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“He touched my soul long before I knew what his hands felt like.” ― Nikki Rowe quote


I saw his name. It was most unexpected yet unsurprising all the same. The letters appeared as plain as day on the laptop screen where the principal had indicated.

“There, Mr Smith states that your daughter’s Health assignment is overdue.”

She threw me a curt look before swinging the laptop in my direction so that I could better see my daughter’s student records. I leaned in slightly, careful to guard my personal space while glancing at the screen. In an instant, my inner-world ignited with the Flame. I wanted to burst out laughing.

Mr Smith shared the exact first and middle names as him, the man I’ve come to know as my Twin Flame. What are the chances?

I’d chalk it up to coincidence, except I learned long ago there are no coincidences in this life. Besides, it’s not a term sufficient enough to explain all of the other strange signs, synchronicities and occurrences since the Flame entered my life. Not nearly enough.  

I’d been there for a meeting about my daughter, so I had to keep my reaction in check. At least externally. Although, it was difficult not to allow a small smile to drift over my lips. I’m certain the principal thought I was more peculiar than what she’d already concluded. She’d been long attempting to organise the meeting and I’d long managed to evade her. Until now.  

It’s not that my daughter misbehaves at school. Sometimes, she skips a class here and there. She will never lie about it, nor is she sneaky. My teenage daughter is not like other kids her age. Always the outlier and never the sheep. She rejects conformity and social conventions, staying true to her individuality and the beliefs cultivating within her as she grows.

I’ve always admired this about her. And while I stress the importance of schooling for her future, I cannot deny her the journey – the path her soul longs to explore. I’m not like other parents. Whether that’s good or bad is neither here nor there. My way is my way and it hasn’t failed me to date.

I’ve always received compliments about the behavior of my children. When out in the world they are polite, courteous and friendly. They are good people who constantly amaze and fascinate me.  

For me, it’s more important to raise well-adjusted humans with qualities the world needs. I encourage my children to be independent individuals and believe in themselves; to not submit to peer pressure and passing fads. I nurture empathy, compassion and integrity, and I encourage them to push boundaries and ponder life in unique ways. The last thing I want for my children is to think in a limited manner. Prejudiced and narrow-minded thinking is not practised in my home.   

The Schooling system is prime for social conditioning. It is through this system that our children are first subjected to society roles, structures, rules and expectations. Submission to authority; conformity; social organisation – these are demonstrated and shown to our children at the onset.

Outward thinking, anti-discrimination and individuality is celebrated within our schools – I’m not disputing that, but it comes at a price. A paradox if you will. More often than not those that dare to stand against “mainstream thinking” are not generally considered to be “good citizens” or “proper role models”.

Without undervaluing the importance of education, the classroom environment primes us to fit society’s ideals and standards on what constitutes the moral citizen. So, our children are observed by teachers, sifted and sorted as the years progress. Moulded into pre-existing socioeconomic models.

Long before our children are ready to leave school and enter the workforce, they’ve already been pegged, groomed and adapted into the working-class ethics predetermined by the government. We need the blue-collar workers; the tradies, laborers and factory workers. We need people to fill that quota. And we need people to exist within limitations – imposed or otherwise.

Or else the system will begin to crack.

You could say that the Twin Flame connection is designed to challenge those invisible system walls. I don’t necessarily mean this in an elusive, mystical sense. Rather, that the Twin Flame connection doesn’t fit into any societal paradigm. Those that identify as Twin Flames were not sprinkled with any more golden dust than the next person before descending into our earthly lives.

In the simplest terms, Twin Flames are ordinary people undergoing an extraordinary experience.

I’m not overly comfortable using the language commonly earmarked with Twin Flames. Truthfully, the term “Twin Flame” itself doesn’t always sit well with me because it immediately conjures mystical, far-fetched images and fictitious beliefs frequently associated with supernaturalists.   

Moreover, the notion appears to be evolving into a romanticised, widespread episode – loads of people claiming and aspiring to the connection. Such a development increasingly lends incredibility to the Twin Flame connection and further serves to strengthen the falsehood often forged around the authenticity of Twin souls.

There is nothing permanent except change. It is natural for the human race to progress through evolution. The manner in which we have structured our societies, formed our beliefs and then exist within these perimeters creates a sense of comfort for the masses. Sure, we’re revolutionising in leaps and bounds on the technology front and other arenas crucial to the modern human experience.

Nowadays, doctors are increasingly basing their practices on the evidence-based model rather than just relying on the knowledge acquired from their years of medical schooling. Makes sense and is readily accepted. When I visit a practitioner, I find it discerning if he doesn’t base his practice in this way. I want to be assured my doctor has his finger on the pulse; that he is up-to-date on the constantly evolving medicinal landscape in order to offer me and my family the best care possible. I bet you do too.

It is easy for us to accept these kinds of expansions as part of the western culture. Yet, there are other forms of transformations taking place at a more intricate and deeper level within humanity that are just as necessary to the progression of mankind.

The type of progression I am referring to begins at the more intimate stance. At its basic core it is a singular experience that starts by seeking within rather than looking outward for the answers – I’m talking about the realm of spiritual advancement.

What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose? Why am I here? What is my connection to the universe?

It is when we begin to ponder and question our existence and become aware of our connection to a greater intelligence that the magnificent path toward enlightenment begins to unfold.

As a species we must advance in this way as the same way we do in other, outwardly arenas. Without reaching for more at a deeper soul level, we inevitably become stagnated and stale, tripping to keep up with the hyper-connected nature of our world while remaining ignorant to the truths we innately seek to realise.

Spirituality is not mystical conundrum. It is a broad concept with room for many perspectives, and is simply the process of developing beliefs around the meaning of life. That’s the beauty of spirituality – there is no right or wrong way of thinking. There are no hard or fast rules, no set of organised beliefs. No judgement or fear of sin to abide. It is the practice of seeking peace and purpose within and living an authentic life.

In a world obsessed with war, power, capitalism, outrage and producing weapons of mass destruction, it is more essential now than ever before for humanity to create a positive shift in the time-belt as a collective.

The Twin Flame soul connection plays an important role in this transformation as it is through these souls encountering and merging that new patterns of love will imprint upon the earth. It is through the love shared by Twin Flames that will further expand the breadth of the universe and its occupants by raising personal awareness, uplifting vibrational markings and bending the pre-existing ideas surrounding love.

Love, real love doesn’t fit squarely into the box society designed for it. It knows no rules. It doesn’t acknowledge legalities, race, age, gender or geographical differences. It doesn’t know hate, resentment, guilt or spite. Real love is designed to grow, stretch boundaries, practice forgiveness and strengthen; and it is real love that is our greatest achievement during our lifetimes. 

The soul – your soul only seeks one thing – expansion through the human experience, collecting the knowledge and propelling the depth of love through the time-space continuum.

Twin Flames are simply two people whose soul essence is identical. In other words, the souls in question were born into creation simultaneously and have spent eons growing, learning and flourishing together through lifetimes and other means of soul lessons. United in the physical sense, they become the catalysts for spiritual growth, inner-healing and emotional maturity.  

The Twin Flame connection is rare and sacred in nature, yet no more divine than the soul lingering in each one of us. It is an intimate, higher-order bond shared between two people. At its nucleus, the Twin Flame connection is the epiphany of pure love because it is when the universe conspires a meeting between these souls during a lifetime that that love has the capacity to elevate the human condition. Thereby, helping to raise the vibration of the world as we undergo a shift in humanity.       

It is a common belief among the Twin Flame community that more and more Twin souls are coming together for the purpose of new power and life-force energy. When we take a glance at these intense and transformational times of the modern era, the integration between these souls is unsurprising if we are to trigger a positive change in the world. And it all begins with one soul, one offering and one authentic intention at a time.

It is in the gentle and unassuming honorable acts taking place beyond our awareness that will become tomorrow’s foundation for greater things. If only more of us would take the time to believe in more than technology and societal expectations, and instead seek to find meaning and connection from within. If only more us would strive to lead an authentic life.  

I saw his name. It was most unexpected yet unsurprising all the same.   

Author: Ariana Grace (read more from Ariana on Quora)


Ariana Grace has always been a dreamer. The night sky is the keeper of secrets and witness to a soul-dance that has rocked her life and stolen her heart, propelling her on a “soul journey” she could never have anticipated. Her Twin Flame keeps part of her soul from afar as they navigate a challenging path toward higher-love and union.  

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