4 Celebrities With Depression Who Kept Fighting Despite The Pain

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Celebrities do not usually talk about depression.

We’re usually just spoon-fed the bullshit glorifying views of celebrities as though famous people were somehow better than the rest of us.

Most celebrities talk about how great they are. Only a few, brave celebrities dare to openly discuss their problems in public.

It’s only a few special brave celebrities who are willing to discuss their mental health concerns publicly.

Jennifer Aniston, JK Rowling and Emma Thompson are three of the latest to have done just that.

These brave women are reminding us that it’s best when we talk about our problems openly and when we help one another through.

Together we can overcome depression.

And we people who have high levels of mental health, we can be compassionate and help other people with depression.



Emma Thompson’s Depression Scare And How She Survived

British actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson is famous for her part in movies like Beauty & The Beast, Love Actually, and Sense And Sensibility.

A talented artist, it was a shock to the world when we all learned that Emma Thompson was diagnosed with clinical depression.

She was obsessed with the idea of having another daughter.

Her first daughter was born in 1999 and the actress says she would “Count the number of children other people had.”

As we all know, comparing ourselves to other people is one of the fastest ways to give yourself depression and anxiety.

Emma Thompson treated her depression be seeing a depression therapist once a week.

JK Rowling suffered depression while writing Harry Potter

Author J K Rowling has entertained the world through her mind and imagination for years, becoming one of the most successful authors of all time.

JK Rowling has stated that while she was working on Harry Potter she was suffering from clinical depression.

It can be argued that depression helps an artist to create better work. After all, depression does lead us to create bizarre imaginings. Without depression, would J K Rowling have written Harry Potter? Perhaps, but it most likely would not have had such a depth to the imaginary world.

CreativeSomething has an excellent article about why depression makes artists better. You can read it via this link: CreativeSomething

J.K Rowling’s depression may very well have helped Harry Potter to become the masterpiece it is.

J K Rowling states, “You don’t expect fame to bring problems with it. When I became famous I was hit with demands and felt I had to cure everyone’s problems. It was overwhelming. I was worries I would mess up. I has to visit a therapist for depression, which really helped. ‘


Jennifer Aniston sought therapy for depression twice

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most famous Buddhists of all time. The  star of Friends and Horrible Bosses, Aniston is another celebrity who has suffered from depression.  She sought therapy.

Aniston states that therapy is not just about depression but is also about “Discovering who you are as a person.” She said therapy helped her to clean up the noise and to become happy. Therapy enlightened her about herself. “If you’re not happy you can become happy because, after all, happiness is really a choice.”





Remember, if you have depression, you’re not alone

It can be encouraging, when trying to treat depression for ourselves, to remember the staggering number of other people who have suffered from depression and learned how to treat depression successfully.

When depressed, there is a sense of loneliness. In reality, however, depression is far from lonely.

Millions of people are currently suffering from depression, all attempting to find their own solutions.

Did you know, 6.9% of the population has depression.

By simply reminding ourselves that we are not alone, we go a long way to finding an understanding and an acceptance that brings peace.

Remember, you are not alone. Even stars and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, JK Rowling and Emma Thompson suffer from depression.



What if you had depression without knowing about it?

The shocking thing is: It’s not always easy to know if you have depression.

Is it just sadness? Or is it something more?

If you’ve ever wondered if you have depression there is a way to find out. Read our big guide to depression and see if you might have depression without knowing about it.

You might be surprised by the answer.


Jim Carrey Beat Bipolar Disorder Spiritually


It’s not easy standing up and telling the world about your spiritual beliefs. It’s hard enough for someone who isn’t famous. But for a star like Jim Carrey, who has the entire world watching him, it takes a heck of a lot of guts to stand up and say “I believe.”

But that’s precisely what Jim Carrey has done. He’s shared his innermost self with the world through interviews. He’s openly discussed his history of bipolar depression, and he’s discussed how spirituality has helped him to overcome his inner demons and to see the light. Carrey is just one celebrity who has recognised the healing powers of meditation.

It’s truly inspirational to see Jim Carrey talk about his spirituality so openly. Take a look at these amazing videos, and be sure to share them with your friends and family.

The world is becoming more and more spiritual. Surely that’s worth celebrating!

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