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  1. Good Morning Paul Is there a email I can provide to be put on for a newsletter? or do i just check in daily?

  2. To Paul M H:

    I have just read your TM article. TM free blog has many articles & comments that analyze the TM or Maharishi Foundation.

    The TM teacher earns 50% of the fee. The rest plus donations maintain the TM properties, centers, projects & hotels. The TM group has invested in several hotels in Fort Worth, Houston, Asbury Park, Hartford & Seelisberg. It has or at least had plenty of money.

  3. Hello,

    My name is Victor and I represent a few clients in the health niche.

    I’m wondering if you accept posts on your website, and if so, what are your rates?


  4. Hi, I would like to buy the Your Best Meditation Book, but nothing happens when I click on the link!

    1. Hi Maria, sorry for theb inconvenience and thank you ever so much for letting me know. Please can you let me know which device (Android / iphone / desktop) you’re using and which internet browser? Thanks so much, Maria.

  5. I want to get my Spiritual Master’s article on your website owing to his website, can you help me with it.

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