Colour Psychology- A Miraculous New Weight Loss Technique

The best new weight loss technique revolves around one simple fact: You might be what you eat, but you eat what you see. Colour psychology is the latest scientific breakthrough in weight loss techniques. In this article we reveal the science and method of losing weight through colour psychology. 

Why are fast food restaurants never decorated using blue? Why do Pizza Hut, KFC, and McDonald’s all use red as their main colour?

It all comes down to the science of colour psychology. Scientific researchers and proponents of chromology have proven that colours are capable of influencing our feelings. Colours can even change our appetite.

A scientific study titled Color in Marketing revealed that 90% of snap second judgments are based on colour alone. Snap second decision? The last time I stuffed my hand in the cookie jar was a snap second decision. And my cookie jar happens to be red. We know from a scientific study called Exciting Red And Competent Blue, that the colour red makes us act more impulsively. Time to change that cookie jar.


There’s a reason why restaurants use the colours they use…

If you’re surrounded by red items you’re more likely to act impulsively, picking up a hamburger just because we feel like it. That’s why McDonald’s will never be blue, because when people see blue they feel calm and actually stop and think. And that’s why you should surround yourself wit blues and greens, colours that make you feel relaxed and calm and less likely to pick up a doughnut just because you fancy one.

That’s also why colour psychology is the new weight loss technique that we want to recommend to you today. On the blog we have already covered several amazing new weight loss techniques including THIS, and then there’s THIS little gem, and my personal favourite, THIS. Well, now it’s time for colour psychology.

A TV show called Crowd Control recently aired on the National Geographic Channel. On the show, researchers investigated the effect of colour psychology on weight loss. the researchers went to a buffet at a New Jersey truck stop and took out all the restaurants large plates. They replaced them with smaller ones and changed the colour of the decorations  to include a lot more blue in the colour scheme. The results showed that dining in a room decorated in blue will make you eat less.

Researchers believe that blue suppresses the appetite because it is a calming colour. One of the diners who were interviewed said that the colour blue made him feel a lot more relaxed than he usually felt and that this made him slow down and pay more attention to what he was eating. Because he was then more aware of what he was eating he was satisfied quicker. This in turn led him to needing to eat less.

Scientists also suggest that because blue is an unnatural colour which is not found in many foods it subconsciously suggests to the individual that they should stop eating. So, the simple result of this scientific experiment is that if you paint your house (or dining room) blue you will eat less and lose weight without even thinking about it.


Many all-you-can-eat restaurants use blue and other relaxing colours because these colours make people eat less. 


Here’s a quick guide to using this new weight loss technique

The colours of the room you eat in affect the way you eat. When you’re in a red room you’re more likely to act impulsively, indulging in snacks. When you’re in a blue room you’re more likely to slow down and to eat healthily.

Colour also affects the way you feel about the food you eat. In 2006 scientists Wansink and Van Ittersum studied the affect of eating food of the same colour and on the same colour plate. They had half their participants eat green beans on a green plate, and the other half eat green beans on a yellow plate. The participants whose food and plates were the same colour ended up eating more. The researchers state that this is because the limited contrast between food and plate made them less aware and less mindful of what they were eating.

Similarly, it’s important to contrast colours in the food itself. Eating food of only one colour makes you less aware of what you’re eating and thereby more likely to eat more. A plate of contrasting colours will make you more aware of what you’re eating, and thereby less likely to overeat.

So here’s the gist of it. Try eating in a blue room, on a white plate, with food of all different colours. Doing so will heighten your awareness and appreciation of the food you eat, leading you to eat less and lose weight. And that’s the lowdown for this fascinating new weight loss technique.


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