How The Sound Of Buddhist Bowls Heals Your Mind And Body

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For thousands of years, Buddhist bowls (Tibetan singing bowls) have been used for healing.

Did you know that just by meditating on a Buddhist bowls sound you can heal your mind and body? (Read: How to meditate on bowl sounds).

Research even suggests that the Buddhist bowls’ sound may even cure cancer. Obviously you might want to take that with a grain of salt, but some scientists seem certain that Buddhist bowl sounds do have an effect on cancer and other serious illnesses.

And it all happens because of the audio frequencies that come from Buddhist bowl sounds.

Take a listen to this Buddhist bowl sound and try meditating on it. Notice how your mind and body feel just a few minutes into the recording.

Here’s a whole bunch of similar free meditation music to listen to.


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Could Buddhist Bowl Sound Healing Really Work?

Some people are skeptical that the sound of Buddhist bowls could really heal them. After all, this is the age of billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies… right?!… right?!

Thing is: Monks have been using Buddhist bowls for sound healing for approximately 5000 years, so there must be something in it.

One scientist who has extensively researched the effects of the sounds of Buddhist bowls is Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, [director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine, Cornell Cancer Prevention Center New York].

Dr. Gaynor tells us, “Sound is vibration. Vibration touches every part of our physical being. Sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies.

“One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes. Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder.”

Buddhist bowls are far from the only type of sound healing. In fact, people have been using sound healing for millenia. The old instrument used for healing? That would be your own voice.

That’s right, the human voice is the oldest of any healing mechanism. And long before people were popping pills, they were using mantra (sacred sounds) to cure all manner of illness. Just take a look at these mantra for healing illnesses.

The sounds of Buddhist bowls are intrinsically connected to spiritual mantras. In fact, it turns out that Buddhist bowls specifically relate to the mantra “Om”.

Sound Healing expert Diane Mandle says, “Tibetan singing bowls are ‘struck and sung’ in specific rhythmic patterns to create vibrational sound harmonics at the frequency of “AUM” or “OM”. This sound frequency is the sound of Perfection. It impacts the sympathetic nervous system as your brain waves synchronize to the vibrations of the bowls. The harmonic vibrations engage the relaxation reflex and slow down the respiratory, brain and heart rate and disrupt the pain reflex creating a deep sense of well-being.”

This perhaps explains how Buddhist singing bowls have helped to heal disorders, including cancer.

Speaking about the first time he learned to used a Tibetan singing bowl, Dr. David Simon [medical director, Deepak Chopra Center] says:

“I could feel the vibration physically resonating through my body, touching my core in such a way that I felt in harmony with the universe. I immediately intuited that playing the bowls would change my life and the lives of many of my patients.”

Simon has subsequently tested Tibetan Singing Bowls on his patients and states that sound has a powerful capacity for healing even in cancer patients.

This and other spiritual healing practices are continually being tested (and verified) by science. Just take a look at these spiritual healing techniques. Amazing!

What is the best Buddhist bowl for sound healing?

There are lots of different types of Buddhist bowls for sound healing. You can read about all of them in our singing bowl buying guide.

Different bowls will produce different sound frequencies. And different sound frequencies affect different body functions. That’s why it is essential to listen to the right bowl for the right circumstance.

This graphic shows the right Tibetan singing bowl frequencies to heal different body functions

Frequnecies for sound healing



The Solfeggio Frequencies Of Buddhist Singing Bowl Sounds

Another important factor of Buddhist singing bowl sounds is their Solfeggio frequencies.

Solfeggio frequencies are the original musical scale that was used to compose old spiritual music. Have you heard the Gregorian chants? Those were composed according to the Solfeggio frequencies, as were many other older Christian chants and similar spiritual music.

The Solfeggio frequencies are important because they produce specific sound frequencies used for healing. That’s why when you listen to those old chants you get a deep sense of inner peace right through to your core—you know the feeling, right?

These Solfeggio frequencies also correspond to the chakras:


  1. UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear (the 1st Chakra)
  2. RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change (the 2nd Chakra)
  3. MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (the 3rd Chakra)
  4. FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships (the 4th Chakra)
  5. SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition (the 5th Chakra)
  6. LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order (the 6th Chakra)

You can read more about this on Attuned Vibrations.

Many Buddhist singing bowls are created specifically to produce these Solfeggio frequencies. And they therefore activate the seven chakras, which is important for healing.  

In order to produce these frequencies, Buddhist singing bowls are made of different materials, specific to each chakra:


Lead – Saturn – 1st Chakra

Iron – Mars – 2nd Chakra

Tin – Jupiter – 3rd Chakra

Gold – Sun – 4th Chakra

Copper – Venus – 5th Chakra

Silver – Moon – 6th Chakra

Mercury – Mercury – 7th Chakra




 Could these Buddhist bowl sounds heal us better than medicine?

Singing bowls have existed for more than 5000 years, and monks have been meditating on the sound of Buddhist bowls for millennia.

Seriously, read this article about the history of ’em. Amazing. 

And they’re still powerful today.

Could these Buddhist bowls sounds heal us better than medicine?

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