Completely Free Meditation Coach Training Course Online
Completely Free Meditation Coach Training Course Online

Let me level with you: You do not need to pay for meditation teacher training course or certification if you do not want to. 

Yes, there are lots of different meditation training certification programs online. And many of them will charge you thousands of dollars for the price of admission. But here is the truth of the matter: you can become a meditation teacher for free.

Here’s why you don’t need formal meditation coach training. 

You do no legally require any certification to teach meditation. In fact, there are shockingly few prerequisites of becoming a meditation teacher. You simply need to be good at it, and to know how to make money from it. And that is about it.

I love meditation. And I want to help you become a meditation coach. That is why I have created this completely free meditation teacher training course. All of the content is right here on this site. And it is all entirely free.

Not only that, I will help you to actually become a mindfulness instructor and to succeed in it.

In this guide I will share with you literally everything you need to teach mindfulness and meditation, and I will offer you my advice on succeeding in the business too. It’s a 100% free meditation coach training program. 

This page itself is really just a short intro. But I have included links to very valuable and comprehensive guides to everything you need to know. And if you do have your heart set on taking an accredited course, read my guide to choosing a mindfulness teacher training program.

So, let’s get started.

The Completely Free Meditation Teacher Training Course

PART 1: If you want to become a meditation coach, train yourself first

If you want to be a mindfulness instructor, training yourself should be your first priority. You need to know your stuff. Essentially, this means that you need to know two things.

You need to know:

Honestly, between those two guides you will find more information, for free, than you will in any multi-thousand dollar meditation teacher training course or certification program.

Those guides will tell you the how and why of meditation.

You need to know the different types of meditation so you can teach them. But you need to know the benefits because they are the keys to marketing yourself as a meditation teacher. More on this later.

Take a look at those two links above. They contain guides to all meditation techniques and scientifically articles on all the different benefits of meditation. They are really the main part of this meditation coach training program. 

After you’ve read those two guides in full you will already know enough about meditation to teach it.

So that is part one of this completely free meditation teacher training course. Let’s move on.

PART 2: If you want to become a meditation coach, create a studio

Actually knowing how to meditate is only one small art of teaching meditation.

If you want to become a mindfulness instructor, you will need a space in which to teach.

This space is insanely important. Because honestly, even though your students will want your advice, they will also just want to go somewhere relaxing and beautiful. That’s why you want your meditation studio to be like a luxury spa.

Don’t sweat. It doesn’t necessarily have to cost a million bucks to create your meditation space. Especially because I have written a guide to creating a meditation space at home.

It’s important to realise that your meditation studio is both your branding and your product.

Your meditation studio is the place people go to to relax. They come and see you for a meditation session. They want to relax. So you’d better have a nice space for them to meditate in, otherwise they will go elsewhere.

Secondly, your meditation studio is also your branding. Just like how when you buy a new product it comes in a box, your meditation lessons come in the studio. The studio is the packaging. So make sure your meditation studio looks professional and beautiful.

You’ll also need to have all the most important meditation products ready on hand as well.

PART 3: Selling yourself as a meditation coach (marketing)

Honestly, this is the most important part of our free meditation coach training course. Marketing.

You can know everything in the world about meditation. But if you want to teach it you need to know how to sell yourself as a meditation coach. Training is worthless unless you can actually make money out of it. And you cant do that unless you sell yourself.

This is especially true because meditation is burgeoning right now. Every day more and more people become mindfulness instructors. And you need to compete against them. That means you need darned good marketing, otherwise you will not stand out from the crowd. This is also why a lot of mindfulness teachers teach at the gym or at an already successful yoga studio. Because that way you don’t really need to market yourself, you just need to get the owner of the gym / yoga studio to give you a spot. It’s a lot easier and a lot less risky (but also not so potentially lucrative).

So here is what you’re going to need to do to make yourself stand out as a meditation coach:

  • Get business cards
  • Invest in marketing (online / via brochures etc)
  • Tell every single person you know
  • Use Facebook ads / Google ads and other online ads (contact me for help with this, or visit

PART 4: When you need to do a meditation coach certification course, and when you don’t

There are some times when you do need to be certified as a meditation coach, and some times when you do not. 

If the style of meditation that you are teaching is trademarked, then you will legally require a meditation coach certification from that specific school.

Another time when you will want certification or some kind of legally recognisable award is when you are teaching people who have diagnosed mental health conditions. If you are not medically qualified you should not teach people with mental health conditions. It is not worth the risk to either them or to you.

That said, if you are simply teaching people how to meditate, and you’re focusing on helping healthy people to relax, you probably wont need a certificate for that.

Play it smart. Don’t do something you are not qualified to do.

PART 5: Actually making money as a meditation coach

Here’s what I hate about most meditation coach training courses. They teach you how to teach. But they do not teach you how to make money as a meditation teacher.

Let’s be real: you won’t stick to being a mindfulness instructor unless you actually make money from it. And you definitely wont stick to it if you lose money from it. So here are some of my tips on managing finances as a meditation teacher.

Firstly, start out by investing a few grand. It will definitely cost you a little bit of money to get yourself up and running as a meditation teacher. And most of that money should be invested into either a) your meditation studio, or b) your marketing. Reason is this: Your studio is your product, and you need your product to be good otherwise people will not be interested. But you also need to actually reach people to begin with, and the only way to d that is through marketing. So, invest in your product and your marketing.

Go above and beyond for all your students in the beginning: Word of mouth marketing will be important. You want all your students to talk about you so that their friends want to take your meditation lessons. That’s how you grow. The best way to make this happen is to go above and beyond for your first bunch of students. Make them fall in love with your product. Even if you’re putting in more time than you’re getting paid for, do it, because if your first bunch of students love you they will rave about you and they will make other people want to take your lessons.

Get insurance: Bear in mind that as a meditation teacher some of your students could have mental health problems such as anxiety, and they could potentially have a health incident during a lesson. If you do not have insurance this could be a massive financial blow to you. Cover yourself and get some darned good insurance.

 And that’s our free meditation coach training course wrapped-up

And that is about all you need to know to teach mindfulness.

Now here’s what to do next:

Meditation is growing big time and there has never been a better time to train as a meditation teacher.

Good luck!

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher and writer. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

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