How To Change Your Thoughts About Money So You Get More Of It

change your thoughts about noney and increase income

  • What does it take to be rich? Do you need to work so hard you pass out? Do you need to screw people over and take advantage of every opportunity? Do you need a million dollar idea? Nah. You just need to change your thoughts about money.
  • The one thing that all billionaires have in common is that they all see money in the same way. They see it as a resource there to be won. If you want to earn lots of money, you need to change the way you think about your finances.
  • But how in the blue hell do you change the way you think about money? After all, your idea of what money means is personal and deep. How could you ever change it?

Self-made millionaire Steve Siebold, who has interviewed 1,200 of the world’s wealthiest people during the past three decades, says that getting rich often has less to do with the money and more to do with the mentality. That’s why he wrote the book How Rich People Think.

In it he argues that the amount of money you have is the result of the way in which you think about money.

So with that in mind I would like to make a statement. And I want you to be aware of how you react to the statement.

The statement is this: You have chosen your financial reality.


How does that statement make you feel? Do you agree with it? Probably not. Does it make you angry? Possibly. Maybe you even find it laughable.

The vast majority of people who do not have money believe that they are victim.

Maybe they were too generous. Maybe they were simply the victims of this unjust world. Maybe they were born without money and have never had the opportunity to make money.

But it couldn’t possibly be that we all have precisely the amount of money that we told ourselves we could have. That couldn’t possibly be the case. Could it?

Sure, we’ve all read Norman Vincent Pearle and we know the idea that if you “change your thoughts you’ll change your world”. But that’s just romantic wishy washy woo woo gunk, isn’t it?

Thing is. There is a sort-of logic too it.

I mean, if you truly believe that money is the root of all evil, it only makes sense that you would repel money. You wouldn’t want money because you don’t want evil.

And if you believe that you’re poor because you’re not materialistic and shallow enough to chase money, then you will always remain poor simply to prevent yourself from being materialistic and shallow.

Hang on.

There actually is some logic behind the idea that thinking makes it so. Do your thoughts control reality? (That link is a very eye opening read, by the way).

If your thoughts do influence your actions, and your actions do determine your reality. And if you do what they do in business and cut out the middle man, you’ll see that if thoughts = action = reality, then thoughts = reality.



Thoughts = Action = Reality


Thoughts = Reality


So to change your reality you really do need to change your thoughts. And to change your reality of money, you need to change your thoughts of money. So how do you do that?


How To Change Your Thoughts About Money (And Get Rich Quick As A Result)

  1. Stop hating rich people


Okay. It can be hard to love rich people. They gloat. A lot. And lots of them are egotistical. But if you want to be a rich person, you have to love rich people.

Jealousy will mess you up. It’s that simple. If you’re jealous of rich people you’ll likely hate rich people. And if you hate rich people why would you ever become one?

Why would you become something you hate?

If you want to become rich you have to change your thoughts about rich people. You have to start loving rich people. Because what you love you attract into your life.

So how do you learn to love rich people?

Well, you can get to know a few. Maybe you can research all the good they do with their money. But in my opinion, the best thing is to practice Loving Kindness Meditation. It’s a fantastic meditation technique that will make you more compassionate. Give it a shot.


  1. Monitor your thoughts about money

If you want to change your thoughts about money, you need to know what your thoughts about money are.

In other words, you need to be self aware.

By being self aware you can learn about your thoughts, and once you know your thoughts about money you can start to change those thoughts.

In my experience the best way to change your thoughts is through Vipassana meditation, which is also called Insight Meditation.

This type of meditation is all about observing your thoughts and then removing them from your mind. If you feel negatively about money, Vipassana meditation will help you to change those thoughts.

  1. Believe that you are worth more

If you want yourself to make money, you have to believe that you are worthy of making more money. Self worth is worth more than gold. Self worth manifests in wealth and abundance. So to make more money, make yourself believe you are worth more money. To do that, try these techniques for self worth

  1. Network for friends and opportunities


The best way to land a high paying job is through word of mouth. You want employers to know or to hear about you on a personal level. That’s where the vast majority of high paying jobs come from.

But of course, if you want people to know about you you have to get out there and make people know about you. Get out. Meet people. Make a damn good first impression. Make the other person think “I could use a person like this”. Then they’ll naturally want you to work for them.


Change your thoughts. Change your life.

The key to changing your thoughts is meditation.

If you’re seriously interested in changing your life, read my new book: Journey To The Buddha Within.


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