Chin Mudra Tutorial–Learn The Gesture Of Consciousness

chin mudra

The Chin Mudra / Gyan Mudra is a yogic mudra that represents wisdom, knowledge and the unification of consciousness. One of the most important mudras when learning meditation, there are many a great many benefits of the chin mudra.


The Chin Mudra Position

  1. Join your forefingers and thumbs together to create a circle. Hold the nail of the finger lightly to the thumb’s soft pad.
  2.  The remaining three fingers should be extended with the palm facing upwards.
  3. When this pose is used with the palms facing downwards it become the jhana mudra.
  4. Try meditating with the mudra with your hands on your knees. Try it now and notice how it feels. This meditation position stimulates Nadi.




There are many great benefits of the mudra, some of which you will feel as you try the mudra now. The Gyan mudra benefits include:

  • Energy creation and maintenance. The mudra redirect prana in the body.
  • The Chin mudra increases focus.
  •  Improved sleep
  • Improved stamina and energy
  • Helps to eliminate common pains.
  • Helps to relax and is a natural way of beating stress.
  • Can help with depression and anxiety by removing stress.


Consult a healthcare professional before using the mudra.


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