10 Best Meditations For Confidence And Self Esteem

Let me tell you about the time I used 10 meditation for confidence and self esteem.

When I slumped into a lonely motel room, homeless, 3000 miles away from family , five years ago, I thought my self confidence would never recover.

It was the lowest time in my life. My breakup hit me hard. It left me with zero self esteem.

It took me months to pick myself back up, to regain my self confidence, to feel good about myself once again. It took me 6000 miles of flying to reconnect with myself.

And I finally rediscovered my self worth.

During that time, I learned so much. I learned psychological techniques that were supposed to be great but were actually rubbish. I learned mind-tricks that sounded crazy but worked. And I found 10 things that seriously gave me back my life.

I know right now that other people are suffering. And I’m not willing to sit here, now I’m happy, and let them go through what I went through.

That’s why I’m writing this guide to self confidence. It’s a 10  step meditation for confidence and self esteem.

In this guide I’m going to share:

  • the best meditations for confidence
  • the best meditations for self esteem
  • and my painful journey back to self worth.

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My 10 Step Meditation For Confidence And Self Esteem

1. My 10 step meditation for confide and self esteem started with 1 single mindful moment

It all began with one second of mindfulness. Yes, one second.

It’s been proven that mindfulness makes you happy. Even if you can only be mindful for a moment, it will still do good.

I took advantage of that.

When I was at my all-time low, I felt so bad I couldn’t even see straight for one minute. I was depressed. And I was experiencing constant negative thoughts.

I knew I could use proper meditation for confidence, but I was beyond that.

I’d broken up with my girlfriend, whom I had moved country for. I was 3000 miles from family. I was completely alone. And honestly, I was terrified about the future.

My level of confidence was 0 out of 10.

Science shows that we experience 50 000 thoughts per day, and the majority of them include some degree of negativity.

Well, sitting in that dingy motel room all alone (and some 3000 miles from home after I immigrated to Canada), I think I experienced about a million negative thoughts in one hour.

There were so many negative thoughts in my mind that I couldn’t even see straight.

I knew I wasn’t ready to use full-on meditations for confidence. What I needed was one mindful moment.

Mindfulness means “being conscious of the present moment”.

Science has proven that mindfulness creates happiness. And of course, confidence is very closely linked to happiness

When we are mindful we are able to perceive our thoughts, and that gives us the power to change our thoughts. That’s why mindfulness is one of the best meditations for self esteem.

Problem is, it’s not always easy being mindful, especially when you experience an endless siege of negative thoughts.

Sometimes you just need one second of mindfulness to break out of negative thoughts and connect with the moment.That one moment of mindfulness was my first step for using meditation for confidence.

My level of confidence was now about 1.5 out of 10.

2. Then I took a Zen walking meditation. Confidence increased a little more 

Have you ever noticed how walking helps relax the mind?

In one experiment, scientists Miller and Krizan studied the mood of students when walking compared to sitting. The results, the research say, show that walking increases our engagement with life. In a second study, Miller revealed that walking helps us to stay positive for longer. So when we’re feeling low, walking increases our happiness and when we already are happy, walking helps us stay that way for longer.

At the time, I was distraught and had zero confidence. I stepped out the lonely motel room and went for a 10-mile Zen walk around the city.

A Zen walk is basically a meditative walk in which we focus on the sense of movement. This helps us to feel free.

My Zen walk reduced the ruminating negative thoughts I was experiencing and helped me to feel a little better about myself.

That was step 2 of my 10 step meditation for confidence.

Confidence level: 2.3 out of 10

3. Then, after using forgiveness-meditation. This is a huge meditation for self esteem!

It’s hard to be confident when you’re constantly hating yourself for mistakes you made in the past.

That’s why part of using meditation for confidence is to forgive yourself.

I was low and my mind was attacking itself. I was hating myself. I kept thinking of all the mistakes I’d made. And that made it impossible to live in the moment, and impossible to see any hope.

Science has proven that forgiveness is important for happiness and wellbeing. Whether we are forgiving ourselves or forgiving others, we need to forgive in order to move on.

A lack of confidence is often caused by the idea that we didn’t do things correctly before, so why will now be any different.

But for self growth we need to forgive ourselves of past errors, learn from those errors, and be empowered by our past experiences. And do all that, we need to forgive ourselves.

So I worked on forgiving myself. I admitted past mistakes and learned from them. And I decided to  use those lessons to my advantage in the future.Using forgiveness meditation, my self esteem shot up just a little bit.

Confidence level: 3.1 out of 10


4. Then I started watching a ton of inspiring movies 

Having forgiven myself for past errors I was starting to see hope. But I was going through major changes and it was exhausting.

This was also a break from doing all those meditations for confidence..

I started watching a lot of inspiring movies for confidence too. That way I could relax while still improving my mood.

Scientific research has proven that our minds learn from the movies. When we watch positive, inspiring movies we actually develop psychologically.

Lion King. Aladin. Star Wars. The Pursuit Of Happyness, these movies all helped inspire me to start being just a little bit nicer to myself.

These movies helped me to relax while inspiring me to move forward.

Then it would be time to get back to using meditation for self esteem again.

Confidence level: 3.7 out of 10 


5. Then I spent a lot of time with positive people

At this point I was still taking a break from those confidence-meditations I’d been doing.

I checked out of the motel room, reconnected with my ex, and was starting to feel that maybe I might have a future. I had a small scrap of hope. But I knew I needed to visit my family and friends back home if I were ever to feel good about myself again.

Truth is, the best therapy is friends and family.

So I went back to England, still low of confidence but feeling at least a little hope. While we can use meditation for confidence, it is definitely good to spend time with loved ones too (especially when your self esteem is a low as mine was).

For the next 3 months I spent literally every moment with people I knew, trusted, and felt secure around. My family. My friends.

When your self confidence is low you’re better off spending time around people you know you can trust, people who will help you to feel better about yourself.

At these times, you’re not looking to win the Olympics. You’re just looking to be supported and feel comforted with friends and family.

And if your friends and family are awesome like mine, they will do everything in their power to help you recover your confidence and self esteem. Kind words. Smiles. Companionship. It’s a big deal.

And at the same time, cut out negative people from your life. They are lowering your self confidence with every negative word they say.

Incidentally, a major source of low confidence is people who use gaslighting tactics. Take a look to see whether you’re being manipulated.

Confidence level: 4.3 out of 10



6. Then I started meditating on confidence itself

I have written a lot about meditating.

But listen:

It can be hard to use meditation for confidence if you’re at an all time low. It takes little steps. Being that low can make you see things in your own mind that you don’t want to see.

Having returned home and with the support of family, I was ready to start meditating again.

I started using basic meditations for confidence, meditation techniques like mindful breathing, mantras and Smiling Buddha Technique. I will say the Buddhist meditations were huge for me.

These meditations help the mind to relax and they let us see our thoughts more clearly. Once we see those thoughts we can start to change them.

For me, meditation provided a much-needed pause. It let me reconnect to the living moment. This gave me the change to start again.

Confidence level: 5.3 out of 10


7. Then I started using yoga for confidence too 

It’s not rocket science, but exercise makes you feel good.

Funny how we forget that when we’re down.

When you’re full of pain you often forget to do the basics like going to the gym and exercising.

So while we can use meditation for self esteem, it’s good to workout too.

It took me two months from my lowest point to be able to start exercising again.

I started with yoga. Yoga is fantastic for the mind and the body. The stretches help free the mind while the body gets loosened up.

I’ve written a guide to using yoga for positivity if you would like to take a look.

Yoga promotes so many positive mental states: happiness, confidence, inner peace… when you’re using meditation for self confidence, balance it out with yoga.

Confidence level: 6.5 out of 10


8. Then I adopted confident body language 

Did you watch the Amy Cuddy TED presentation in which she explained how body language effects our minds?

Cuddy revealed that we can create positive states of mind just by changing our body language.


When I started to sit up straight, to hold my chin up, and to look people in the eyes, I started to feel  more powerful and more confident. And this took my confidence up yet another point.

The best body language for confidence is:

  • Not putting your hands in pockets
  • Holding your chin level (parallel to the ground)
  • Always having good posture
  • Standing with your legs separated by a foot or more (this will change depending on your stature)
  • Nod to yourself occasionally and when speaking to others

Not only does this body language make you confident, it does wonder for your charisma.

Incidentally, for one of the absolute best meditations for confidence, stand with strong body language and then meditate on sensations in your body. Trust me. You want to try this.

Confidence level: 7.3 out of 10 

9. Then I used another Buddhist meditation for confidence—Loving Kindness

Three months after my fall from grace I learned a truly remarkable tip for confidence.

This tip completely changed my definition of confidence. And it turned my world around.

We usually think that confidence is a personal thing, that it is entirely about us, ourselves, and whether we have feel good or not.

This, I learned, is an unenlightened perspective.

Because confidence is actually shaped by the way we view the world.

People who think that the world is a vicious, predatory place; people who think lowly of others, these people naturally have low self confidence. Because they believe the world is evil, they do not feel secure in that world.

People who believe the world is kind and loving naturally have high level of confidence because they believe that other people will help them and be kind to them even if they mess up.

So instead of changing ourselves we should change our perspective no the world.

How do you do that?

Practice loving kindness meditation. For confidence this one is huge. If you are feeling low and hating yourself, or if you’re feeling negative about other people, you will get a lot out this technique. It’s definitely one of the best types of meditation for self esteem.  To do this, simply meditate while imagining receiving and giving love and kindness to and from other people.

Confidence level: 9.3 out of 10

10. Then I started positivity training

 I had come so far. I had broken up with my ex then reconnected. I had been homeless than returned back home to England. I had been at my absolutely lowest point in life. And I had pulled my way back up.

My confidence was high. Now I wanted to maximize my confidence and to sustain it.

That’s why I started positivity training.

There are so many psychological techniques we can use to train the mind to be confident: mindfulness, self love, meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, affirmations, mantras…

How do you know which techniques to use?

I used a handful of very powerful strategies. And these strategies trained my mind to be confident and posititive.

I’ve shared it all in my article on training yourself to think positive automatically.

Confidence level: 9.7 out of 10

And that was my 10 step meditation for confidence and self esteem

I made it back to confidence. And looking back, I am darned proud that I did.

For me, confidence was a journey. It had its low times, its high times. There were friends and there were villains. But through it all there was one ting that kept me going: The belief in the human mind.

The mind is more powerful than we know. And when we access the true power of the mind.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If so, please share it.

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