Your Complimentary Coaching

Welcome to your complementary meditation coaching. I recommend that you do one of the following videos each day, rather than trying to do them all in one go.

There are three sessions, like so:

Session 1: An introduction to meditation, detailing the most important fundamentals of good practice.

Session 2: A look at different meditation techniques and their benefits.

Session 3: Developing your practice and enhancing the effects of meditation.

Session 1

Sessione one is all about the basic fundamentals of meditation. In this video I lead you through a guided breathing meditation and share important tips for beginners. You will learn about posture, focusing your mind, and completing a simple mindfulness exercise. Many meditators make fundamental mistakes. This video will help you to identify and solve those problems.

Coaching Session 1

Session 2

In session two I discuss some of the most effective forms of meditation. You will learn about different techniques like Vipassana and Body Scan.

This session is designed to be an overview of the many options you have when you are choosing your meditation exercise. I encourage you to try different methods and find which one works best for you.

Session 3

This third and final video discusses ways to enhance your practice so that you can get more out of meditation.

As a meditation teacher with more than twenty years of experience, I have learned many ways to make meditation more effective. I share some of my favorite tips in this video.

I hope you have enjoyed these introducyory meditation coaching sessions. In these videos you have learned the basics of meditation, you have begun to discover different meditation techniques, and you have gained insight that will help you to meditate effectively.

Next, why not join me for your very own private meditation lesson.