charly joran yoga photo

Today we have Youtube star Charly Jordan for yoga photo of the day.

The beautiful DJ Charly Jordan showed off her yoga moves in a stunning photo uploaded to Instagram, Saturday. The model, musician and Youtube personality proved she is also talented in acro and tandem yoga.

Charly Joran Yoga Pose

The 20 year-old social media star and influencer shared a few selfies of herself with her 2.8 million Instagram followers celebrating the release of her track, “Blackstrap Molasses”. She said thank you to her fans, who have helped her launch her music career.

In the photo she is wearing yoga pants from Also Yoga [available on Amazon]. She’s wearing a black sports bra with a cutout beneath the bust. She’s also wearing black sweatpants with an elastic waistband.

Charly Jordan yoga pose
Charly Jordan doing High FLying Whale Acro yoga pose

Charly photographed herself doing various yoga poses by her pool, and one with her god Goldendoodle.   There was also one acro yoga photo of Charly Jordan and her partner, Andrew Sealy. In the picture she is doing High Flying Whale Pose, a heart opener that assists in lengthening the thoracic spine. This is a beginners acro yoga pose. Charly says she started doing acro yoga earlier in the month.

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