I always recommend choosing a Buddha statue that is valuable but affordable. You want one that you will love but without breaking the bank.  



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By Paul Harrison

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