Use These Mantras For Self Confidence And You Will Feel Amazing
Use These Mantras For Self Confidence And You Will Feel Amazing

Mantras can boost confidence by creating positive self belief.

When you feel confident you take risks, you dare to dream, you push yourself, you achieve great things.

But I’m sure you will agree: it’s not always easy to have confidence today.

With all the stress and pressure put on us, we could all use some great confidence-boosting tricks.

And there are lots of self help tips for confidence too.

Today I’d like to share some powerful mantras for confidence.

How mantras give you confidence

In my ultimate guide to mantras I revealed the secret sciene behind mantras. And we looked at how to use mantras to build inner strength.

One way to use mantras is for confidence.

Mantras are repeated words or phrases (similar to affirmations or spells) that are used in yoga, Hinduism ad Buddhism. Unlike affirmations, mantras have spiritual powers that create psychological effects, and yes, that includes the ability to build confidence.

The mantras for confidence that I have shared below, work in two ways. There are English mantras that are essentially affirmations. And there are actual spiritual mantras from yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism. These mantras change your inner frequency, creating positive energy.

Now listen guys:

If you truly want to build confidence, you should also use mantras to get rid of the negative influences that are lowering your confidence.

For instance, anxiety and depression are two of the big reasons why so many people have bad self confidence.

But thankfully there are some good mantras to eliminate those problems.

I’ve combines all those mantras into one list of mantras for the mind.

Have a read of that link (above). It will show you how to remove anxiety, depression, and any other problem that might be interfering with your self confidence.


Good mantras for confidence

Combine the following mantras with my meditations to build confidence.

There are many mantras for confidence.

There are confidence mantras in English, in Hindu, Buddhist, Vedic, Yogic and in many other spiritualities.

To begin with, let’s take a look at some non-spiritual confidence mantras in English.


 English Mantras for Confidence

Here is a selection of excellent mantras for confidence that are not spiritual or religious, but which are nevertheless very powerful.

Recite each of these mantras 10 times.

  • “I appreciate myself and welcome positive thoughts and feelings into my being.”
  • “I am a great person and I deserve to feel great.”
  • “I am secure in myself. I do not compare myself to others.”
  • “I am a healthy, happy, positive person.”
  • “I am sending love and happiness to myself.”
  • “I embrace my positive qualities and value myself highly.”

When you do this, notice any negative thoughts that crop up. If you experience negative thoughts, use change your thoughts with CBT

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Buddhist Mantras for Confidence

Recite these spiritual mantras for a happy spirit.



“My heart and mind are open”

WHY it works

It is important to always have an open heart and mind.

When your heart is opening you allow other people into your life. You also allow yourself into your own heart. You must accept yourself and all others with love and kindness. This is best achieved through an open heart. And an open mind is important for lessening the grip negative thoughts have on you.




“Slowly, appreciatively, and with gratitude”

WHY it works

When you are stressed out you tend to race around.

I know personally that when I suffered from depression and anxiety I felt that I was always inwardly rushing while achieving nothing outwardly.

When you go slow, take your time, appreciate everything and express gratitude you achieve a much more positive state of mind.




“The easy way’s the best way”

WHY it works

Well to start off its true.

I know personally that I have a terrible habit of making everything unnecessarily difficult, as though I’m just attracted to drama. This mantra tells me to chill, to stop being so rushed and to take it EASY. Why make life hard when it doesn’t need to be?





Okay, so we’ve covered the English mantras for confidence and some Buddhist mantras for confidence. Now time for Hindu and vedic mantras.

These are powerful mantras that will help you to find deep and long lasting confidence.



 Om Namah Shivaya

Om Nimah Shavaya can be translated to mean “I bow to Shiva, supreme deity, the truest and highest self. It is saying “I honour that which is divine within my being.”

This mantra reminds us that we are divine beings. It puts us in touch with our truest self and, in doing so, boosts our confidence dramatically.




 Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

 This mantra means:

“May everyone be free and experience happiness, and may my own actions, thoughts and words be instrumental towards the freedom and happiness of others.”

This is a very effective mantra for developing loving kindness towards ourselves and others. It is centred on compassion, both for self and others. When we achieve self love with this mantra we encourage the development of self confidence.




Om Gum Ganapatayei Namah

This mantra is Hindu and is in devotion to Ganesh, the god of success and wisdom and the destroyer of obstacles.

This mantra translates to:

“I devote myself to Ganesh, who removes obstacles. I pray for blessing and protection.”

This mantra is more about removing negatives in our lives rather than promoting positives. A lack of confidence is one such obstacle. When we show devotion to Ganesh it is said that we will remove this obstacle from our lives.



I hope you find these mantras helpful.

You probably will encounter some negative thoughts when you use these mantras. If this happens to use, make use of my tips to kill negative thoughts.

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