A Poem Inspired By Buddhist Dharma. Hope You Like It

Today I was inspired. And as a creative writer, when I’m inspired I love to write poetry.

My absolute favorite thing to write poetry about is Buddhism (well, that, love ,and cats. Can’t forget the cats).

The following poem is a piece of Buddhist poetry I wrote when I was going through a very difficult time in my life.

The poem is about letting go and trusting life.

I really hope you like it.



Buddhist Poetry:



So completely does life’s current hold us

In the tide of its chaotic mercy,

Ceaselessly we toss in oceanic wash

As we struggle so desperately to break free.


How man does struggle when cast out to sea,

Believing life’s waters would drown him,

He kicks and screams in a disturbing plea

To God, praying the tide would roll in.


He breaks body and mind in faithless fight,

Swimming against the current of nature,

Somehow unable to see the true light

Of the simple wisdom of the Dharma:


When drowning in oceans, the only way

Is to let yourself be one with the waves.

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. . . A poem I wrote when suffering from stress in a troubled time of my life. I feel it expresses the reality of stress. When stressed, we feel we are gripped by life’s “chaotic mercy” and we “so desperately to break free.” In “faithless fight” we try to swim against the “current of nature” when, in reality, we need to let go and accept. “When drowning in oceans, the only way / Is to let yourself be one with the waves.”

But how do you let go and accept the bad times with faith in some unseen, forecoming good?

Meditation is the answer.

When we meditate we learn to silence our minds. We learn to still the chaotic waves. We find peace through meditation. With meditation we accept our present reality, we stop the unnecessary suffering of the mind.

In Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for Beginners I revealed, in depth, how we can use meditation to overcome stress in difficult times in life. Find the best meditation techniques for stress on the nest page.



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