In this guide to chi meditation techniques, you will learn all the best ways to control chi energy. Many of these exercises derive from Taoism, the spiritual system that is primarily centred around the cultivation and management of qi [READ: How To Do Taoist Methods].

But first, you might be wondering just what is chi energy.

What Is Meditation And Chi Energy?

Chi, qi, or Ki, is the energy of the universe. And it is the same energy that flows through you and me. When you have pure chi flow in your body and mind, you will be highly energised and rarely tired.

The energy surrounds our being and “binds the universe together.” Bonus points if you noticed my reference to Yoga from Star War there, our little green friend whose teachings are often based around the concepts of chi [Read: Jedi ]

Chi has a storied background in traditional Eastern healing, which speak of the nadis, meridians, or “energy channels” [1].

In the East, life is considered to be the result of vibrational energy, a life-force that flows through all living things. For this reason, much of Eastern healing science is based on techniques and exercises that get this energy flowing, such as through qigong and tai chi.

Chi is made of yin and yang and flows through the body via rivers. If you look at the medical science of countries like Thailand and India, you will find words like “Sen” and “Nadis” describing the energy channels in the body.

When the energy channels in the body become blocked, we experience illness. And hence why Eastern healing focuses on curing the blockage to help energy flow. There is some scientific evidence to support this. MRIs and EKGs reveal that our bodies are electromagnetic. And many healing techniques such as meditation and “Shiatsu” (massage) have been scientifically shown to stimulate electromagnetic energy in the body.

kanji symbol for chi qi
kanji symbol for chi qi

 How To Do Chi Meditation To Control Chi Energy

One of the best exercises for chi energy is tai chi. And, of course, meditation.

There is an elementary chi meditation technique beginners can use to control chi energy.

This exercise will strengthen the mind-body connection and help you to control energy in your body and mind. It is also one of my favourite meditations for relaxation.

This chi meditation derives from Qi Gong and is a widespread technique in China.


  1. Begin breathing naturally while focusing your mind on your breath moving in and out of your lower abdomen. With your eyes open, focus on a point at eye level in front of you.  This point should be approximately six feet away. Try not to move your eyes. Continue to focus on this point for 5 minutes.
  2. Move your eyes to a position approximately 3 feet away and 45 degrees down in front of you. Focus here for 5 minutes.
  3. Continuing to breathe in the same fashion, move your gaze to a point between your feet. Try not to move your head too much; only move your eyes. Focus here for 5 minutes.
  4. Continuing the same pattern, focus on the tip of your nose for five minutes. Both your eyes should be fixed on the same point.
  5. Close your eyes while still pointing them towards the tip of your nose. Feel your breath entering through your nasal passage and moving through to your abdomen. The air will feel quite cold as you breathe in and quite warm when you breathe out. Continue for five minutes.
  6. Focus on the sound of your breathing for five minutes.
  7. Now focus on your lower abdomen for five minutes.
  8. Still sitting with your eyes closed, breathe in this fashion: breathe in for three counts, hold for three counts, then breathe out for six counts.
  9. Imagine all impurities leaving your body as you breathe out. Rub your palms together counter-clockwise so that the palms warm, then hold them over your eyes, warming your eyes.
  10. Place your hands down on your lower abdomen. Now open your eyes and sit still for a few moments.

And you’re done!

Now you know how to do chi meditation, and you can use this technique to start to control chi energy inside of you.

Benefits [Research]

Research from Seoul National University has revealed the existence of meridians, the energy centres of the body. Researchers state that the meridian system is involved with allowing energy to be relayed by biophotons and DNA. The Journal Of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena published research in which a dye was injected into the body to reveal the existence of the meridian system [1], which gives evidence to traditional Eastern healing techniques that have existed for thousands of years.

Those healing techniques focus on stimulating energy flow to enhance health. And one way to do this is through meditation.

Meditation is the practice of focusing the mind on a single thing. Numerous scientific studies have shown that this practise relaxes the body and improves the immune system, along with many other physical health benefits.

An old story about healing with Qi

There is a famous story in which a man is living in the Asian’s mountains. He is suffering from tuberculosis and only has a few days left to live. The man ascends the mountain to its very peak, where he sits upon a rock and begins to meditate. While resting, he comes to accepts his fate and his mind and body become serenely calm.

The stories tell that the old man still sits there to this day, waiting for death, which is no longer inevitable since his meditation has healed him. By harnessing the power of chi, the old man completely healed his body.

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Written by Paul Harrison

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