CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is growing in popularity based on its variety of health benefits [1]. Aside from its ability to improve mood, reduce nausea symptoms, and improve anxiety, CBD is becoming a well-praised medicinal alternative to over-the-counter and prescription medications.

Aside from the medicinal benefits, CBD has numerous benefits, including convenience, low risk of overdosing [2], and more. One of the best ways to receive these benefits is by taking CBD gummies. Here are ten reasons to begin taking CBD gummies today. And if you’re into meditaiton and yoga, you might like to consider the benefits of combining CBD, meditaiton and yoga. 

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Benefits of Taking CBD Gummies

1.Pain Reliever

CBD has the ability to minimize pain related to chronic illnesses by intermingling with the brain’s serotonin receptors. CBD also works with vanilloid brain receptors that relieves pain and swelling caused by chronic illnesses throughout the body. Over time, CBD changes the way the brain responds to and tolerates pain. Unlike over-the-counter and prescription medications, CBD is not addictive despite how many times it’s used.

2.Cognitive Focus and Memory

In addition to managing physical pain, CBD assists with cognitive function. There are a number of prescribed medications that assist people with mental acuity and memory. The problem with those medications is they impact other cognitive functions and behavior. CBD works with dopamine receptors, a crucial neurotransmitter, to improve memory and the ability to focus. CBD also has the ability to regenerate and create memory cells to improve damage caused by cognitive decline diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease as well as trauma-related conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

3.Easy to Use/Dose

Unlike CBD products like oils, each gummy typically equals the proper dose. Gummies also have labels indicating the potency and how long the effects generally take to kick in. This is beneficial for people who have plans or activities they need to perform. Gummies also don’t require additional prep time. Similar to a piece of candy, taking a CBD gummy is as simple as putting it in your mouth, chewing it, and swallowing.

4.Pleasant Taste

Although CBD has numerous medicinal properties, some people shy away from taking it based on the taste. CBD comes from hemp plants, which have a naturally nutty, earthy taste. Luckily, CBD gummies come in sweeter flavors like strawberry and other fruits that mask the hemp taste very well. Nature’s Arc Organics sells quality CBD gummies that taste great and still deliver the medicinal benefits.

5.Offers the Same Benefits in a Smaller Quantity

While smoking CBD does offer immediate benefits, the results typically hits a peak and eventually crash. Smoking and vaping CBD also requires a greater amount to impact brain receptors. Using stomach ingestion methods (pills, gummies, etc.) require less quantities for the same quality. Consuming two CBD gummies in sixteen hours has the same impact of smoking .7 grams of CBD every four hours in a sixteen hour period. Having to take a smaller quantity of CBD is a cost-effective method of remaining healthy.

6.Non-Psychotropic/ Counterbalances THC Effects

Many people use medicinal marijuana for their health ailments, however cannabis contains THC. THC gives off a psychotropic, or high, effect that may be a turn off for people, especially if they have to complete physical or mental tasks. On the other hand, CBD doesn’t give off a high effect with the same benefits. Cannabinoids interact differently with brain receptors than the compound of THC and actually counterbalance the high effect if taken after edibles containing THC. This allows patients to perform everyday tasks after taking CBD gummies.

7.Lasts for Longer Periods of Time

The method used to experience CBD’s benefits has a direct correlation to how long the effects will last. The digestive and circulatory systems work at a slower pace in order to gradually deliver nutrients rather than overwhelm the body and then run out. CBD gummies are metabolized by the liver. While it takes a bit longer for the effects to kick in than smoking, CBD gummies effects last up to four hours. Smoking CBD offers an initial rush and immediately peaks, requiring more to maintain its effectiveness.

8.Easier on the Body

An underrated benefit of CBD gummies is that it’s easy on the body. Of course, CBD heals numerous ailments. However, the method used impacts the body in different ways. For instance, smoking CBD is harmful for the lungs and throat. Smoke causes lung and throat irritation, making it difficult to function properly, which is counterproductive as a healing agent. Smoking can also increase the risk of lower respiratory tract infections. CBD gummies, however, only require chewing and swallowing to receive its medicinal properties. Transitioning from smoking to gummies can potentially help with inflammation, which is a common consequence of exposure to smoke.

9.Easy to Purchase

Because CBD comes from hemp plants, which are legal nationwide, it’s easier to purchase CBD products. CBD doesn’t have traceable amounts of THC, making it easier to sell in-store. THC has different legal regulations than CBD and oftentimes require licensing to purchase. Even if a city’s dispensaries do not have CBD gummies, they’re easy to find online. CBD companies can ship to any state for a shipping fee. There’s also a larger variety of CBD gummies online.

10.Very Few Side Effects

In comparison to prescription medications, CBD gummies have little to no side effects. The two major side effects surrounding CBD products are dry mouth and difficulty metabolizing medications for other chronic illnesses. If CBD doesn’t relieve the symptoms related to the condition that requires prescription medication, it actually becomes dangerous. People taking prescription medication for illnesses should consult their healthcare providers prior to taking CBD gummies to avoid negative effects.

Overdosing on CBD is also extremely difficult. To overdose on CBD, someone would have to take 33 tablespoons of 100% pure CBD to begin to feel adverse side effects. Luckily, CBD gummies are pre-dosed, so taking one isn’t harmful.

Based on being easily available online and in a number of stores, CBD is a natural alternative to over-the-counter medications with fewer harmful side effects. Gummies taste better than regular hemp-flavored CBD products, and are one of the most discreet methods of taking CBD. CBD gummies take a bit of time to kick in, however, the benefits last for hours longer than smoking. People taking prescriptions for conditions outside of what CBD can relieve should speak with a healthcare provider before taking CBD. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should also speak to their physician before taking CBD gummies.

AUTHOR: Katherine Wakoba

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