Create Your Own Wright Loss Plan [Tutorial]

Been trying to follow a weight loss program but failing? Screw it. It’s better to it your way.  You just need to know how to create your own weight loss plan.




If you’re tuck in your weight loss plan, ask these three questions:

1)      Do you want to change?

2)      Do you know you need to change?

3)      Yet, do you still not change?

If you answered yes to these questions (and many people do) then Al Switzler, cofounder of VitalSmarts, has some advice you might like to listen to.




How To Create Your Own Weight Loss Plan

In a recent TEDX presentation, Switzler discussed how to change using SKILLPOWER rather than willpower. You can read the highlights of this presentation below, or watch the video right here. . .

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How to lose weight by creating your own weight loss plan

Most people fall into the “willpower trip” – thinking that willpower alone can enable them to change. The problem with this is that willpower doesn’t last forever. Sure, you might have amazing willpower for a couple of weeks, but eventually your willpower will fail and you will revert to old ways.

Willpower is not enough to create sustainable change. Willpower may allow you to lose weight or quit smoking (for instance) for a couple of weeks, but after that you will revert back to your old eating or smoking habits


Willpower is not enough. Nor is willpower the be-all-end-all of your goals.

In order to change for good, you need to find a new working model—a new way of living. You need to adjust your day to day life so that it supports your goal. If you want to lose weight, you need to change your life to support a no-smoking lifestyle. If you want to lose weight, you need to change your day to day life to support a healthier lifestyle.

So, how do you do that?


  1. Find the times when you are most tempted to do the thing you want to stop doing (in other words, workout when you’re more likely to smoke / drink etc.). Write a list of all these times.
  2. Create your vital behaviours: Choose some important key behaviours that help you towards your goal. For instance, if your primary problem with your weight loss is that you eat too much when you feel down, decide that the moment you start to feel down you will sit down somewhere quiet and meditate instead of eating (this is just an example. You don’t have to meditate – choose an alternative activity that works for you).
  3. Take into account all the different influences in your life. There are three major influences, each of which is broken into Motivation and Ability. To explain this better. . .


Personal Influences: The personal influences are all about YOU. Ask yourself, do you have the personal motivation and ability to change?

Social influence: Does your social network help provide the motivation and ability to change? For instance, is there a friend who in some way negatively influences you? Perhaps your friends eat a lot or smoke a lot and they influence you to do the same. If so, find ways around this. Find ways to be with the same people without them having a negative influence on you. If this is impossible, you may have a tough choice to make: do you need to change your social network in order to have the lifestyle you truly want? this is a tough call, but you may find that is one worth making. After all, is a friend really a friend if their primary influence is a negative one?

Structural Influence: Find ways to make your new, healthy lifestyle more functional. Ask yourself: is there a pratical reason why you can’t change? For instance, can you not lose weight because fatty food is cheaper than healthy food? Can you not stop smoking because you use smoking as a way to socialise? If so, find new ways; find ways to socialise with the same people without smoking. Find ways to make healthy food cheaper.


By taking into account these primary influences you can begin to recognise the factors that are negatively effecting you and preventing you fromreaching your goals. Having recognised these factors, you can then begin to change your life so you are living in a more supportive environemt. This is the key to success.

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