Corporate Meditation Classes For Companies – Onsite & Virtual

Corporate Meditation Classes For Companies – Onsite & Virtual

See why 91% of employees surveyed say they found our classes “Relevant and exceedingly helpful”.

Give Your Company The Gift of Mindfulness 

There are many benefits of corporate meditation classes for both companies and their employees. And as expert corporate meditation teachers, we’re happy to help your company to learn mindfulness and meditation.

Here at THE DAILY MEDITATION, we offer a comprehensive suite of custom corporate meditation programs, both virtual and onsite, guaranteed to meet your needs.

See below for a selection of our best onsite and virtual corporate meditation classes, plus everything you need to know about meditation.

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“Paul is a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend him for meditation sessions”

Nadine D., Florida


Our 6 Best Corporate Meditation Classes & Programs

We created our classes and programs on the back of our twenty years of wisdom and insight in mindfulness.

For instance, we’ve learned that different businesses do better with different types of meditation. For example, employees in the financial sector seem to absolutely love Body Scan meditation ⁠—it’s just one of those little things you learn from years of experience.  

Paul says, “Different companies benefit from different training styles. I like to check that my clients are getting the best training for them, which is why I invite you to contact me to discuss your company’s unique needs.”

Our 6 most popular training programs and classes.

  1. The Daily Meditation Workshop
  2. Illuminating Lunch ‘n’ Learn
  3. Captivating Keynotes
  4. Our Signature Guided Meditations
  5. Personal Coaching for Executives
  6. Corporate Calmness Course [2-week program]

1: Our Signature Corporate Meditation Workshop 

The Daily Meditation Workshop is half education, half practice. The goal of the workshop is simple: To give workers firsthand experience of meditation while also teaching them how to practice on their own. We combine motivational tidbits with scientific facts to elucidate the how and the why of mindfulness. 

“I love how our workshops mix education with practice,” says Paul. “You want your staff to have both, so they experience mindfulness and have the knowledge they need to implement it in their own lives.”

Rates: from $250

2: Illuminating Lunch ‘N’ Learn

Our Illuminating Lunch ‘N’ Learn teaches employees mindfulness while they eat. We make this session fun so your staff get the break they need, while also being elucidating. Your team will learn the basics of mindfulness while also experiencing exercises like Mindful Eating and Anapansati. We’ll even show you how that apple in your lunchbox can help you to stay mindful and relaxed. 

Paul says, “In my experience, these are a fun and convenient way to teach employees without losing work hours. I really enjoy our Lunch ‘N’ Learn because it’s relaxed and fun.”

Rates: from $250

photo of Paul teaching online

3: Captivating Corporate Meditation Keynote Speeches

Our Captivating Keynote presentations are generally from 30 minutes to one hour and combine entertainment with science and motivation to create a memorable and empowering presentation.

Paul says, “I personally love giving keynote presentations because I get to use my skills as a former actor and presenter as well as a mindfulness instructor. And when I read the feedback I know employees find my keynote presentations both entertaining and educational.”

Rates: from $250 

4: Our Custom Designed Guided Meditations 

We recommend our guided meditations for businesses that want a turnkey solution. They can be 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. We also facilitate for specific types of sessions at your request, including mantras (for relaxation), Loving Kindness (for teambuilding), Zen (for productivity), and more.

You can take our classes on Zoom, Webexor another platform of your choice, and workers can join via computer, tablet, smartphone, or cellphone.

Paul says, “I always find guided sessions an approachable and effective way to help workers to relax and focus. The key is choosing the right method. Contact me so we can discuss.”

Rates: from $200 

5: Personal Coaching for Executives

Business executives will benefit most from a series of one-to-one sessions. You get personalized coaching that is 100% catered to the individual and their goals, whether that be anything from stress reduction to mindful leadership coaching. We will also select the best practice based on individual needs, whether that be a method like Jon Kabat Zinn’s Body Scan or something more traditional like Vipassana.

Paul says, “I love working one to one, and I find it the single most effective method because it allows me to provide unique tuition to unique individuals.”

Rates: from $400

6: Corporate Meditation Course [2-Week Program]

Our 2-week Corporate Calmness Course offers a more in-depth course for when you want your employees to get a firm grasp of the practice. We cover:

  • Basics of Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mindful breathing for calmness
  • Body Scan for stress relief
  • Zazen for focus
  • Loving Kindness for communication and teambuilding
  • Final seminar 

We start by covering the basics of the practice, which includes everything from posture to mindset. Then we cover the techniques that are most valuable in the workplace, those being Mindful Breathing for calmness, Body Scan for stress relief, Zazen for focus, and Loving Kindness for communication and team-building. Finally, we bring it all together in a final seminar that encourages workers to continue meditating and teaches them to incorporate the practice into their lives both at work and home.

Paul says, “I recommend this option to companies that want the complete solution. In my experience, mindfulness is most effective when you understand the core methods and their unique benefits. That’s why, in our 2 Week Course, I cover all the most powerful techniques.”

We are also happy to be part of your corporate retreat.  


“Paul is an excellent and affordable meditation teacher that has helped me develop my daily meditation practice after struggling significantly on my own.”

Zack Gallinger


5 Benefits of Meditation for Companies and Employees

Many prominent founders have discussed how mindfulness helped them to become successful. For instance, Steve Jobs, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner, and SalesForce’s Marc Benioff. And Fortune 500 companies like General Mills (New York), Comcast (Michigan), Procter & Gamble (Toronto), and Google (California) have started using corporate meditation classes.

No wonder. There are over 100 proven benefits of mindfulness. It helps both individual staff members and their respective companies at large. And best of all, with the increased productivity levels, a corporate meditation program virtually pays for itself.

Paul says, “I’m always reading new scientific research. Every day I read about a newly discovered benefit of mindfulness. But for me, it’s not surprising. We live such chaotic lives and take in so much mental noise. Is it any wonder that some quiet time helps?”

Proven benefits:

  • Increases innovation (Institute for Mindful Leadership Survey). 
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases emotional awareness (Tang et al., 2015)   
  • Increases creativity (Arizona State University)   
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improves relationships (Singer 2016; Kok et al. 2013).  
  • Improves working memory and learning (Harvard Medical School)
  • Reduces sick days (Hulsheger et al., 2012).)

Here is a great overview of the benefits. Oh, and another one. 

1: Corporate meditation classes improve employee performance

Researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston discovered that mindfulness enhances activity in regions of the brain related to working memory and learning. This essentially means that with a workplace meditation program, your workforce will learn faster and improve their performance, all while reducing stress.

Paul says, “I actually noticed this myself when I started meditating back years ago. When my mind is quiet, I’m better at practically everything.”

2: It makes workplaces more creative

It increases creativity according to research from Arizona State University. Plus, The Institute of Mindful Leadership in New Jersey conducted a study that showed that 93% of leaders felt that corporate meditation training improved their innovation, and 70% reported that mindfulness improved their strategical thinking.

Paul says, “Okay, so this is something I love. I love showing people who never thought they were creative just exactly how creative they can be!”

3: Corporate meditation classss balance emotions and raises EQ

Research by Richard Davidson, Ph.D., director of the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin, shows that mindfulness strengthens the emotional brain and improves EQ. This, in turn, helps to promote healthier workplace relations and better staff morale. A big win for the whole office.

“My hands are up. I admit that I needed this myself when I started,” says Pau. “With mindfulness, I finally learned to handle my emotions in a positive and constructive manner. For me, that was a game changer.”  

4: Reduces employee anxiety & depression

Furthermore, it reduces anxiety and depression according to numerous scientific studies, including one from Boston University. Note that this in turn naturally reduces absenteeism.

Paul says, “I usually find that there is a psychological factor behind high levels of absenteeism, and meditation helps solve that problem.”

5: Reduces staff stress

Stressed staff claim on average an additional $2000 per year in workers’ compensation claims compared to more relaxed employees. But meditation can help.

Paul says, “I’ve come to learn that there will always be challenges in life. But (quoting Jon Kabat Zinn), It’s not about stopping the waves. It’s about learning how to surf.”

With corporate meditation classes, you will improve your company culture for years to come

Ultimately, mindfulness is the optimum tool for simultaneously increasing the well-being of your workforce, reducing staff turnover, and cutting health costs. Plus, it is a gentle and safe option for your employees. Less intimidating than yoga and easy to fit into daily work life, it is as convenient as it is powerful. 

We’ve seen big benefits in our classes across NA, from Vancouver to Toronto to New York and San Francisco, and in industries ranging from government organizations to tech startups and more.

Did you know: Employees find our classes more approachable than yoga, and more enjoyable than mental heath training. It’s the perfect solution, and the one your employees want. Request a quote today.

paul harrison
Paul teaching at The Daily Meditation studio

“Paul has a way with knowing how to make you feel calm and peaceful while meditating. He has shown me great concepts to practice and he always reaches out to me to see how i’m doing with the practices. I highly recommend if you need help meditating or even if you want to see how calm it makes you feel. When I am anxious or need to calm down, his meditations are extremely helpful. Overall a great guy and worth trying his lessons!”

Charles Scarafile


7 Steps for Launching Corporate Meditation Classes

As expert workplace mindfulness coaches, we have created a way to successfully implement mindfulness at work. 

  1. Understanding what corporate meditation is
  2. Investigate the core stressors at your workplace
  3. Appoint a wellness team or representative
  4. Quantify and measure your classes
  5. Work with a qualified coach
  6. Listen to feedback
  7. Consider a designated meditation room

1: Understanding what corporate meditation is 

It’s important to get a good grasp on what corporate meditation is and is not before booking classes. So, in a nutshell, corporate meditation is an evidence-based way to reduce stress at work, improve productivity, and bring other benefits which you can read about below. Although mindfulness itself has a spiritual background, stemming from Buddhism, corporate mindfulness is a secular, scientific approach to wellness at work.

2: Identifying the core stressors in your workspace

Different workplaces are susceptible to different kinds of stress and also have different goals. In coworking spaces, for instance, there is often the stress of general busyness. And for nurses and doctors in the healthcare field, there is significant emotional stress.

We begin by analyzing the primary stressors and goals in your workplace. This informs us of how we should create your custom classes.

Paul says, “I have yet to find any single company that doesn’t have come obstacles in the way of wellness. But at the same time, I’ve never found such an obstacle that can’t be overcome. It all starts with recognizing what those stressors are.” 

3: Appoint a wellness team or representative

Make sure you have a designated team or individual to monitor the well-being of your workforce. For a startup, this could be one single person. For a large government organization or corporation, it could be the Chief Health Officer along with their team. Either way, ensure that you have delegates responsible for maintaining staff well-being.

4: Quantify and measure the results of your corporate meditation classes

Continually measure staff well-being and health expenditure. This will enable you to calculate the ROI of your onsite or virtual corporate meditation classes. One way to do this is with monthly health questionnaires. We can help you to create these.  You will want to base this questionnaire around the unique challenges your employees face. So if you are a law firm, for instance, you would ask your employees quite different questions to what a school or university would ask. For larger companies, your health consulting firm would likely take care of this. 

5: Work with a qualified corporate meditation coach

Make sure you work with someone who is knowledgeable about the practice, able to lead presentations, and sensitive to the workplace environment.

For instance, here at THE DAILY MEDITATION, we make sure that we use language sensitive to the workplace, which includes making all communications secular. Plus, unlike many other service providers, who only focus on relaxation techniques, we teach a wide range of methods and will help you to select the best techniques for your team.

6: Listen to feedback

Make sure to open a dialogue with your team. The more your team is willing to discuss wellness, the healthier your team will be. This could be done over the phone if you’re a work-from-home company, in a chat over coffee if you’re a small start-up, or in a formal meeting. 

7: Consider a designated mindfulness room

One lovely option for your company and its employees is to create a mindfulness room. This is essentially a relaxing, quiet space where workers can sit and meditate. It gives employees a place to relax when they need to. This can be pivotal. Imagine working in the tech sector where you are constantly on a computer. Having one space to just sit and relax for ten minutes helps you to let go and to quieten your mind.


Research suggests that most meditative exercises are safe for the majority of people. However, if performing an advanced method such as Kundalini, you should consult a healthcare professional first. In the corporate world, it is important to be mindful of employees’ different beliefs, which means making all communication secular. Naturally, we take care of this for you when you take our classes. But you should be aware of the possible unwanted effects.



“I am over the moon with the results I am getting from these meditation sessions. I have been meditating for about 2 years, consistently. I love this path, and as a result, I wanted to improve my meditation. Paul, however, has completely revolutionised my meditation practice. I no longer think of the claims that meditators make about this practice as hyperbole. I have learnt that there are a lot of poor meditation teachers, and a lot of misinformation. Go to Paul, now. Become a better, more empowered person.”

Prem Singh Bhullar


About Corporate Meditation Coach Paul M Harrison

paul harrison

Paul Harrison is a qualified meditation coach renowned for his knowledge and his ability to inspire wellness. A passionate wellness expert, Paul created to help everyone from individuals to large companies.

Paul has twenty years’ experience in mindfulness. He started his training at Oxford and then in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada.

A world-renowned expert, Paul Harrison is the author of four books on meditation and has been published and featured in more than 30 publications, including HealthLine, Psychology Today, Better Homes & Gardens, Thrive Global, Lion’s Roar, Well + Good, and

Paul is known for his ability to compassionately understand his student’s unique needs and to create solutions that are perfect for both individuals and corporations.

My passion is teaching people to uncover the true power of the mind”

— Paul Harrison.

A Word From Paul, 

As a meditation teacher, I can honestly say that I love teaching to corporations. Why? Because I always hear how stressful employees find their workplaces. Many people believe that it is impossible to be productive and successful at work without the stress. But I’m here to say that it doesn’t need to be that way.

Through my experience, I have witnessed how mindfulness can make employees more relaxed and productive at the same time. And on top of this, it helps businesses to thrive thanks to improved teamwork and employee communication and reduced problems such as turnover rates and knowledge hiding. 

I’m always excited to welcome new clients. And I look forward to joining you and your team for your next session.

About The Daily Meditation

The Daily Meditation is Canada’s leading meditation studio. From our headquarters in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada, we have been serving Canadians and worldwide meditators for more than 9 years. We provide on-site mindfulness classes for companies in Hamilton, Mississauga, Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area, and virtual meditation classes for companies around the world. We also travel internationally to corporations abroad.

The type of practice we teach is mostly corporate mindfulness. Oftentimes this is taught as guided meditations for the workplace. We specialise in reducing workplace stress, anxiety, and burnout, increasing creativity and productivity, and improving relations with coworkers. 

Our training has been well received by companies everywhere from New York to Vancouver to San Francisco, for proving a whole host of benefits.

We are specialists in teaching online and deliver our sessions on Zoom, Webex and Microsoft Team. 

We would like to give our sincere thanks to our clients in Toronto, Oshawa, Vancouver, New York, Chicago, Washington, and around the world.

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