How To Do Chi Meditation Properly [10 Steps]

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You can control chi flow in your body by practicing a specific type of meditation. Here’s how to do chi meditation technique.


What is chi?

Chi, or Ki, is the energy of the universe. Chi surrounds are beings and  “binds the universe together.” Chi is a very powerful force which has been used by masters for healing, for martial arts and for other uses. Harnessing the energy of Chi can provide many benefits in everyday life, from providing energy to keeping the body strong and healthy.

Because chi is so important, many techniques have been created that will help you control chi flow in your body. Take a look at our list of meditation techniques to find the right type of meditation for you.


 A Story about Chi

Before we start looking at how to do chi meditation and covering our chi medtiation exercises, I’d like to share a story.

There is a famous story in which a man is living in the Asian’s mountains. He is suffering from tuberculosis and only has a few days left to live. The man ascends the mountain to its very peak, where he sits upon a rock and begins to meditate. During meditation he comes to accepts his fate and his mind and body become serenely calm.

The stories tells that the old man still sits there to this day, waiting for death, which is no longer inevitable since his meditation has healed him. By harnessing the power of Chi the old man completely healed his body.

And that’s the power of Chi!



So let’s take look at how to do control chi flow by using a chi medtiation exercise for beginners.

This is a very basic chi technique which is ideal for beginners. This will strengthen the mind body connection and build chi. And it is also one of my favorite meditations for relaxation.

This chi meditation derives from Qi Gong and is a popular technique in China. Though there are many types of Chi meditation, most of them are similar to this one.

Before meditating, make sure you are free of distractions.  Go somewhere quiet, turn your phone off etc. Etc.


 How To Do Chi Meditation To Control Chi Flow

This is one of the best chi meditation exercises for beginners. Read the instructions through thoroughly so you know how to do chi meditation before you actually start. Once you’re confident you know how to do chi meditation properly, have a try.

1: Begin breathing in a natural way while focussing your mind on your breath moving in and out of your lower abdomen. With your eyes open, focus on a point at eye level in front of you.  This point should be approximately six feet away. Try not to move your eyes. Continue to focus on this point for 5 minutes.

2: Move your eyes to a position approximately 3 feet away and 45 degree down in front of you. Focus here for 5 minutes.

3: Continuing to breathe in the same fashion, move your gaze to a point between your feet. Try not to move your head too much, only move your eyes. Focus here for 5 minutes.

4: Continuing the same pattern, focus on the tip of your nose for five minutes. Both your eyes should be fixed on the same point.

5: Close your eyes while still pointing them towards the tip of your nose. Feel your breathing entering through your nasal passage and moving through to your abdomen. The air will feel quite cold as you breathe in and quite warm when you breathe out. Continue for five minutes.

6: Focus on the sound of your breathing for five minutes.

7: Now focus on your lower abdomen for five minutes.

8: Still sitting with your eyes closed, breathe in this fashion: breathe in for 3 counts, hold for 3 counts, then breathe out for 6 counts.

9: Imagine all impurities leaving your body as you breathe out. Rub your palms together counter clockwise so that the palms get warm, then hold them over your eyes, warming your eyes.

10:  Place your hands down on your lower abdomen. Now open your eyes and sit still for a few moments.

And you’re done! Now you know how to do chi meditation and have learnt a simple chi meditation exercise for beginners. Regular practice of this Chi meditation technique will build chi inside you and help to strengthen your mind and body.


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