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Today we have Carrie Underwood for Yoga Photo Of The Day. Carrie took to Instagram Friday to post a photo of herself working our and doing yoga as part of the promotional campaign for her new book: Find Your Pathwhich is all about living your best life without having to be perfect all the time.

At 36, Carrie Underwood has become a fitness icon and is now not just singing songs like Cry Pretty but also releasing all sorts of yoga products . In today’s Yoga Photo Of The Day, Carrie is sitting on the floor in a hamstring strech, whih is a stretch for the calves, thighs and lower back.

Carrie is wearing a baby blue workout kit with yoga pants and a matching tank, which perfectly shows off her chiseled shoulders. She’s also wearing an Apple Watch and white sneakers.

The photo got 22,000 likes in just one hour. The caption read, “Stretching my limits”.

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Stretching my limits… ♥️♠️♦️♣️ #fit52

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