Corporate Session Recording

We hope you enjoy this recording of one of our prior corporate meditation sessions. This video follows the format that we use for the majority of our shorter sessions. Of course, you are also free to customize your session to your liking.

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About This Session

The session recorded above is one of our regular guided meditation sessions that we held online for a corporate client on Zoom.

The session is designed to help everyone on your team to start meditating, regardless of their level of experience. We understand that within your company you likely have some people with experience of meditation and others with no knowledge of the practice. And for that reason, we make sure that absolutely everyone can follow along regardless of their level of experience.

In this session we begin we go over the very basics of meditation, discussing the fundamentals of good practice, discussing everything from posture to the benefits of meditation and practical tips that your employees can use to begin their own meditation practice. We then go through a guided breathing meditation. This form of meditation is excellent for mental calmness and for reducing stress. An additional benefit is that it improves focus and therefore increases productivity. Many people believe that mindful breathing is the only form of meditation, but this is not true, and in this session we make sure to discuss various alternative techniques that your employees may use.

We finish this session with some encouraging words to motivate your team members to start their own regular meditation practice. We recap the benefits that meditation can provide, both at work and at home, because this is the best way to inspire your team members to begin their own daily meditation routine.

Again, this is just one of many different coaching options available here at The Daily Meditation. We offer a variety of coaching sessions, including Lunch and Learns, Guided Meditations, webinars, guest speaking and more. Naturally, we want to make sure that you pick the best form of coaching for you and your team. For that reason, we encourage you to contact us and send a quick message so that we can discuss working together.