Connect To Your Higher Self. Become Spiritually Awakened

Connect To Your Higher Self. Become Spiritually Awakened

Discover what it feels like to connect to your higher self today, and become spiritually awakened with these simple tips and techniques.


 Transcending three dimensional reality and existing on the fifth dimension is a gift readily accessible to all humans. Metaphysicists have long researched for millennia about the possible existence of a fifth dimension. But the spiritually awakened don’t question the existence of a higher self or the existence of the fifth dimension. They step into it every day.


You already exist in the fifth dimension. You are already connected to your higher self. Accessing your higher self, then, is not a matter of physical and mental transformation. Rather it is a fundamental shift in perspective.

For millennia spiritual gurus have advocated the use of meditation as a means of connecting to your higher self. Yogis advocate Kundalini meditation as a means to activate the dormant kundalini energy inside your body.  Angela Brady has written an excellent guide to Kundalini on LiveStrong.

Hindus advocate Third Eye meditation as a way to perceive with clairvoyant sight. And Buddhists and Daoists advocate letting go of attachments in order to see the world not as we think it might be, but as it truly is.

The universal factor in all these practices is this. In order to connect to your higher self you must let go of the self and accept the natural state of oneness that is the pure reality of existence.


The universe exists in a state of oneness. We are one. You and I are one. You and the world outside your body are comprised of the exact same energy. Connecting to your higher self, then, is not a matter of creating a new you. It is a matter of accepting the pure, primordial you that has always been and will always be your reality.

Let go of attachments. Release your mind from the thoughts that inhabit it. Perceive the universe not with your eyes, but with the pure energy of the human mind.

Connect with silence.


Silence is the purest energy on Earth. Focus your mind on silence and your thoughts will natural be released from your mind. Meditating on silence is one of the most ancient practices in spiritual healing. When your mind focuses on silence it merges with the purity of existence. That was why, when Guatama Sidhartha sat under the Bodhi tree now so many years ago, he transcended the illusion of three dimensional reality, and ascended to the fifth dimension. And so can you.


Your mind is the purest form of energy. But society pollutes it. Thoughts pollute it. Society is so created as to strip you of your highest self. And the only way to reclaim your higher self is to let go of the attachments society forces on you.


You already are your higher self. Simply meditate on the sound of silence and you will automatically connect to your higher self. That’s the innate wisdom that has permeated the minds of the most spiritually awakened people through history. And it’s a wisdom you can utilize today.


Silence is the key to your higher self.


Let me show you how to connect to your spiritual self in 5 minutes. This quick and simple technique will help you connect to your spiritual self in no time.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” We can all appreciate the truth of this famous quote.

Inside of us we are aware that there is more than appears on the surface. As those silver waves that roll up to the shore belie the depth and enormity of the ocean, so too do our conscious selves belie the infinity of our nature.

But there are times when we remember the truth of our nature. There are times when we reconnect to our spiritual selves.

Do you know what it feels like to connect to your spiritual self?

Often I sit and stare up at the stars in wonder. It’s humbling. Those twinkling orbs that ever light the evening skies. They remove you from yourself. They remind you of the majesty and mystery of the universe. They silence your thoughts. And, I’m sure you’ll agree, they reconnect you to your spiritual self, to that sense of being one with the universe, the sense that you’re a droplet in an ocean, a single note in a grand orchestration called life.

The sense of being a spiritual being is always within us. But society sometimes makes us forget our authentic selves.

We know deep down that the spiritual self is always there. As the breath is always there but often we’re unaware of it, so too is the spiritual self. It’s constantly there, but we often forget. Busy at work, with ever-present concerns about health, finance and other issues, we’re not given the mental space to live our lives from the purity of our spiritual selves.

If allowed to, thoughts and concerns will squeeze the spiritual energy from our bodies like air from a balloon.

People who have been disconnected from their spiritual selves are more at risk of losing their health, of suffering from depression, anxiety and other issues. When we disconnect from our spiritual selves we find ourselves too fixed on the day to day matters. It’s at those times when concerns like paying the mortgage and meeting deadlines at work really get a hold of us and stress us out.

It’s also at those times when you need to connect to your spiritual self and remember that ultimately the day to day matters are just driftwood in the river, not the river itself.

It’s our sense of self and our thoughts that make us forget our spiritual selves. Silencing the thoughts is the best way how to connect to your spiritual self. 

More than anything, what makes us forget our spiritual selves is our sense of self and our thoughts. Stress leads us to tune in to our thoughts too much. When we struggle to pay the bills, for instance, our mind gets flooded with thoughts. “I won’t make rent.” “I’ll have to get a loan”. Such thoughts severe our spiritual connection and lead us to stress and anxiety.

A thought is like throwing a pebble into a pond. As Bruce Lee so famously said, “Throw a pebble in the pond, you get ripples.” Ripples corrupt the purity of the pond. Thoughts corrupt the purity of existence. But as a pebble can be made to skim along the surface of the pond, so too can thoughts be made to skim the surface of our awareness. Then, we can be witness to our thoughts without being corrupted by them.

The key to making thoughts skim along the surface of consciousness is mindfulness. Mindfulness is one of the best ways how to connect to your spiritual self.

Mindfulness is the act of being aware but not judgmental of our thoughts. When we are mindful we casually observe a thought. We don’t dwell on the thought. We don’t judge it as good or bad or wrong or right. We simply observe. We watch the thought go skipping along the surface of consciousness, never plunging down into the depths.

To practice mindfulness now, simply become aware of the thoughts racing through your mind. Be aware of the fact that those thoughts are causing ripples. One thought leads to another and so on, as the impact of the pebble on the water sends ripples oscillating across the water. Simply observe this phenomenon. Don’t dwell. Don’t judge. Don’t question. Observe. Be aware of the process of those thoughts rippling through your mind. With awareness the pebbles, the thoughts, will become lighter. Soon those thoughts will stop sinking down into your mind. They will skim the surface lightly.

This technique will silence your thoughts. And once the thoughts are silenced the experience of living will be pure. Freed from disturbance, the pond becomes pure and tranquil, and so too will the mind. Then we are free to live our lives connected to our spiritual selves.

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